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>Implying Hebrews will ever have power

They're a society of religious zealots with delusions of grandeur. They're thugs and thieves, the lot of them, I don't see how they could ever get an iota of power.

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>Useful after level 10

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Don't you guys think you're getting a little too deep into the smut?

I mean, dragon-vore has become so endemic to the creature that any thread featuring dragons will inevitably result in someone trying to discuss a totally-real or totally-cool scenario involving someone shoving someone else somewhere they don't belong.

It happened with Minotaur Civilization, it happened with that dumb Succubus-turned-Goddess, and it's even happening (albeit slowly) with Elves.

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>Muhammad himself personally oversaw the extermination of an entire Jewish tribe, and he founded what is considered the most peaceful, progressive and tolerant religion in history.

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