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You chat with Mato for awhile longer (while you're doing dishes, mostly) before deciding to head towards Nee-chan's place. After all, you'll need to change into something a little... more... well, just more, you suppose.

You tell Mato about your dream, and she tells you that your Personal Reality has probably changed significantly as a result of... whatever the hell one would call the events that transpired last night.

Mato explains that the red-head guy from last night didn't seem to be an esper, but that might have been something Kamijou did- apparently, his hand can negate abilities. If red-head-guy's fire monster was his ability, and he believed it to be invincible, then maybe the combined shock of watching it get obliterated and being punched with Kamijou's anti-ability hand caused him to 'lose' his power.

You've never heard of a power like that, but, hey, that doesn't mean a whole lot. A wise video game character once said, 'One sure mark of a fool is to dismiss anything that falls outside of his experience as being impossible.'

Before you know it, you're home, and looking through your closet.

Mato observes interestedly.

>What do you wear? You have just about anything and everything... well, except for a suit.

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You are Akari Takamichi.

You're in bed because you stayed up late last night getting your summer homework assignments out of the way.

There's a pair of strong arms wrapped around your waist, and a flat chest smooshed up against your not-much-bigger-than-that bosom.

You make a 'nguh' sound as you blink the sleep away and inspect the sleeping face of your good friend, Mato.

When did that-

OH, right. Mato came in, got too close, and was snatched up into your sleepy embrace.

You'd think something like 'poor girl' or 'sorry, Mato-chan,' but Mato could probably lift you over her head and throw you across the room, if she wanted to.

Her face is flushed, and you wouldn't be surprised if yours was, too- it's hard for you to tell, given 'hot' and 'cold' aren't terms that apply to you overmuch.

You try to wiggle out of her grasp, but she only squeezes you tighter.

“Mato-chan,” you complain, “lemme go!”

She buries her face in your neck. “Don't worry, Aka- [mumble mumble]. I'll take responsibility.”

T-t-take responsibility...?!

If you weren't blushing before, you certainly are now.

Your stomach, clearly reading the awkward situation, growls.

Mato's stomach, as if responding to yours, growls back.

You need food, and Mato's always hungry on account of her ability.

But you're being cuddled too ferociously.

How do you deal with this situation?
>Struggle more
>Wake Mato
>Daring approach: Deliver surprise kiss! (How forward!)
>Burninate her? What possible downside could there be?!
>Other (Write-in)

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