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Can a neutral good character steal, or is that an evil act?
Last/first session I played, I tried stealing (Since my character, while not a rogue, is pretty similar.), and everyone thought my character was evil because of it, to the point that they were all shocked when my character wasn't.
So does stealing make my character evil?
I thought that my character could steal, and that as long as I didn't do anything overtly evil, my character could still be good, but am I wrong?

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>Medium height
>Thin, but athletic
>Usually wear a hood
>Sarcastic asshole
>Used to shoplift alot as a teenager
>Work as a chef, so high dexterity and skill with knives

I think I might actually be a rogue.

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My group and I are switching for 2ed AD&D to 3ed. I wanna build a good acrobatic spy, like a dude version of the girl from Mirrors Edge. What does /tg/ recommend for a good class, feats, etc?

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