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What the fuck you mean, "set in 30k."

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>The Grand Coalition

>An Isolated tendril of Kraken reaches towards the T'au sept world of Dal'yth, a prosperous trading hub frequented by countless aliens races. Water caste make earnest pleas to their trading partners, imploring them to lend their naval strength to a coalition armada that will intercept the Tyranid menace. Their fleet sails forth, and is almost entirely destroyed. Fortunately, the T'au's losses are comparatively minimal, and precious time is bought for Dal'yth ready its defences.

See guys? We can do anything if we work together.

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>Get reading the new Tau lore in 8th ED
>The Tau having witnessed the birth of Great Rift and the ensuing anarchy, after watching the armies of unreason and disorder flood the Eastern Fringes, responded with a single sentence
>"Challenge Accepted"
>Undeterred and unafraid, the Tau sail their fleets towards a galaxy teetering on the brink of annihilation, knowing that the races of the galaxy need them more than ever.
>The Tau will bring unity and enlightenment to the unfortunate souls populating the galaxy, no matter the cost. That is their destiny, their birthright.
>All will find peace within the Greater Good, whether they wish it or not

Remind me again, teegee, how are these brave underdogs are bad guys?

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Not while some nobility and compassion remains in the galaxy, gue'la.

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You idiot. The invasion of Gorgon happened before the Third Sphere where the Tau upgraded their engines to achieve new speeds which lead to the rapid invasion.

>where they fall back from one 'nid overun planet to another in a separate system,

Your reading skills is that of a moron. The fighting took place in the Sept of Kel'shan. Sept means system. The Tau travelled from one planet to the next within the same system. The Tyranids took many days to cross that distance.

Tau speeds as far as a we know are 1/5 to 1/3 of Imperial warp speed.

How come nobody corrected him with facts rather this weakass handwave? Shame on you.

>Admech has proper scaled industry, but they never show it and one Forge World falls to a few hundred thousand Tau rather than just clearing them out and moving on because it's an ENTIRELY URBAN PLANET, which is at the least around ten billion people, and tens of millions of Kataphrons according to the CultMech dex.. Guard too, and among Xenos Orks and Nids.

A single Riptide is more than a match for a battalion of admech tanks that included a Baneblade, and the Tau have been known to mass deploy Riptides by the many dozens in the battlefield. Refer to the fall of Forgeworld Halus (The short story "Patient Hunter"). The Admech forces were powerless before the power of the Riptide which led the leading Magos to cry out in fear and despair.

You must understand how far removed the Tau technology is from the Imperium (admech included in most cases). What you are saying that the Iraqis with their crappy gear should beat the US armed forces in open warfare because they have the numbers and home field advantage. It doesn't work like that.

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Sir, SIIIIR, an unknown xenos fleet has materialised suddenly in the Sol System and started attacking immediately. Mars has already fallen, Emperor save us.

The xenos are now attacking Terra itself. They are making planetfall as we speak. What do we do, Sir. WHAT DO WE DO?

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> It's all Ochre Now.

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bigger picture

site says open beta tomorrow

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