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Personally prefer this art of them. Much creepier and more alien like the sand people from xcom

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Hrud are bendy limbed time-warping spine men, not rats

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arent bendies an artifact of 40k skaven?

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they're not very ratlike anymore

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I just have a non-draw request.

Can I get this picture with a clean white background? You can leave the shadows under the Hrud. Much thanks.

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So what are the Hrud like?

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Lag'nokkal Has gotten losted hasn't he?

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Come try that melee shit with us, deathwatch faggots
>even if you win you still loose

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pic related

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Tau actually deserve their main faction status when?

Or, alternatively, Hrud take their rightful place as a main faction from the Tau when?

... Actually, let's just go with "Codex: Hrud when?"

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I was going to try to write up something on the Hrud, but I remembered we had some problems with making the legion that found them the Iron Hands, since the point of the Hrud is to show a Space Marine screw-up and the Iron Hands are Skitarii.

So I was thinking about it, and thought why don’t we make the discovering legion the Iron Warriors instead? It might fit better given the situation. The Iron Hands were only really concerned with reuniting with the lost Forge Worlds and various Dark Age planets of interest like Medusa, so it is unlikely they would have intentionally gone to the Hrud homeworld. By contrast, the Iron Warriors have a well-known history of fighting the Hrud in canon. The Iron Warriors are also engineers, which fits as the AdMech. There are a lot of cases throughout history where engineers think they can control nature, and nature just refuses to cooperate, which fits with the “tried to put the genie back in the bottle and failed” aspect of the story.

The whole debaucle and the Iron Warriors subsequent failure to fix it leads to a change in the Imperium. Namely it is hammered into the Astartes’ heads to listen to the fricking farseers when they say something is dangerous. Ignoring those warnings is how we end up with things like the Hrud. Granted, this is only shortly after the Raid, so the trust isn’t as well-established as it would be in later years.

I was also thinking it might have gotten Barabas Dantioch interested in Eldar culture and engineering, which led to the formation of the Silver Skulls. Or there was a spectrum of opinion on Eldar within the Iron Warriors, with Dantioch being more open-minded and the guys who let the Hrud loose being less so.

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Explain to me why Tau deserve full-sized Codex status over these guys.

> At least as old a race as humanity
> Spacefaring for much longer than humans
> Active across pretty much the entire galaxy
> Imperium's been fighting them throughout its entire lifespan, across the galaxy, including major wars spanning multiple sectors
> I can't really think of a clear analogue for them, but they look fucking weird. Pretty cool, IMO, but YMMV.

> Technologically active for a few millennia at most
> Basically just stay inside their own little pocket of space, and expand too slowly due to their failure to grasp warp drive tech
> Not really active outside the frontiers of that pocket
> Basically just made to pander to weebs back when anime became super-popular in the West in the early 2000s
> Vaguely Japanese, kinda-sorta-maybe fishpeople? I dunno.

TL;DR: Codex: Hrud when?

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>did someone's fanfiction leak into the Assassin's list?

This happens in HoR a lot. Just look at the bullshit new Hrud list (Hrud canonically look like pic-related).

Sometimes it's done for decent gameplay reasons and is useful - I'd put the grav-pack in that group. It's not a wild lore heresy, we know the Assassins have all kinds of crazy tech not available to the wider Imperium. At other times though the innovations by HoR are useless fancruft, like the Eldar Shrine Keeper rules (Guardians with Hawk wings are particularly hilarious, having a 1/6 chance of faceplanting every time they use them).

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id rather see skaven in space
>inb4 hrud already exist
look at these retarded things who the hell would wanna play this

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I know all of this.
Shit changes, though, and this is the Hrud right now.

That ain't no skaven.

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As we approached the edge of the crater, three indistinct forms that looked a bit like short cloaked figures came around a pile of crates and practically walked into us. Nubby stopped Twitch and gestured at the rest of us to squeeze against the wall. We did as he said, and watched in surprise as he cheerfully waved at the three figures then directed them towards the exit. There was a greasy croaking sound, a whiff of something absolutely vile, and then the figures just vanished into thin air.

That was a little disconcerting, but Nubby told the rest of us that the it was fine: the cloaked whatsits were "Bendies", and they were wonderful people. For horrible mutant xenos at least. Apparently they hung out in the sewers on some hive worlds and were a great way to get rid of things. You know, like proscribed substances that no one would buy, or pieces of equipment that you just happened to have found lying around on the battlefield, but turned out to have belonged to the Commissar and now had your fingerprints all over them. Also bodies, great for getting rid of bodies. Anyway, wonderful people he said, aside from the smell. The rest of us eyed Nubby, who had never intentionally bathed or changed his underwear in his life and whose breath could tarnish ceramite, and decided not to comment.

Shortly after that slightly disturbing encounter we reached the gaping hole that had been blasted in the room's wall. The room on the other side was a much smaller version of the evidence room, with a brand new daemonthrope-installed skylight. We guessed that it had held fifty or so evidence boxes, one of those mobile cells, and eight-ish Inquisitorial minions. Now it was filled with… parts.

Anyway, the knee-deep gore was just backdrop, what really caught our eyes when we peered through the crater was the only intact thing in the room: the top half of our Daemonthrope Containment Unit. Oh, and the half-naked woman who was crouched on top of it and singing.

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Oh Throne, misinterpreted that one.

Begone foul aging xenos!

I got no idea what Hrud are somebody help me here

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What are some of /tg/'s favorite races in the 40k setting outside of the core races (Humans, Orks, Necrons, Tau, Eldar, Tyranids, etc.)? Are there any you'd like to see become more prevalent in the setting? Are there any from other settings you think would fit well in the 40k universe?

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