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>What rules changes would you want to see to make KT more interesting at low model counts?
This is easy, it's just a matter of playing mission formats that they can play to their strengths on while not emphasizing them so much that they invalidate mid-size and horde teams. Kill/Hold is generally good for this, it can even make the notorious Custodes an interesting tactical matchup.

>What about a way to make a KT of only generic troop choices (bolter marines, guardsmen, guardians etc)?
This I don't think can really be done. Even if you make generic troops more powerful, making a team out of nothing but the same generic troop repeated over and over is probably going to be pretty samey.

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Anyone got that pdf on working with casting resin??

Love steel legion but hate working with resin

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Same general stuff but there's a few things done differently. You create a regiment for all the players to use which determines stat bonuses, starting gear and skills, and some other stuff. Then you do stat rolls and specialty like in DW. (though with lower stats of course, since you're a guardsman instead of a space marine)

There's a couple fairly large changes to a few things from DW, but the only one that changes character creation is that there are no advance tables, instead everyone has about 4-5 "Aptitudes" and things get cheaper the more aptitudes you have that line up with an advance (I.E the melee talent "Blademaster" has Weapon Skill and Finesse aptitudes associated, so someone who has both is able to get it for cheaper compared to the person with only one of the related aptitudes and especially the person with no common aptitudes, but everyone can still buy it).

Regiment creation is a really fun part of character creation, especially if all the players collaborate to make a unique regiment.

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>steel legion

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Please GW I just want some plastic steel legion kits.

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I refuse to believe they'll keep ignoring Steel Legion when they've made the 4th war for Armaggedon such a big deal in recent lore.

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After plastic Steel Legion.

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There's no plastic steel legion.

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Plastic Steel Legion...

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Plastic Steel Legion fucking when??

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When will they make plastic steel legion? I want to get into the game alredy.

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After GW chasing me out of marines with primaris ruining the faction for me I really want a mechanized infantry IG army but they won't fucking make plastic steel legion.

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>mechanized infantry (whether steel legion
My fucking man.
The new starter comes with some retarded bolt rifle/heavy bolter and meltagun/cannon combiweapon. It's already happening and it looks as stupid as it sounds.

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After us.

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Cadians, Catachan and Steel Legion.

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Please GW I just want plastic steel legion.

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I'm fucking disgusted about what they've done to marines but if they made plastic steel legion models I'd let go completely of power armour.

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Plastic steel legion plz

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GW can you PLEASE make plastic steel legion kits already? I want to get back into 40k.

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