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Has anyone ever done this? In our group we usually rotate between three DMs, including myself but we all have different strengths and weaknesses which if combined into one campaign might be kinda rad. For example I love thinking making cool worlds and environments but my rule knowledge is kinda sketchy and a speech impediment makes narration difficult, whereas another one of us is great and writing and telling stories but his world building is generic and overall lackluster.
The main obstacle I can think of right now is what the other two will be doing during the game, unless we just helped narrate or something.

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>I am no longer allowed to invent venture capitalism.
>Any plan to overthrow an evil villain should not be a 3 year plan to ruin his keeps property value
>Product placement has no place in a dungeon crawl
>I will not use broadcast scrying so that I can run my own pseudo tv company.

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This land obviously has no need for adventuring types. We must find a new land, one filled with mystery and danger!
Gather the wagons. Stock the food, pack your bags. Grab the scrolls ink for we have no maps. Buckle your britches lads, we set out at dawn for the uncharted West. Tally-ho!

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Dysentery. Dysentery everywhere.
And then getting caught in the snow and Donnering it up.

But really, that sounds legit fun and a great way to have a historical game embarking on what was essentially an epic historical quest.

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dont see why not

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Well /tg/ two of my three players have been skipping out on weekly games the last three weeks.

One has cancelled this week too, I'm waiting for the other to do so and then I'm officially cancelling all future sessions.

How many of you have to put up with this shit from your groups?

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To jump streams, this one is about a D&D game I was part of. Players are on a continent with four city-states. After picking my character's city state of origin, I'm told we speak with German accents and that we're so bureaucratic not carrying your business ledger means death.

>Demand signed receipts from vendors, merchants, and bards I give money to for songs. The ones from my city state already have them ready when I ask, others half ass it and write "I bought bread" on paper.
>Speak with the most outrageous German accent I can manage. The DM liked this so much it became the official accent.
>Walked up to a group of children playing in the sand of another city state, yelled about how they should be in school learning how to be productive citizens rather then playing. They ran away crying.
>Note every expense the party has on tax forums. Edit the PDFs of real ones and fill them out.
>Keep a detailed manifest of everything on the party's cart. Said Manifest included.
>Cart also has joint gold reserve in a chest. I don't have the key to the chest.
>Process of getting some of the gold is
>>Party Leader requests gold (signed request)
>>I approve, request key for chest (signed)
>>Deliver gold (sign to receive)
>>Return Key (Sign to confirm)

We once spent a good 15 minutes working out the party's taxes. Everyone felt it was too funny to stop.

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This is how I plan for adventure

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You devise a harsh training regimen. In go a bunch of namby pamby sissy boygirls, and out come hulking brutes of shemen. You devise a system of mirrors and lenses to focus the Sun's fury in a beam of light.
Your Empire grows!
Gazing upon the face of the Moon Father from the temple, inspiration strikes! Using a system of tiny mirrors and lenses, you develop a tool to see tiny things!
You make a terribly unstable compound. It is prone to bursting into flame at inopportune moments, such as transporting it. It will need a method of delivery. A fleet is created. The idea of winchable bows seems strange at first, but a Wise Woman devises a small platform like the large bowgun, but in a smaller size. +1 to attack rolls. Success! Steel is created. +1 to army attack rolls.

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You've got an indeterminate number of heroes who rose up, took over, and divided the world into an indeterminate number of nations. Factional based world, here you go!

You can establish a dozen nations, each with a unique ruler/government/tyrant/democracy/whatever, and establish friendly and unfriendly ties.
You PCs want to get money, do a dungeon, on a quest. You have them work for the "Empress" of Illinatia, you enter the territory of Bashar Moren Lorenzo, and find the artifact for the Empress. Your PCs fail to pay any taxes on their entrance to the Bashar's lands and take a powerful artifact from within his lands to an uneasy neighbor, lose influence with the Bashar to the point of unease, diplomatic tension rises. Empress rewards your PCs, your PCs decide they like working for her. They decide to seek out a good location for a keep. She grants them lands bordering the Bashar's lands. Bashar's soldiers on patrol spot new Keep being built, tell Bashar, suspicions grow. PCs find that there's a hell of a lot of cheap goods over the border, go over and establish a business relationship, discover from townsfolk about taxes, the party's moral compass begins to pay them out of party funds. Bashar learns of this, suspicions lower. Party discovers cult of evil god in town, wipes out cultists. Bashar sends word that one of his dozen sons is on route to town with soldiers to help rebuild what the cultists destroyed in the fight, awards PCs with minor medals and an offer to join his military as independant mercenaries. PCs accept, Empress becomes cool with them, not as friendly, but not annoyed yet or angry.

There's a beautiful scenario for you.

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/tg/, I'm planning on running an scp foundation campaign in pathfinder when my friend gets back from basic in about a month. I'm trying to come up with ideas, but I keep drawing a blank.

Any input?

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