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Human Fighter is still the most played race/class combination

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>Doesn't contribute anything
>Incorrectly identifies a weapon as a longsword when it is not long enough
Depart and stay depart.

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I am a Fighter with 18 Strength and 15 Dex. Should I spend a feat on Shield Master, Resilient Dex, or both? Our DM is foreshadowing a dragon encounter and I'm not sure which I should take considering if we ever do run into a dragon I could dodge to get advantage on Dex saves.

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It seems allot of folks dislike and or hate pathfinder so far. I only played the core books. So I am curious as to why. Is the extra stuff really that bad or is it something else?

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So, a recently ended thread about the business of fantasy designs went it's usual course, and leaves me wanting to address something.

>it's fantasy it doesn't have to make sense!

Why do the sticklers for realism almost immediately resort to this ridiculous strawman? The argument is not, and has never been that it doesn't have to make sense; everyone knows good fiction has to make sense. The argument has always been "it's fantasy, it doesn't have to be realistic" which is of course absolutely true, and indeed necessary for fantasy to function, unless one is going to argue that including magic and dragons and other such in a fantasy series automatically makes it bad, in which case why bother?

Just because the weapons and armor within a setting aren't "realistic" doesn't mean they don't make sense, it just means that they ignore the laws of physics as we know them, because the laws of physics limit the available forms of arms and armor.

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>which is what you real armor fags keep demanding.
Nice strawman. See pic related. Pretty fucking fantasy, not copypasted from history, but still something that I see as a practical design. Yes she has a bigass sword and a bigass shield, but I can deal with that better than "she wears an armor in wich she can't actually move because it's badly designed".

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I'll see what I have for blondes after these 2

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Here you go, Anon.

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Warder is probably the only really fun "tank" class that's been designed for Pathfinder. It feels good all around.

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Cute enough

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The barbarian can now put his repeated threats of tickling into submission to execution more easily. Also they die within a week because the fucking party tank, team mom, and overall most reasonnable person got turned into a little girl.

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Oh, and don't forget about responding in kind. They got a 20 DR monster of a man? Well, make your own DR 20 opponent and see how well they fare against their own strategy when neither party can hurt each other.

If the amount of armor they carry leads to movement penalties, kiting also becomes a viable strategy to neuter the DR guys and let the rest of the party shine.

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>Soldier (22)
>Survivalist (20)
>Knowledge - societies (19)
>Vitality I (17)
>Strength II (13)
>Regeneration I (11)
>Lifespan I (7)
>Tongues (3)
>Exceptional appearance (1)
>Artifact +1 Regeneration (Free)
>Equipment (0)

>Low magic fantasy setting

Pretty standard soldier who knows how societies works to avoid social faux pas, and can talk to anyone.

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Her husbando, her younger sister, and SEETHING WHITE HOT FURY.

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