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"Well, I want to keep her." Kaori happily scratches at the puppy's ear. "By the way, now that I've shown you this, you can NOT tell Mom."

That's easy to say, but very difficult for me to do.

I am Itsukuma Masami, and my life is very peaceful. So peaceful, that the only concern on my mind is whether or not Mom will accept Kaori's new puppy or not.
It's a very good feeling to have.

Things weren't always so kind to me. It finally feels like my life is getting back on track after the craziness that was my life up until now.
No more monsters, no more Fortune, no more problems outside the ones a typical girl my age should be facing.

Like, how am I going to sneak this puppy into our house without Mom noticing?

"Masami." Kaori says, almost with instinct. "I know what you're thinking, and no. We can't take the puppy home."


"Then what were you thinking of doing?"
"I-I don't know yet! Give me a minute."

Kaori continues stroking the ear of the soft pup. Maeda, who is always the responsible one, stands just several inches behind us.

"Maybe-" Yes, Maeda! Tell us something useful! "You should try to find it a home."

"No." Kaori states, simply and plainly.

I want to argue with her, but who am I to argue about that?

>"Maeda's right, Mom won't accept a pet, and you can't keep hiding it forever."
>"It's fine, Maeda. Kaori knows what she's doing. She's a big girl."
>"Don't look at me, I don't know what to do."
>Oh! I should ask Mom!
>Wait, I said I wouldn't..
>I should do it anyway!

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Thread is paused for the night, we will pick up in the morning. If the thread doesn't last that long, there will be an archive link on twitter.

Thanks, let me know what you think so far.

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Thanks for the thread everyone. Sorry that these have been rather short.

I'm hoping to start Early on Saturday, maybe we can get much of the prep work done before we confront Asai, wouldn't that be great?

Thank you for the thread, let me know what you thought of it.

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Thanks everyone for the thread tonight, I was going to have a photo of Maeda's old man, but that will have to wait until next thread.

Anyway Thanks to everyone who participated. And a special thanks to everyone who has stuck with this silly hobby of mine for a whole year. This could be the longest I have dedicated myself to anything. I'm happy with how it's turned out!

Let me know what you thought of it, and I"ll see you all on Saturday.

Thanks! That means a lot to me!

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None of this makes any sense to me.
"You're saying I need to DRAFT a card to find Marie?"
"Yes." Deadpan, almost a little sarcastic.

And it really makes me angry.
"How do I do that!? What do I do!? Who do I ask!? Can I do that? I never tried!"
"I can't tell you these things, Priestess. I don't know how to draft."

He doesn't know how to draft? I didn't know that.
"But- I can tell you that time is of the essence. Marie will want to attack soon, so she has time for a backup plan. You have to hurry."
"Why don't you just run away! Run away from Fortune, don't put someone's lives in danger for a stupid building."

"..Wow." I hear pure surprise from the other line.

"Wow what!?"
"Empress.. I really owe it to her, she keeps her word."

"What word!?"
"Find Marie, find Aiko. That's all you have to do now."

"You don't own me!" I yell into the phone, before hanging up.

Hmph. Just speaking with him makes my blood almost boil!
I'm upset now.

Slowly, I feel myself drifting from this world.

- -

"Oh god I was SO WORRIED! I forgot you could do that, and you just disappeared!"
"Haruko! Calm down! How long was I gone, anyway?!"

She sniffles as she stands up, I can see the red blush of tears on her cheeks.
"T-two minutes, twenty five seconds."

I was only gone for two minutes? It felt longer.
"Haruko.. Seriously?"
She doesn't say anything else, instead she grabs me into a hug and keeps crying.
What am I going to do with these two?

>Thread End

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"I don't think.." Mom looks for the right words, "He's not a person, like you or I, he's still a monster in nature. Even though he looks like one."
"The 'Asai' personification is a front he puts up. He's entirely monster, I'm certain. It's just that-"

Mom hesitates, "We could, I guess, try to turn HIM into a person, just like the other monsters. If that happens, he might lose all his powers like what happened with the other monsters."
"Really!?" My eyes light up.
"Well, hold on, I don't really know how to do that. It's something that just sort of happens, we would have to work really hard trying to find out why it happens and how to force it to happen to him. Which means we would need a test subject, and it might require lots of drafting. Are you okay with that?"

>I'm better than okay with that!
>It's at least a plan! Better than what I've come up with to defeat him!
>Well, it does seem like a lot of work. I don't know.
>Hmm, let's ask around, maybe someone has a better idea on how to do that.

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