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Hi there Forrest! Thanks for tossing in some feedback to my homebrew!

Its this one, by the way >>47884452

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mlp can actually cross over fairly well, but like anything it needs to be done right. so far I have yet to run into any mlp crossover i consider good, but there are some self-contained gems.

Surprised theres still so much institutionalized butthurt about ponies, the canon of shit like sailor moon is just as awful

the others are right though, grapefruit is good, expand your taste buds. if they complain, beat them up and take their lunch money.

its still there but the glory days where zero no tsukaima ruled with an iron fist are long gone.

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Now that I can actually read the text, I change Little Girl for Forbidden Love

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You can do it man

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Baha's Jeanne is best Jeanne

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