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[X] [ANSWER HER QUESTIONS] Nepgear's bound to have something on her mind, right? Offer to hear her out and answer her questions, now that you've got some temporary privacy.
Bloorp makes his return! Huzahh!

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Nice. I like Urist's face there.

I feel like there could have been a starry eyed Vert in there too. Just saying.

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You tense up as the divine personification of all things Xbox stares down at you, a frown creasing her delicate features. Right. Figured it wouldn't be that easy to get Mojang out of here, now that you know Vert's little hiding place and whatnot-

"You are far too adorable to let go!" CPU Green Heart thunders sternly, suddenly kneeling down in front of you with that same goddamn serious look on her face. "It's simply unfair! How can you be a big sister figure and a little sister figure at the same time? And with a foul mouth like that! Such a contrast to your adorable looks and your sense of responsibility! Is this moe? Is this what mortals call gap moe? Is this what CPU White Heart was aiming for all along?"

What the HELL-

"Please, you must allow me to be Mojang's big sister figure as well! And above all, you must allow me to be as a big sister to you!" CPU Green Heart sets her hands on your shoulders, pinning you in place. "Aaah, to be a big sister to a little sister who considers herself a big sister... this can't be anything but the best sort of inception! This-"

A higher-pitched voice cuts her off- some pig-faced (pig-masked?) girl's standing there, and you don't even remember seeing her muscle in between you and Mojang. "(´・ω・`) Lady Vert, Lady Vert, please calm down! You're bothering the patient that Ran-Ran is trying to tend to!"


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