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>fagnarri book has been out for over a month, still no ePub
>devastation of Baal was uploaded in ePub and PDF hours after its release

Aeldarifags eternally BTFO, no one gives a shit about your shitty Mary Sue faction. Tyranids, Khorne and Blood angels>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>necromancer elf bitches

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Reminder that the devastation of Baal novel hasn’t even been lit for a full day yet and it’s already uploaded here in ePub and pdf. Rise of the ynnari fag eternally BTFO

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>destroy them in melee
Read the shadowbrink fluff, it says the Tyranids realized they were evenly matched in close combat. But since Tyranids don’t give a shit about “muh honorabu combat” they just use the most efficient strategy they have, which is to shoot the retards who brought swords to a bio-plasma cannon fight

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>they can’t

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>tfw daemons can’t unto ranged combat

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