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>It's not better or worse
>They weren't going to let you regen a entire unit for a single CP.

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>This guy actually believes the visions of daemons

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>a source on [...] fantasy
This nigga really finna codify fantasy?

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Based retard who's never played against guard before

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>buying from GW

Absolute fucking moron.

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>thinking that 9th is at all different than 8th except for some terrain rules and point changes

You cant make this shit up. This is your brain on GW products. Please stop responding to me guys, dont you have some primaris marines to consoom?

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>Monkey priests actually wear auto-flagellate devices
Oh Mathew, you clown...

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>Actual lore says that daemons were drawn to him by the countless hosts
>his sword couldn't perma-kill N'kari or any daemon.

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Ultramarines are largest legion.
Ultramarines maintain the most thriving sector of planets
Ultramarine movie clearly says the Ultramarines are the greatest legion.
Ultramarines are the only ones with a living Primarch.

It's literally over, how can the other legions even cope?

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It's atleast more valuable than your posts, Anon.

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>That’s right, the Pariah of the title isn’t a person, or a thing. It’s a place.


Did GW troll Pariahfags and secondaries on purpose?

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>Eldar defeated the Necrons in the War in Heaven

Get Rekt, soulless ones.

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Arch Warhammer secondaries upset their sci-fi land isn't the ethnostate they were promised

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Imagine actually trying to argue that kasrkin are worse than marines.

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>changing factions because 4chan memes got to you
Holy shit you are a baby

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>plays 40k for 3 years
>still bad at the game
>doesnt get the game

Anon I....

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>claims he hates commies

>votes for a globalist president who has russian officials come and give him bribes in the hotel he owns in moscow.

Pick you you retarded faggot.

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>Wrath and Glory says there is little variation between the heights of Aeldari

A society without manlets. How are they not a utopia?

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Astartes shits on Death of Hope

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>Emperor's name is Neoth

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