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Man thoma was fucking imposing as hell in 03.

At that stage you've fought three of commanders in the Helman 3rd Army.

Henderson was openly gay and a bit of joke. Pretty lazy at his job. But has a super strong transformation. Except he gets killed during his transformation so you don't get to see how strong he is.

Fletcher was once basically the strongest man in history. Like he fought a demon bare handed and was winning. And demons have an invincibility field that prevents them from getting damage unless attacked by certain swords. And he didn't have that and still almost won. Except because Helman is a corrupt shithole he's spent the last 30 years sitting on his arse getting fat and gets killed very easily by Rance.

And the third commander Rovert actually comes across as quite clever with his use of improvised plans. And he almost manages to pull off a surefire suicide move where he'll kill his enemies strongest forces but die himself as a result but then his younger sister stumbles in searching for him and he has to choose between dying to kill his enemies or dying to save his sisters life and choose to save his sister.

But in any case even if they were strong they got played for laughs and get beaten easily.

And then come Thoma he's stuck with about 70 starving knights in a small town up against Rance, a tank and 1000 soldiers.

And he starts up with an awesome speech

This music starts playing

He charges out with his knights and almost pulls the fight off

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