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Pegging to show dominance.

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oh fuck wrong pic
not bad, paint looks a lil thi

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>mfw my Chaplain cooks a Deamon prince alive in melee using an Inferno Pistol
>mfw same Chaplain survives next turn, moves up to a Chaos Sorcerer, and cooks him too

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Or maybe, i can log kayaba out

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>Walk into walmart
>go to card section, stuff pocket of my hoodie with khans and AER packs, rinse and repeat for 2 more stores
>come back and open them, pull 2 polluted delta, and 1 foil delta, 2 push

What did you do today /tg/?

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What if I come to your house and push all those paint cans off?

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>/teegee/ nerds on a literal-make believe thread shitting on /pol/

Top fucking keks

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>namefag cancer gives a lecture

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>We want to destroy the Astronomican dooming 99% of your million world Empire, to kill Slaanesh.

Well Eldrad, we really don't give a fuck about Slaanesh, sure it's a ball ache to deal with Noise Marines every once in a while but we don't care

>Are you sure Human? Are you sure you don't want to doom quintillions upon quintillions of humans to isolation and death by cutting off the Astronomican so we don't have to use soul stones any more?

Yeah, I'm pretty sure I'm ok with that

>You know Eldarfags are going to spin this so that you're the bad guy here, right?

Well aware of that

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I don't even play tabletop I just like to shitpost and theorycraft.

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>be a powerful gay wizard
>no one is aware of my awesome cocklust
>accept the princess' hand in marriage anyway, because why not? - I'll probably inherit half the kingdom
>cast a doppelganger spell to produce a loyal clone of the princess
>sell the real princess to a group of orcs who rape, murder and cannibalize her (in whatever preferred order)
>mfw the king is completely oblivion to the fate of his daughter

Fucking heteronormative scum.

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>mfw most literate nation

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lands are pretty good

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Let P be the statement 'Nothing is good about Glorantha'

Let Q be 'Glorantha's art is epic'

Q is true. Q is part of Glorantha. There for Q contradicts P.

P is false by Proof by Contradiction.

Check and mate.

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>Eastern Europe
>Native Americans

Considering the challenge was to make something original, and everyone has a different opinion on what that thing is based on...

Yeah. I rest my case.

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>Slavery is economically inefficient.

For the slaves maybe.

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>I hate ASOIAF because it doesn't have le talking dragons and sexy elve slavewhatdo's

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This is seriously some of the best bait I've ever seen. I love how you went from making a legit if somewhat hasty point (yes most people who play evil campaigns are colossal edgelord pre-teens but there's the occasional one-in-a-million player who can make it work beautifully), then to a kinda iffy one (depends on whether or not the character is a blatant self-insert who just happens to share exactly all of the same opinions of the player,) and then finally came out with an opinion that is so unanimously thought of as wrong (to the point people are banned from groups for it and it alone) and contradictory to your previous points. You are a master of trolling my friend, the babby attempts at >MUH PHILOSOPHY in this thread are already salty enough to exterminate the entire North American snail population. Copypasta saved, thirty Good Boy Points (GBP) awarded. I personally suggest the ones from Wendy's, seeing as how this is a celebratory occasion.

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Fuck you and your laziness. If you can't reduce your ideas to anything less than a novel, you need to learn how to reign yourself in. It is a problem I used to struggle with too.

One thing I've learned to do is act like my players are looking this stuff up on Wikipedia: every article comes with a brief summary at the top and more categorical information that they can read later - if they want to.

It's alright to make an elevator pitch along those lines, I don't have anything against that. But it seems no one ever bothers to go beyond. I'm tired of just slapping a pair of pointy ears and a veneer of nature worship onto literally anything and suddenly that's "elves in my setting."

>but there's a lot, so what makes one more special than the other?
Why, the fact that you're playing in it of course.

It's the concept of one culture interpreted by another. I also like Japanese paintings of the early European "barbarian" visitors.


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The worst one

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pepe princess costume for frog princess when?

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>Thank Rhiannon, you didn't have to get rid of your armor piece, why would you anyway?
Well played.

Why not have some milk?

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