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Hail those indulged in buggery,
My name is Morcant, and I loath your entire republic. All of you are sloven, uneducated, wastes of skin who spend every second of their day fondling the ass of young men. You are a perfect example of a failure of men. Honestly, have any of you ever gotten past the highlands? I mean, I suppose it’s quite enjoyable to kill those beneath you, but you all take it to a new level. This is even worse than placating your own penis to carved statues.

Don’t dismiss this. Come and face me if you wish. I am a pinnacle of the battlefield. I formed several alliances with the Picts and the Franks, and claimed several victories over the Nords. What contests do you perform against one another, other than “fellate myself to slave boy”? I also strike true with my spear, and have a score of willing men at my command (We just appeased the fair folk, our fortune is assured!). You are all sodomites who should merely end their lives rather than maintaining this pathetic charade you call civilization. I thank you for reading.
Additionally: observe this image. It is me and my equipment.

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