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Gunners from Etrian Odyssey also have a medishot.
As did one character from Resident Evil Outbreak.

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Etrian Odyssey.

Rolled High Lagaard - Second game I think? Never played that one, so no comment.
Rolled 12
Guildmaster (200) - The only option with any personal agency. Expensive and with no benefits, it's a high price to pay.
Cartography (Free) - It's going to help me with my complete lack of a sense of direction.
Landsknecht (100) - Cheapest option that provides some combat ability, and going first is always nice.
Highlander (Free) - Only decent Guildmaster skill, in that it provides a charisma bonus and ambush protection. That's about it, though.
Magic Link (600) - Closest I can find to a magical class function. Having to rely on limited items as an alchemist? No thanks. Plus weapon and spell together is more flexible.
Companion Import (100) - Companions are free to guild members. I'm not, so I sort of have to take this.
Map (Free) - Lot of uses for infinite paper.
Backpack (Free) - Non-perishing storage? That also has tons of uses outside of here.

I absolutely cannot stand being someone's lackey, but at the same time the Guildmaster's skills are all awful support junk. So I've been forced to make this horrible monstrosity, crippled as it is and with barely any skills. Going to be a difficult time.

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