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Reminder one of our new mods in an unironic activist. Dissenting opinions will be met with a 3 day ban for “off-topic”.

Probably made this thread since it’s just a thinly veiled lecture with a veneer of tabletop gaming

Sage if you have to reply with anything but gushing, enthusiastic support for OP

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What constitutes an Official Character? I heard it’s PHB + DMG content + one other WotC book?

Why can’t we use every official book to make an official character? Why even buy more than one book?

I have to know because my DM is going to “official characters” only because our resident That Guy keeps using broken Middle Finger of Vecna stuff and fucking our games up. He says it’s only PHB + One other book, but that seems like a random rule that doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.

Not that it ultimately matters to me. I always stay within WotC content. I admit I dabble in UA, but most of my characters only use the printed books.

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>he doesn't get his jobs from the corkboard

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>The false premise here is that Daggerfall is good

>There is no objective answer to this question.

>You're right about that

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Fuck you, anon. Seriously, go fuck yourself. I'm too drunk for this.

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