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I somewhat agree with you. Street level stuff looks quite interesting, and the players could work up to being formidable, like that Gun witch in one of the earlier chapters.

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Best witch coming through

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Well, then there should be mage powers that let you do it. I want to be a gunwitch.

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well, technically it's just rapid reload (and alch. cartridges if early firearm) that lets you reload as a free action. The main thing is that you need a free hand to reload a pistol, but dual wielding means your hands are full. Thus, a hexcrafter takes Prehensile Hair, which allows him to have a third hand for the purposes of reloading. Then you just pass one gun to the hair (free action), reload both guns with your newly-free hand (free action, free action), pass the gun back (free action), and keep shooting, without interrupting your full attack.

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you give them guns and gun-related spells

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>not choosing the far superior gun witch

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