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>Where's our Genasi, WotC

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... gold star, anon.

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obvious bait was apparently not obvious...

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Thats so sad and pathetic in every possible way.

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Oh I am very much going to do things. VERY much. Too much to learn here. And I plan to eventually splice some of the Great One genes into myself. Eventually. With NuBee implying there's more than three cords out there, I've got my hands full.

(Final Fantasy VI)
-Background: Magiteknician (900CP) -TAKE IT APART.
-Mechanist (Free) -Knowing how magitek works? Nice.
-Tool King (800CP) (Discount) -Creativity! Nice.
-Innate Magic (400CP) -Greater magic potential and talent! I love it!
-Magitek Mastery (100CP) (Discount) -HOOOOOOOLY FUCK. Improve things with magic, imbue people with magic? YES.
-Celestriad (-500CP) -IT'S FUCKING CHRISTMAS.
-Phantom Train (-300CP)
-World of Ruin (0CP)
Dice Rolls: Narshe, 18 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure

(Storm Hawks)
-Background: Technician (900CP) -Doing stuff.
-Weatherproofing (Free) -Eh, it won't hurt.
-Arcane Interface (700CP) (Discount) -Tech interface for spells? Spells that manipulate tech? YESSSSSS.
-Universal Adapter (400CP) (Discount) -Oh. Oh what I'm gonna do with you.
-We Did The Mash (200CP) -Combining magical effects! HELL YES.
-Wireless Interface (-200CP) -WAIT. I don't have to wear items to benefit from them? HOOOOOLY FUCK.
-Crystal Culture Kit (-500CP) -Upgrade. Adapt. Create. Hell yes.
-Hostile Fauna (-300CP)
-Murk Raiders (0CP)
Dice Rolls: Terra Tropica, 22 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure

MAGITECH. AND CRYSTALS. I CAN MAKE SO MUCH, IMBUE EVEN. Holy shit this was all so incredibly painful. I'm gonna burn. I'm going to explode in pain and anguish. But I NEED all this. Project Zohar DEMANDS I have it.

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Oh, right. With no self-control and no such thing as restraint.

Guess all this not punching planets and not devouring civilizations is all wrong. The fuck have I been doing with my life?

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>mfw this whole thing happened because I said 'we' as in a fair amount of jumpers I've seen in thread
>mfw people thought it was the royal 'we'

...ooooooh, that was a very very poor choice of words. I meant more that I see a lot of people in thread not really planning around the possibility of defeat... and why WOULD people? It's making our own story and no one likes to lose, so it's understandable. It's why I keep low-grade a lot of times and try not to lose my sanity or grounding, because otherwise I do something stupid and risk losing. ALWAYS assume there's something stronger and ALWAYS assume a chance at failure.

... ...though damn it, now you all have me thinking of what a CYOA would look like where you have to make your own cult. The problem with thought exercises...

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Well... as >>38653939 and >>38653976 implied also not Kaguya damn it, you're better off doing some heavy work via trial and error. I personally went with cloned body parts, Assassin's Creed's 'Legacy' blood ability, along with a very very VERY detailed Geneforge. Most times the Geneforge is "let's stuff magic into it until it works", but for something like this you want some seriously detailed stuff. Orochimaru and Kabuto both tend to seriously know their shit, but they also did some really heinous stuff and it tends to leave a lot to be desired due to all the snake stuff.

Either way, expect a metric shitton of trial and error stuff, and the more genetics perks/equipment you can grab, the better. Even then, expect it to not bear any fruit for quite some time as any jump can alter your genetics JUST enough where any prior results become automatically moot. So a place like Civilization may be the best place for you to settle it down and do some heavy work.

Though if >>38654051 could chip in on this, it'd be wonderful so we know if we're just talking hyperbole or not.

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>mfw Konotanon and I had the same goals in trying to artificially replicate Grace
I'm not sure if this means we're both in it for the science, or if I'm slowly losing my morals.

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>bubblegum crisis


-Background: Knight Saber (800CP) -A wandering knight of this city!
-Tactics (600CP) -Let's get myself up to speed on some skills.
-Hardsuit Pilot (Free) -Let it begin!
-Grease Monkey (300CP) -Tools for the job!
-Leon's Own Luck (0CP) -Stacking those luck perks!
-Master of War (-300CP) (Discount) -Wait, so whatever I pilot does MORE and performs better? Yessss.
-Apartment (Free) -I may as well! Just a place to keep appearances.
-Motorcycle (Free) -Likewise, keeping appearances.
-Workshop (-400CP) -Attaching to a hideout, transferring everything later.
-Underground Hideout (-600CP) -I like my privacy, thank you very much.
-Saber Suit (Free) -Electronic Warfare! And I'm cannibalizing this into my Reploid armor.
-Suit: Anti-Boomer Gun (Free) -Nothing wrong with a bit of extra 'oomph' to things.
-Suit: Particle Rifle (Free) -Now we're cooking with gas!
-Suit: ECM/ECCM System (Free) -The bread and butter. With this, my dark work begins.
-Suit: Jump Assist (Free) -Go farther!
-At First, You Had My Curiosity (-300CP)
-Now You Have My Attention (0CP)
Dice Rolls: USSD National HQ,
-End Choice: Next Adventure

I have no idea who Quincy and Largo are! Aside the fact that one's a CEO and the other is a technological nightmare who's under delusions. So I'm just gonna go by the seat of my pants, gather/scan all kinds of tech, and use the insane tech I already have to just wander the city! Try to keep peace, try not to die, and see what happens.

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>Going to cons

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>Actually getting caught.

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>Wants to run an Index Quest
>Hasn't read the LNs

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Wow. Just...wow.

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And now we samefag for dominance

OP, can you just roll for this?

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Azure, don't cater to the autism...

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My rage just keeps magnifying.

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>She's not a whore
And now the QM is going to feed the waifuers' denial so as to keep them interested.

I hope you're happy with being a bigger whore than Flame-Lily.

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>takes time to describe perfect breasts
>asks people call him "Ozma"

I think I'm sensing some hidden issues.

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