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>DC: 70...

Seconds pass. There's an odd tension in the air as whatever it is considers your words; a bead of sweat slides down the back of your neck, you feel your muscles tense up, and you resolve to abso-fucking-lutely murder Rokko if it turns out she's pulling your leg, holy hell-

As it turns out, it's decidedly NOT Rokko.

For a moment, you're not exactly sure what you're hearing, as the mechanical whirring fades into something else entirely. Then you realize you're not actually hearing ANYthing, at least not conventionally. It's... some sort of strange melodic sensation that not only defies any sort of sense you have, but seems to bypass your ears and sink straight into your mind.

The noise starts with a deep, tense, electronic thrumming that briefly sparks into something higher and airier, before fading into a tone that puts you more at ease, like you've passed some test, and- and-

Armok help you, you can barely describe it.


So here you are, standing like a slack-jawed idiot and staring at a patch of undergrowth that's singing at you. You're so entranced in trying to decipher the noise that you lose track of everything else- which is all well and fine until something on a tether fires out with disturbing speed, wraps around your ankle, and pulls you flat on your back with enough force to knock the air from your lungs.

You scramble back to your feet, ready to kick the thing's ass until you realize it saved yours.

Embedded in the wall, right where your head used to be, is a bunch of goddamn sharp-edged /polygons/, still vibrating from the impact, though they fade as you watch. Your erstwhile savior dives out of the bushes and oh god, it's a living plastic rectangular flattened gray box what the actual HELL-

The mechanical thing doesn't appear to have legs, or joints, or any ability to bend its body, it's just... a flat box.

And it stands in front of you, facing the forest.


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