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>They're pretty nice! I just need to find art...

Chosen One of Lymnieris wouldn't be that tough, she'd just be a heavily-armored or unarmored woman with a lovely - albeit not entirely sexual - appearance.

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This one looks a bit older.

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The reasons are two-fold.

For starters, people tend to play twenty somethings, not characters well into their thirties. This is especially true for women. More importantly, people aren't all too keen on saying their character has had children, especially multiple children over the course of two decades. It makes the woman seem "used" in a way being a slut can't even begin to touch - not only has the woman had sex, and not only has she had a *lot* of sex, but she's too old to start a new family and she's probably still in love with the man that gave her a lifetime of little feet pitter-pattering on wooden floorboards.

Find a player that is willing to play such a character and I will love them forever, but for now being the motherly older woman in a TTRPG is anathema.

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>tfw you will never play or play with a woman over the age of 30

What's it about Pathfinder that makes people so averse to playing mature women?

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Aasimar get two floating +2s they can add to anything they want.

>18 14 16 11 13 16 after racials
>Agathion-blooded Aasimar wolf-dad would have 16 Appearance

Very silky coat! Healthy!

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