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That's all I've got for swords and shields (I think, but I'll double-check). I've got a couple more with just swords.

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And you're talking about something else entirely: Minorities. Lone individuals who aren't part of a family. Whether you're a man or woman, there is positively no difference here; being in this situation generally indicated that you were an outlaw, or destitute.

You could be killed, or you could be enslaved, but the view on enslavement here meant you might've actually just stepped up in the world, because you have a roof over your head and potentially a legal path towards actual citizenship.

Now, if you're talking about the context of a roleplaying game: PCs are the exceptions to rules. The circumstances of their exception is always different. Furthermore, they invite trouble, and typically have their own means of dealing with trouble, be it talking it out or fighting it out. In the circumstances where they even NEED to, because someone as typically outrageous as an adventurer is one that most people going about their own lives avoids.

Let's put this in the context of an RPG set in actual medieval Europe.

Like if you're a farmer or artisan on the road, and you see some lady alone (huh) on a horse (huh) carrying a weapon (what) fully armored (oh shit), and no visible indication that they're associated with local law (oh shit oh shit). This utter fucking weirdo you've just run into is probably going to rob you or something, better just keep moving.

If you're actually a local authority, like town guards, constables, whatever, it's basically the same story, and unless you're pointlessly belligerent (and probably incompetent and a discredit to your lord), you're going to handle a situation with this weird warrior lady with caution. If you're patrolling the countryside, you're bound to see some unusual things, and your actual prerogative is ensuring that these things aren't presenting a danger to your lord's holdings.

Anyway, spun that off the cuff, but you get the general idea.

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