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People trying to claim good guy factions in 40k is the worst

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From Devastation of Baal coming out of Roboute Guilliman's mouth

>These planets were hells. For generations we have recruited the strong over the weak in the belief it makes our warriors better. I do not think this is so. Cruel men make cruel warriors make cruel lords. We need to be better.

>Baal Primus is dead, but you need not let your people suffer. Will they fight any better for dwelling on a world that kills them? By sacrificing their children to the Emperor, they have earned a better life. A line must be drawn by what is good and what is evil.

>If the great enemy comes with offers of power to a wretch, what reasons does he have to refuse hell if he dwells in it already?

In short it fucking sucks. And everyone is so blind to how awful it is that it took a demi-god to speak some sense into the desensitized lords and it still isn't enough. All anyone in the 41st millenium knows is survival and war. Even nobles lead backward lives where most of them are in a constant states of paranoia and rivalries with each other that all mostly result in dying via back stabbings.

pic related, you will not be missed.

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you will not be missed (they wont forget you). you will not be missed (they wont remember you).

funny... its like pottery. it rhymes.

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I'm sure this could be memed around with.

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