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adding ears?

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Given the age and location of the GW developers I'm pretty sure they envision felinids as being rather closer to <pic related>

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Nah it;s the Cat from Red Dwarf, it was a pretty popular TV series in the UK in the 90's
The actor is Danny John jJules he was in Blade 2 as one of the assassins and is a professional dancer
see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a3t3IKlXqFU

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But anon that's not what a felinid looks like

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try again

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Given the age range, geography and general background of the GW writers is it likely that felinids are anime catgrils or the other kind of cat people?

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Let's hope that their population never grows enough to allow them to create the Warp god of vanity

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>Stylish race from cargohold planet

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