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I don't see any rainbows painted on this mini anon. Weird.

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For those who has played it what’s your option on the path to glory system in 3e?

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At the sake of sounding like a freeloader anyone have the new tukkayid book. It's in the mail currently but I just wanna flip through it before it gets here.

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Why did Spartan Games fail? They tried to manage 8 games and failed at it.

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Anon, he gave you an answer, lay off a bit.
He clearly didn't count because he didn't care. He just wanted to put his plastic men down and have a proper scrap like any good Ork player.

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How possible is a red october style plotline in Star Wars?

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would anyone suggest getting into 40k purely for the model painting aspect?

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>WOT4E monk uses Shape the Flowing River to make a perfect ice sculpture of the scene of that one time the party found you fighting a giant rat while on the toilet
>every single morning

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I’d say stop before we go too far. Focus on writing the lore that is lacking instead.

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I wonder if the new Mini TAG knight will still hold on to the holoprojector. Might be neat to have a big knight with a bunch of doubles runnin around.

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Oh my god she's so adorable!

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I will miss the stories about mama5, it gave a smile on my face as I was reading it through.
As thanks have a Snek sippin on some delicious H2O

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>It always bugs me seeing sneak ladies on dirt bases since they'd have mud and crap all up their bellies if they were actually wriggling through earth.

Just say they have a magic anti-dirt ward something

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Thank you for apologizing

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Finish Galactits.

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Thank you, anon. Getting that deep green for the base color has been killing me. And I think your suits still came out great!

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>buys nids
>names hivefleet after obscure Japanese mythology creature
>uses tau and eldar models as “conversions”
>gets called a weeb
>”you guys just don’t understand my culture”
>is black

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To make you buy the Codex, of course

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I don't know considering how self insert chain me is kind of not in a good brain state from getting dunked in Grail Mud and not even getting any cool powers in the process.

But other than that, yeah.


Currently studying to be a social worker who ideally helps people with brain issues.

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>Tyranids have always been immune to morale because Synapse
>But they shouldn't be
It's statements like these that make me glad Cruddace is nowhere near our codex anymore.

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