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But other peoples' opinions are WRONG

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>he shopped a thing
>look ill show you how easy it is
jesus christ dude

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Im not saving that as the Mupdate until you

1) use >>46465462 this map, it contains the civ before yours

2) You clean up your borders and sate my OCD.

>High Seer OP of the Roleplay Patriachy.

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>Want to get Sorin because despite looking like crap artwise my WB boner knows no bounds
>Prerelease is full
>Both friends who went pulled Sorins

I feel your pain. I'll try to see if there's a prerelease pack left tomorrow or something.

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GODFUCKING DAMMIT. Now I get what I did wrong..So having the enhancements in is no problem (with the licensing) but somehow I managed to get many tailored thingies on the arms..

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