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What if said race were OURSELVES, returning from the future because our stellar trip doomed all reality? And now future-us roams the universe, killing anything trying to leave their own planet as to avoid the universe destruction.

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...see, this is actually reason #2 I'd be leary of being a Shard at the time. At the time I had a REALLY specific way of doing things and powers that don't necessarily fit that paradigm, so. Well.

>I have all these amazing powers. I...I can save them all with them. But everyone keeps getting in my way.
>YES. You. YOU UNDERSTAND. But be cautious, patience is a virtue. Wait. See their weaknesses. Exploit them. Divide, then conquer!
>Wait, that seems a little harsh
>Harsh? HARSH?! In another month that one kills an innocent to protect his reputation!
>Hang on, I have the power to bring the Christmas Spirit down on the world don't I? Oh, and heal that one's sick wife, which is the only reason he's angry all the time. What if I just tell them to mend their ways?
>THEN THEY'LL NEVER LISTEN. You must be efficient and subtle, so the optimal plan here is-
>-to reform the bureaucratic stagnation from the inside out by manipulating key spokesfigures, and open up a rapport between the PRT and the public, preventing this calamity from every happening again!
>No, you don't understand, there's more in play than-
>-just jumping in and proving to everyone I'm a hero! You're right, we should organise a soup kitchen for the survivors of Leviathan's attack to curry political favor
>That's. Ugh, that's what I get for dumping all the social manipulation powers on you early isn't it?
>Thanks, Shard! I almost fucked up the police because they were jerks, but you showing me the bigger picture really helped put my own troubles in perspective! Hey, friendship is actually a tangible energy field-I wonder. If I give people enough of these belts, maybe TOGETHER we can stand a chance against the Endbringers!
>Fuck this, Shard out

...at the time I was just a little cautious about a not-wholly cynical Taylor minmaxing my powers in a way I didn't intend

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Silver Millennium Technology (200)
Companion Crystals (0)

Anyway. As you might imagine I didn't have a lot of friends in the Silver Millennium. Nobody, not even me, ever figured out how I came to work for Queen Serenity. Some say I was an aspect of Chaos personifying the self-defeating nature of evil summoned and bound by destiny as a guardian spirit. Others say I was a traitor from the Dark Kingdom seeking asylum after a failed coup. Personally, I call some kind of time shenanigans that made all these pasts true somehow. But either way, when someone named the Lord of Heaven's Fall who owns a dark dimension comes walking down

Serenity herself looked up to Elodie as a big sister of sorts. She gave all the girl advice feel good peptalks I was really not the right person for at this time. I later found out we kinda gave her the exact opposite advice when it came to boys (Elodie gave her some tips to dazzle on the first date, I taught her how to conceal a taser in subspace). They braided each others' hair, bitched about boys and chatted about ruling countries together. I was more the the scary genie mentor Serenity lived to show up, but we were both proud of each other when she finally got the hang of things.

Anyway, I did meet ONE kindred spirit: Sailor Galaxia! Magical girl Angron and I were pretty much the only ones who really saw eye to eye on most things-except I could empirically demonstrate what, exactly, was the big deal about bonds and emotions and all that stuff. Being available a second patron to resist Chaos' influence also helped.

I ended up fighting most of the villains through Sailor Galaxia's body. And yes, there was one battle with Nyarlathotep that devolved into a slapfight with hairpulling.

I really liked it too!

Sadly not; DTs haven't canonically appeared in Exalted's timeline and combat summoning doesn't get a lot of attention

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No prob.

There's one quasi-irrelevant detail that's a footnote next to the heat death 404 which is the primary universe-killer, but Touko also notes that as a side effect to the mechanism for whizzing heat around back and forth the timeline the magic doesn't just use heat energy as a power source, but needs to ACTIVELY COOL DOWN that heat energy as it's displaced to make sure it goes to the correct heat level (this is making my head hurt but as far as I can tell it's an equivalent exchange thing) which means using MORE magical energy to...make the temperature the same after all factors.

So. Basically we have two simultaneously universal glitches:

1. The heat being used up to time travel

2. The magic being used up to restore the heat to equilibrium

at the same time.

Moreso than anything else in Fate, I think Nasu wrote up this thing after sitting indoors for too long.

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Drawbacks: Manuals of Exalted Power Numbers 8 Through 11, The Scripture of the Returning Maiden, Once There Was A Maiden... (1600)

Chosen of Endings, age 21 (1500)

Arcane Fate (Free)
Looming Terror of Death Attitude (Free)
Doom Decrying Prophet's Remonstration (1300)
Wound-Mending Needles (Free)
Qlithu-Sothk (1100)
The Black Iron Spinner of Destiny (800)
Forceful Invader Eviction Principle (600)
The Games of Divinity (0)

Hello, you worthlessly malfunctioning functionary. I'm here to teach you the perfected hierarchy of things.

It goes you.

The dirt.

The least gods inside of the dirt.

What I had for lunch.

She Who Lives In Her Name.

And me.

Please direct all further questions about Yu-Shan's new employee policies to the newly opened Department of Primordial Reconciliation on your way down as a flaming chunk of soon-to-be starmetal! Give Ryzala and the others my regards! Rejoice and despair, for I am here to bring an ENDING to the unforgiveable corruption, dereliction of duty and simple incompetence that has infected Heaven! Which means pretty much every important deity other than 5DD (who has a valid excuse for not doing anything and my sympathies, despite his questionable taste in role models), Nysela (who I have no grudge against even though she hates my guts), Lytek (alliance of convenience, ugh) and the Syndics is gonna get AUDITED. Deep. Hard. Until they beg me to stop.

Oh, and feel free to pray to your Maidens. They're not going to do jack shit when I've made my own arrangements with Samsara. Check it out, I just made Endings fondle Battles while Jupiter does a headstand and Serenity wears a panda suit by screwing with their data input. They think the world will end if they don't do it in public.

HA! They're not even entirely wrong! Using Creation's inherent property of awesome things begetting awesomeness, I used that little stunt to extract the Green Lady by seriously confusing the Walker in Darkness!


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[Inheritance redux]

Drawbacks: Ra'zac Hunt, Shade's Target (1500)

Rolled Dreas-Leona

Rider, Elf, age 1001 (300)

Half-Truth (Free)
Mental Shields (200)
Protected Name (0)
Magic (Free)
Riding (Free)
Perfection of Form (Free)
Dragon (Free)
An Ancient Language Dictionary (Free)
Harness (Free)
A Dagger: Archangel Blade (Free)

Alright dragon, off to the Rock of Kuthian we go. Down there's the remnants of all your ancestral kin and stuff.

Nah, most people here are dicks or really dumb. I got kicked out of the elf village for eating a chicken sandwich. Trust me, there's no reason to follow those little rascals around until Eragon meets the Varden, at which point SOMEONE needs to get slapped upside the head to prevent a horrible abomination from being created.

Anyway. I DO have these old blueprints knicked from Eggman I never figured out what to do with. And knowledge of how an Evangelion works. And some Gundam blueprints, and an odd device that mashes technology together.

Honestly I wouldn't have any issue with Galbatorix's misguided little empire building if he didn't have the gall to give SHADES free reign in his empire. Nasty little boils of spiritual cancer. But since he's the stubborn sort and apparently doesn't know to keep his pets on a short leash, I've decided there's only one sensible solution.

And that solution is a vengeful army of robot dragon transformer newtypes.


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Oh, many, many times.

Our all-time favorite has to be the Desert of the Discworld. Such spartan elegance. We admire its' purity: The classic ontological ambiguity model, incorporating aspects of manifest destiny and reincarnation with a side module for ultimate oblivion. We went there quite a few times: To get the Death of the Discworld's autograph, to escape an Elven warparty, to show Windle Poons at least a little of what comes next and to usher the Cunning Man into final death.

Our least favorite is probably a tie between a certain wall in Neverwinter Nights, and the Other Place from Vampire Diaries. They're just...sloppy. They're literally a glorified overflowing dustbin filled with things nobody wants to deal with. Talk about amateur hour. We replaced the former with a more efficient system, and shored up the latter before tossing its' creator into it for her hubris.

At least the Warp used to be something less incoherent. Now, though-when we rescued Isha from it to the spiritually quarantined section of the Webway, our escape was accidentally aided by Slaanesh tackling Nurgle while he was in pursuit over who was supposed to own Isha.

Cosmogenesis had an interesting mechanism for the creation of a new world, even if the owner was prone to taking long naps and letting his mother's rotting dandruff mess up the place. Unfortunately we had a difference in opinion with the owner that led to it breaking apart.

Since Korra's more of a doer than a thinker, we took her to the Spirit Realm to train her. On the other side of things, in Devil Survivor 2 dad took us to the Sea of Amala to get an idea of how significant his job was. It was like an internship, but with more archangels. We also made a lot of presentations in Percy Jackson's Paradiso-equivalent about the benefits of changing recruitment policy for mom's employees.

Oh, and of course we own a couple ourselves which we periodically maintain to make sure they're up to scratch.

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Kinda! It's a pile of crystals thanks to that perk from Dissidia that lets us turn memories into crystals, and the Moon Flower Garden Blessing of the Land from Dark Cloud 2.

So there's this meticulously sorted cabinet of crystals we own, and when we want to look back on happy times we just take some out and use the perk to view those memories in double high-res 4D memory-o-vision.

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We're a hyperdimensional machine god

An anthropomorphic personification of multiversal evil

The son/herald/emissary twice over for two divine personifications of absolute Law.

And someone desperate enough to merge all these existences together, such that the machinery funnels the abyssal reserves of evil to empower our heavenly power, which itself can subjugate lesser evils rather than immediately purifying them on sight.

We couldn't be less of an ally of justice if we /tried/

The fact that other allies of justice owe their continued existence to our computational Observations, that we spend most of our time supressing evil by embodying it and that we have painstakingly persuaded/taught/manipulated our parents into dealing more fairly with mortals means nothing.

Our goal has always been eternal order, no matter how it is achieved. The true enemy of justice is not one who opposes justice with every waking breath, but one who denies it has any meaning in a bleak, self-destructive multiverse.

As an animeonly for Overlord as far as I know that sounds pretty accurate from what I've watched. With the caveat that Ulbert and Touch Me seemed to have a fairly serious OOC feud given Demiurge and Sebas can't get along with each other-and Sebas doesn't know why when he gets along with most of the other evil NPCs.

Like how Bukubukuchamaga bullying Peroroncino manifests as Aura bullying Mare.

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Oh, you know. Program, do some system defrags, play the theremin, run a few trillion simulations on key shatterpoints in fate, go flying through outer space, play some vidya with the companions and cook.

For what it's worth, Territory's still my favorite purchase from that jump.

I wish I could contribute more in the way of critique but I genuinely don't know Fairy Tail well enough to suggest constructively.

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It was literally programmed to arouse feelings of cuteness and protective instinct in you before it became an AI. It's existence is nothing more than faulty binary data. Redemption is a fallacy when applied to it, it should have been reprogramed.

Who here feels sorry for HAL 9000?

Didn't think so.

Thank you for proving our point.

As someone who's companioned Esdeath, we've never harbored any delusions of redeeming her. We simply showed her the truth of why she was raised the way she was, and beat her at her own belief system.

Not him, but we've done that several times. A perfect fix to delicate problems. It's how we're dealing with the Other Side, for one.

>Very rare is the Jumper who works for free
>We happen to have Administrative Access and Moderator Membership, which basically makes us super-Moot


Ryougi Shiki, a cosmic abortion who likes to pretend to be human because she thinks she's above the consequences.

Captain Garlock, a man who nearly destroyed his own universe over sentimentality

Reimu Hakurei and Lina Inverse, self-described heroes who carelessly neglect their responsibilities and squander their potential

Yes, they're villains. We don't care what their narratives say otherwise.

And above all others-Nyarlathotep, who in some ways is the cosmic embodiment of all that is broken and foul in reality.

I remember people way back felt the same way about Ragyo.

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1. As per the Recurring Nemesis Fanwank, the Nyarlathoteps ASA has fought have mostly been encountered through drawbacks. Like the Persona version of Nyarlathotep. Or the random encounter in Elona where it's just a high level mob.

2. The OG, Lovecraftian one basically played the role of a malevolent Benefactor-going for fear and panic before annihilation. There's a reason why we specified the most brutal DUEL as opposed to most powerful opponent, period; circumstances have yet to be arranged to motivate the most powerful form of Nyarlathotep into fighting us with all its' strength.

3. Anon, if we had thought we had a hope of outright beating one in the past? We WOULDN'T have made the life decisions that led to being who and what we are today.

Magical Girl Noir Ques and Nanoha has one too.

Kind of the opposite actually-during our stay in Tropico we set up a series of educational videos on applied magic.

Which other nations initially mistook as ridiculous, North Korea-style propaganda.

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Doubled down on Bending Genius for water-with Chi Genius & Original Master in The Last Airbender, and Healing, Life Bending and Spiritbending in Legend of Korra.

>>47553662 has the right of it. Most importantly though, the ocean is gross and icky and it is very important for us that we master moving it around so that we can waterbend the stuff out of the way instead of actually going swimming.

Also it's the style of bending that most directly does stuff involving transportation and manipulation of life energy so that's neat.

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This isn't all of them but:

Elodie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_c8kpplUkfs

Elune: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TgoAgYR4584

Odin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p9OBf8f55tU

Nona (Slice of Life little sister): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l9B_rQ3Gt5M

Radio Noise: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Npx1dvdJj6A

Alita: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DccEL_Kc-Fo

The Cloud of Darkness (both of them): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=68wk6m05ojw

Kiara: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LSfbb3WHClE

Our ex-wife: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eGiN5-43A74

Morathi: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QUvVdTlA23w

Solaire: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bgiQD56eWDk

Necron Spyder: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H3a5pFbpjSY

Jibril: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kmHF7UTW_0o

Jadis: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7UI1EE21PsA

Esdeath: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SvGCtilIApU

Amane: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=853guf1Kz7A

There's a blue one, a white one-and it's implied there was a pink one who went rogue or something

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Karmatron Dynamics, GUNNM
Newto Is Rolling In His Grave, Johnny Test
Jumper is a Genius!, Devil Survivor 1
Pre-Fall Science, Commoragh/Path of the Scholar, Eldar
Sohon, Legacy of the Aldenata
The Drop-In perkline but especially Prototyper, The Policty
The Maddest Science Yet, Tenchi Muyo
Song Science, Ar Tonelico
Chosen of Death, Lord of Light
Gift of Chao, Mahou Sensei Negima
Calamitytech, Bastion
Brilliant Inventor, Adventure Time
Master Builder, Lego
Net Sphere Engineer/Dismantler, Blame!
Quantum Computing, Code Lyoko/Brackman's Mind, Supreme Commander/Enlightenment, Assassin's Creed
Digital Sorcery, Fate/Extra
Anartist, SCP (potentially, depending on how you interpret your design process working)
Pagan Science, Symphogear

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We don't support either, though. They're both letdowns.

An empty room with a note that the female heir to the adventurer's nation is in a separate fortress.

Holy shit, it's real? I asked here a few threads ago after being told by /co/ but yeesh.

Has he met Galactus yet?


It's going to be a cold, lonely foreseeable couple of centuries.

UAC researcher. We're still not sure how we ended up in Hell.

Jumper sits alone, staring at absolutely nothing hanging on the back wall of his warehouse because nobody, certainly not his ex-wife, has joined the many companions portrayed in a cheerful group photo. He is not depressed, thinking about the the people he's physically left behind and the people to whom he is a neurotic husk of his former self like Elodie-who have recently been slowly encouraing behavior in him he's not comfortable with. Or who ultimately rejected his companionship because he could not-no, would not share their values like the Sisters in Imperium jump.

He takes another swig from his endless supply of alcohol, only to realise he's finished all of it and also that his perks have prevented him from getting drunk.

His corporeal self starts to melt, though definitely not from lack of self esteem dissolving his physical form.

In spite of all we've done we go out of our way to support and accommodate them.

Some of them are reliably unreliable, rejecting our methods and ideals but sticking by us when it counts.

Some of them are malefic in nature, but moderated by our influence. Unfortunately, THOSE ones tend to get a little...obsessive.

And some of them are just mellow, chill guys and gals along for the ride.


We fought like you SO SIMILARLY long ago, it's crazy. Only difference was we tended to go for an energy sword in the style of a German longsword as our melee offense.

Sword and board and CQC and sniping is best style.

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Goodness, this was unexpected. Guess this Doom game must be a pretty big deal, huh?

Also you may want to clarify how Lord of Hell works if you take it without any other demon perks or the background.

Drawback: Ultra Nightmare, Too Late (1800)

Rolled Hell: Kadinger Sanctum

UAC Researcher

Mythos Lore (Free)
Cult Occult (1600)
Rise of Lazarus (1300)
The Doom Wiki (Free)
Argent Cybernetics (1000)
Prophecy of the Seraphim (700)
Pistol (Free)
Hologram Grenade (Free)
Argent Power (500)
Management (300)
BFG-9000 (0)
Research Tools (0)

So, here we are in Hell. Hi, demons. We go by many titles, but the most relevant one here is King of Bel. And we are here to ask you a question: Is a demon not entitled to the sweat of his brow?

"No" says the man in the church, "god save us all"

"No" says the man in the UAC, "that's bad for employee morale"


Which brings us to the point-isn't it tiresome, failed invasion after failed invasion? You've got a pretty solid empire here, maybe do things with it that don't involve constantly dying to a legendary enemy who seemingly won't stay dead? Just think about what you could do if you shaped up and formed an actual civilisation, monopolised Argent energy and make humans pay through the nose in deals with you! Vote for us to attain rulership of all demonkind, and together we can MAKE HELL GREAT AGAIN!

...okay yeah, this is going to be a hard sell ending but hey-a campaign of war's practically the same thing as a campaign for votes in most demon societies.

Hey, there's nothing wrong with acknowledging your limitations and suiting your priorities to them.

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Hey, speaking of 40K-opinions on reviving Khaine? Based on what we know of his backstory and attitude he doesn't seem to be worth it, unless there's something more to the team killing idiot we're missing.

Rescuing Isha, accelerating Ynnead's birth and giving both physical form seems much more productive for the purposes of making the Eldar great again.

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I am aware of the basic concepts of the Lovecraft Mythos if that hasn't been made clear at this point.

I always assumed that he was on the verge of waking up rather than you have to deal with an already awoken Azathoth, and I'm not sure where you got any idea otherwise from.

I'm not going to dignify you by addressing anything else you're bringing up, I'm only here to prove the point that contray to what you seem to be assuming I am not claiming to have defeated an omnipotent being in a direct contest of wills.

I think he's saying the other guy would get enraged by something like Haiyore Nyaruko-Chan or arguably the Cthulhutech TTRPG

To be fair I regret not dropping that before I'd finished two whole seasons.

Heaven's Lost Property's Synapse capstone, technically

And that really depends on what you find great about a waifu. Might not have to use anything to "make" them great if you just love them for who they are, after all.

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Portals, to drop things on people or drop people into things.

Never gets old.

We try to avoid cliches, but we do keep a tally of opponents who use them.

So far "What are you?! You're not human!" is in the lead, narrowly overtaking "I'll show you the power of my determination!".

...oh boy.

You're not wrong about most of it but-geeze, people really need to give stop exaggerating Yukari's power.


You know, I'd never understood why these things were so hated. Not a big D&D fan

But now.

I am enlightened.

Actually we're genuinely curious what they taste like if so many races want to eat them.

And...time to ask the big question.

How do you think SMT 1's YHVH would react to knowledge of the existence of multiverses beyond the ones he created which he didn't know about, which are completely outside his control and some of which have no gods in them at all?

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Chaotic Lawful.

The multiverse is completely lacking in consistency, order and stability. So it falls to us as the absolute reference point to define and impose it.

Well, technically any time we interact meaningfully with reality it's by broadcasting an AT-Field projection through a portal in a certain way.

Also, we use our Aspect of Stasis to perfectly preserve food without needing a fridge, create food that replenishes itself after being eaten and create really healthy foods by stabilising the molecular composition of nutrients while allowing nasty lipids to dissolve at lower temperatures.

Also we used to use our Malleable Reality-buffed esper pyrokinesis to create a flame atronach-like body for our partner to go dancing with on vacations before we broke up.

That said-hey, we split up on amicable terms. We've seen relationships end way worse. Sometimes things just don't work out, you know and-




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>autonomous intelligence

Biomega, Ar Tonelico, Supreme Commander, Code Lyoko, the Matrix and Blame! all have great options for writing AI. Special mention to Blame! and the Matrix where you can configure said intelligence to be a copy of your own.

>material, power and self replicating

Depends on what approach you want to go for. The solar harnessing technology from The Mysterious Cities of Gold is pretty great as a replenishable supply. A source of magic and a magitech perk could also keep 'em topped up with energy for useful work; HP, FF6, Chrono Trigger and Storm Hawks are particularly good for this. Correspondence Course from Fallen London gives you a perpetual source of heat energy, amongst other things. The science of Symphogear runs on phonic energy i.e. the emotional energy of songs if that's more your style. And Minecraft has both some decent energy generator systems, and a style of alchemy which can be used to create resources out of nothing which is compatible with technology.

If you want to buff the nanites themselves? The grey goo from Gargoyles can do some really impressive things with far less energy than it should realistically take. Sohon from Legacy of the Aldenata's psychic nanites can work up strange matter to build things normal matter can't make. Biomega's RPIP can build absurdly vast amounts of matter from thought energy alone, and Iji's brand of nanotechnology specialises in stealing energy from opponents for all kinds of useful work. Last but not least GUNNM's Karmatron Dynamics and the Regenerator Nano together can apparently break the law of thermodynamics outright according to Mir although I forgot the reasoning why so-take that with a grain of salt.

>> No.47288307 [View]

And here we see definitive proof that evolution is pure evil.

Oh yes, absolutely. Don't get us wrong-we keep all our MEMORIES crystal clear, but our sense of self was holding us back and gave us a vulnerability to name-binding magic.

We got rid of it as quickly as we could, and replaced it with something...more suited to what we were trying to become at the time.

Unfortunately. It seems as a consquence of certain perks, the damn thing keeps coming back when we're not looking.

You know how some people put ships in bottles? We do something like that, but with worlds.

Ones we tailor-build, specifically. An old HSDW recipe that makes worlds on par with a Reality Marble refined with the art of Creation, bolstered by an EX Anti-Planet NP which itself is reinforced by the sacrifice of countless Divine Spirits, the empyrean fires of our soul, a pinch of personal Pattern and a few split thaums.

Being sung into existence from Nothingness and will, they tend to take on exotic configurations. Crystal tesseract-flowers populated by friendly pixel-clouds floating in a sea of colours. A twilight desert where your dreams are distilled from the morning dew and embark on surreal quests. A beautiful void full of living music, where glitter and sparkles cascade in perfect harmony.

And then we use Preserve the Land to seal them into bottles and snowglobes and music boxes with a few other enchantments, and sell them to people.

>> No.47077809 [View]

Fair enough, thanks for the info!

All things considered, Yaldabaoth because the other aspects of our being don't wholly fit the typical Void player profile while simultaneously being associated with the sort of malevolent demiurge the mythological Yaldabaoth is associated with.

Hmm. Other than the Touhou-like blasts of radiant energy, any idea what kind of powers might be gained by using Favor of Tashlan, Black Techs/Multiple Demonic Contracts and the Demon Spiritualist perk tree from Tales of Demons and Gods to fuse with Yaldabaoth and wield its' might?

I think the part that mentions the choice of picking a new theme each jump seems to indicate it's toggleable between jumps at least. The perk does note if you do really, really supernatural stuff the perk stops working so it sounds like you can break the effect by making an honest effort at flaunting your powers.


Mantis shrimp


Wasn't one


Nyarlathotep. Sometimes in its' Nyaruko form

Eventually Professor Lupin agreed to give us private tutoring sessions specifically for Patronus training to prevent the other students from fainting and going mad with eldritch terror because of our boggart.

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