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"See?" I nudge Kaori. "Problem solved!"

"Oh, I don't know."

"Listen." Alex taps Kaori on the shoulder, "Mom is like the one person in the world who won't judge you for the things you ask her."
"I'm not worried about being judged-"
"Yes you are." He rubs her hair the wrong way, "You're worried you'll get in trouble if you go home and try to bargain with her to take in a pet."

"No! It's not that at all, it's that I'm worried she'll take the dog away!"
"Please, Kaori." Alex keeps rubbing her hair, she puts up a protective hand to shoo him away. "Would she really do that after all the things she let Masami take in?"

"Hey! Those things are not pets!" I pout, "They're our sisters!"

"Sure, sure." Alex smiles, "In any case, I think you're not giving Izumi enough credit. She's very tolerant."

"I'm just, worried. That's all."
"Then stop." Alex stands up. "Stop being worried about her, you should know that she would give the world for you."

"But- then I'm worried about-"

"Kaori." Now it's my turn to be upset. "You're not going to spend all day worrying about this and then give up at the last minute and ask anyway, are you?"

She turns her head, and blinks.


"Don't!" I frown, "If you're going to spend all day worrying about a decision everyone thinks you should do. I'll go hang out at the arcade."

"Wait!" She grabs my arm, "Don't do that! You can't!"
"I can and I will!"

This seems to seriously shake her resolve.

"..Let's go ask Mom."


We're standing outside of our house now. Just Kaori and I.
I take a step toward the door, and feel a tug on my sleeve.

"Masami, I- I can't."

Oh no.

>Do you want me to ask?
>Just go in there and do it.
>How about we bring the puppy over and show her?
>Fine, don't.

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"Oh come on!" I try to pick him up onto his feet. "He's just a cocky jerk! Why are you scared of him?"

"I- just, I -just" he continues to studder, while grabbing onto my leg.
"Does he have some kind of magic spell over you?!"

"No! He can't do that without doing it to himself."

"Then stop! Just merge with him and become the whole person you once were! You can handle it."

"BUT I CAAAAN'T!" It screams again, clutching my leg even harder!
To an outside observer, who isn't present here, this would look absolutely bananas.

"Don't you get it?" I kick him off my leg. "You're exactly what Asai needs! The doubt if he's doing the right thing, the fear that he might upset or hurt the people he cares about, the willingness to consider that things won't go the way he wants!" I pout at him. He continues to tremble. "Sometimes it's good to be afraid!"

"Besides." I cross my arms, "If you're the one responsible for other parts of him that don't involve being a jerk, that's good too."

"But-" He's still shaking. "I don't want to do this anymore! I just want to go home!"

"Stop." I command him, he obediently quiets down. "What are you talking about? You're the strong one! Asai said so himself! Why are you so scared of him?"

He's staring at me like he's waiting for me to say something.

"I can't-" He sniffles, I didn't know he could. "I can't tell him what to do, I don't know how. I've never told him what to do! He's just- So confident, and lovable, and- and he's-"

I keep my hands on my hips and stare the monster down.
"-and he's always the one that's in control, always! He's never not in control. I can't stop that! I can't stop someone who feels they can do no wrong!"

Oh geez.
This is quickly swerving into psychiatric help.

>Okay, okay, how about this. You can hold my hand, and we'll go back to confront him!
>This isn't working.
>Everyone is scared occasionally, the reason he isn't, is because you aren't there!
>Make him whole again!

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I can't leave him here! I have to follow up with something.



I hop back inside of the floating doorway just before it disappears into the ether. Asai is starting to slowly twitch on the ground he finds himself flat on.

With my shield, I slam right down on top of him! Conjuring up some VERY powerful cable, I start to wrap his prone form. Every step of the way I'm certain to make sure he's pinned under my shield.

There. Maybe it's not enough to hold him forever, but at the very least he'll have great difficulty moving!

I hop off of him and try to think of a place I can put him where he won't just break out again.
Wait, the monster couldn't break out of the guest bedroom.

That's a good place to start!

With a heave, I throw him over my shoulders and run upstairs. The massive hunk of monster goes sailing into the room, and the door clicks behind him!

Okay, okay. Time to catch my breath for a few minutes. Just a few minutes.

Just a few minutes.
Darn it, Mom. Don't call me now.

"Mom, mom, please. Calm down. I knocked Asai out, and locked him in the guest bedroom."

"Don't ever run off like that again! Asai is a very dangerous monster right now! You could have been hurt! Or worse!"

Somehow, I don't feel like he's a very formidable opponent after being defeated by the power of door.

"Hold on, Mom. I'll be right back out. Okay?"
"J-Just make it fast."

She hangs up, and I pick my shield from the floor. I start to walk toward the front door when I hear a light tapping sound.
"Masami? Sweetie."

"Let's.. chat a minute. I want to make a deal."

>If it involves leaving that room, you can forget about it.
>Mock him.
>You were not very threatening, Asai.
>Emillion, the sword monster, was a tougher fight than you are.
>Okay, what kind of deal?

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"NO!" I grab the monster's hand. "That's a terrible idea, don't do it!"


"Listen!" I desperately try to reason with the behemoth. "You can't trust any deal with Asai! He doesn't make deals with your best interests in mind!"

"No buts! If you accept this deal, I'm leaving you in here forever." I cross my arms and pout. "There is no way I would be able to tell if it's really you or if it's just Asai pretending to be you so he can go cause trouble again. You're putting a very evil part back inside of yourself."

"Don't you get it?!" The monster snaps at me. "It's still a part of me! I made it, it's my job to atone for it!"
"There's atoning for it, and then there's being taken over by it!"

"Fine, fine." Asai sighs, rolling his eyes. "It's clear that a certain someone isn't on my side, and she's doing the majority of the thinking for you. So-"

He slides to the ground, and sighs.
"I still have the blueprint of when we were split. We can return to the same lines we were parted from."
"Hold it!" I shout, "I don't believe you."

"It's true." Asai reaches into his lab coat, Mom gets ready with a card by instinct.
Instead he pulls out a small card, himself.

"This is the card that sealed both of us-"

Immediately, the monster makes a grab for it. Asai yanks it away.

"-This card can be used to re-seal the both of us."

"What's the catch?"

"Oh the catch is simple." Asai smiles, "I don't know how to use it."

"Give it here." The monster extends his hand.
"No." Asai huffs at him, "Because you probably know how to use it. And I don't want to risk you altering it somehow to give you more of an advantage."

>Give it here, then.
>This seems a little too easy somehow.
>Give it to Mom.
>I don't trust you or that card.
>Hold it, why can't you use it? What did you mean by 'cast magic for you' earlier?

>Thread Pause

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The two of us remain silent.

My eyes refuse to turn away from the back of his head.

So, he had the same idea that I had. It's just he wanted to become the home, and I wanted to make the home.

That's kinda..

I'm not sure how else to put it.

I mean, the sentiment is very sweet and all, but-
Actually becoming a building for your family.


"But, like-" I try to break the silence, "Why do you listen to Asai, then?"

"I can't just ignore him." He growls, "He's half of me. He is the side who can talk to people."

"You can talk to people, too! You're talking to me right now!"

He shifts his weight to face me again. This time, he really lets the light shine on his face to get every metallic mark, and emblem.
Oh, that's what he means.

"Um, can you break away from him?"

"If I could, I would. I've tried many times before. Each time has failed."

He looks out the window, into the infinite landscape. "I wish I could just walk away into the sunset, never to return."

Slowly, I walk up behind him and give him a big hug. Except, his metal exterior is so tough, that I'm not sure he even notices.

>Want to try and see what happens?
>Go talk to Asai for cross-examination
>Stay here and keep talking to him.
>Ask Mom if she has any ideas on how to break the two.

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"First off." I pull her away from the dumpster. "Who told you that you belong in a dumpster, anyway?!"

That question catches her off-guard. Like that was something that no one had ever asked her before and the answer should be self-evident.

"The chairman. I played a joke on him one day, and he used his little ring thing to tell me that this is where I should go. It made so much sense at the time that I haven't left."

"That's TERRIBLE!" I shout, right in her face. I never liked that Chairman guy anyway.
"Why? I mean, it's where I belong, right?"

"From here on out, you are NOT listening to creepy men with mind-controlling rings!" I pout.
"Is that what you came here to tell me?"

"Sort of, but I'm more interested in Asai. Have you ever seen him use any magic?"
Clown-girl immediately opens her mouth to answer, but then hesitates.
"Magic.. from Asai." Her face blanks. She comes close several times to opening her mouth with a response, but seems to lose it midway.

"He's.. had to have used it. I'm sure." Is her response. "I mean, he does that thing with the doors in the building. That counts, right?"

Mom answers for me, "The doors in the building is his building working for him. I can do that with my house. I'm not really sure that counts? Have you seen him use any cards recently? Or maybe fight?"

"Oh no, Asai never fights." She seems, almost shaken? "In fact, he never really leaves that building except for that one time, last time."


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Writing continues.

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Go right out and get it right this moment or you'll die from Japanese cold.

I just am. this time of the year is worrying and Quests are like the one thing in my life that hasn't changed dramatically this year.

Is that true?

Someone should!

Don't even joke about that!

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>Just don't bash me, okay?
>Or Izumi.
>Masami is fair game, though.


>Why do all of Masami's family bully her so?
Because it's fun!

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No, Mom is right.
I need to just relax with my family.

Panicking now will just make things worse for them, and for me.

"Mom, I'm scared." Kaori leans back into her grasp.
"I know. Let's just try to calm down for now. He can't hurt us here."

Sirens rain out in the distance, it seems the attack isn't just centered in this area of the city.
"I don't want to think about fighting Asai anymore. I just want it to be over."
"I know."

"I just want to go home."
"I know."

Now that I think about it, that was really all that's on my mind right now.
I don't want to fight Asai anymore. I don't want to go to that big stone giant he made. I don't want to even deal with the fallout of his dumb temper tantrum.
I just don't.
"I don't."
"You don't what?"
"I just.. don't."

Kaori eyes me worriedly. Mom goes against her better judgement and pulls me into a hug.

"Let's talk about something else, like-"
"Hey Kaori." Haruko nudges her. "Remember when you promised ice cream earlier? I'd like to go get some."

She freezes, and a tint of remembrance washes her current worries away.
"I didn't promise that!"

She totally did, though.

"Yes you did!" I tease her, "You said if Haruko and I reappeared, we'd go for ice cream!"
"I- Well- It doesn't matter! They're probably not serving it at a time like this anyway!"
"How do you know? Have you been there?"

Haruko continues to egg Kaori on as my mind wanders. I can't relax now, this situation is very, very bad.
How do I beat Asai anyway? The city has a lot of concrete and stone in it.
Not only is that a lot of places for Asai to hide, that's also a lot of things he can use against us.

A lone figure is approaching us from the other side of the park. He's wearing a labcoat, and has a pair of black slacks. He is also very tall, and lanky.

Speaking of Asai trying to hide.

>Attack him!
>No, he's here to taunt us. Ignore him.
>Another copy, probably.

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"No." She gives me the evil eye. "We don't hold people against their will! If she wants out, she has every right to be let out!"

I just know that girl is putting on a sad face so she can attack me again. She would love nothing more than to get out and cause trouble!

"But that's-"
"No, I'm not leaving here until you let her out. I refuse to leave the poor girl alone again."

Oh no! I can't win now!

"Wait! What if-"

"You didn't even-"
"No, Masami."

Hmph! Fine! Just remember, if she does something, it's your own fault!
"F-fine. I-I'll let her out. Time-out is over."

"Thank you!" Mom smiles at me.

"Really!?" The little girl hops up from the couch, surprising Haruko.
"Yes, you're free to leave."

Without another word, she runs over and grabs Mom around the waist. I almost punch her before I realize that she wasn't trying to attack.

"THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU I'll-go-away-you'll-never-have-to-see-me-again THANK YOU THANK YOU"

Mom picks her up, and wraps her arms around the girl.
"No noo, I don't want you to go away. In fact, I want you to come over, and we'll have dinner together!"

"Mom! No!"
"Masami, you're in enough trouble already."



Haruko, Mom, and the little girl all appear in Fortune's parking lot.
I don't know why, but the Jester didn't return to the 'normal' form. The clown is now the little girl.

I'm not questioning it.

Mom scans around, but we notice the absence of something. Julie, and Haruko.

>Oh no!
>Back to the skies to search.
>Call out their names
>Did they follow us from the ground?

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"I don't know what is best for me."

"Good! The first step to having a problem is admi-"
"BUT!" I stand up and glare at her. "But! What Asai wants to do doesn't feel like the right thing to do. Which is why I'm not going along with it."

"Hmph!" She gives me that look. "You admit that you don't know what you're doing, but won't go along with the only person who knows? You're silly, Masami!"

I want to really punch her right now.
No! No! Bad Masami! I'm going to keep my cool this time. Getting angry is what she wants, and she'll probably love nothing more than seeing me lose my temper!

I gotta play this, cool.
"You're just a dumb meanie!" Is that cool enough? "A dumb meanie who hasn't even lived my life, so I sure know better about it than you! You and Asai hurt people and make evil plans, so I'm definitely better off in comparison, because I'm happy with my family!"

That.. actually seems to affect her a bit, I don't know why. She sighs and crosses her legs.
"Then.. I guess we're both happy with our lives."
"You bet!"


Uh oh, I don't know what to say!

"Can you let me out now? I have big plans!"

"You can't get out?"
"I don't even know how I got here! Let me out!"

Suddenly, I have an idea.
An evil idea.

"Okay, well." I stand up, making a short bow. "We'll continue this conversation later."
"There won't be a 'later'! I'm going beat you up, and take you to Asai."

"Well! If that's how you're going to be." I smile at her, "I'm leaving."
"Yep! Leaving!"

With a spring in my step, I walk over toward the front door. It swings open, lets me through, and then slams shut behind me.
Seconds later, I hear a pounding on the other side.
"What's going on!? Why won't this open!?"

"Consider this your time-out." I stick my tongue out. "I want you to sit in there and think about what you've done."

She says something incredibly rude, but I've already melded back into the real-world by the time she finishes.


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"Maybe." My mind races over the possibilities. They all seem equally ridiculous, but also equally plausible.

"-I don't know."

Maeda starts looking through her phone, she taps several tiles and has a shocked expression on her face.
"..Maybe he called from your house?"
"Why do you say that?"

"His number didn't show up on caller ID."

This seems strange, but-
"Do you think the person you spoke to was actually the principal? "
"Who else would it be?"

"I mean, what if you spoke to someone who could change their voice?"

"I don't know Masami, that's a really complicated plan that doesn't seem to have a point. Asai could be doing that, but I wouldn't see what the point would be."

Okay, then I'm all out of ideas.
"Maeeeeedaaa, You're supposed to be the SMART ONE!"
"I know, I know.." She pats me on the head.

We walk over to a bench and sit down, both of us still considering the possibilities.

"I don't know, and what's worse: I think the confusion is playing into Asai's hands."
"Want to give the principal a call? I'm afraid of calling Mom because I'm supposed to be home."
"I'm not supposed to be here, either. And my parents think Ryouta and I are in our rooms."

Well, phooey. I guess both of us are in trouble when we get home.

>Let's go investigate!
>Get Ryouta, we need to have a meeting and discuss our plans.
>I have a cool card that could turn Asai human, can you think of a way we can get it to him?
>Let's just wing it and try going to Fortune right now, planning isn't my strong point!
>Tell Ryouta to meet us at Fortune.
>Investigate the school grounds, see if this place has anything to do with Asai's plan.

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"This isn't right, Kaori." I nudge her, and then point to all of the statues. "Where would Asai have hidden all of these statues? Where did they come from?"
"I don't know, why don't you ask him?" Kaori shrugs.

"Well it's just.."

I look around me one more time, just to be sure I have the number right.

There are at least one or two hundred of these statues lined up in the parking lot of Fortune.
Imagine if they were real monsters.

I shiver just thinking about it; I could take a few, but not several hundred.
"How did all of these get here? Mom didn't mention them when she was around."
"Actually, I was thinking about it." Kaori seems sullen, "I think they WERE here, and were why Mom didn't want us coming over."

The sheer number of these statues just baffles me, where did they all come from? Who made them? Who would make unique versions of hundreds of stone replicas of monsters without ever asking-
Or, better yet, how did all of these get here perfectly unscathed since yesterday? They weren't here even a few days ago. So that means the only person who could have made them-

"How did he make these?" I ponder out-loud. "I really doubt he hired someone to make statues of a hundered monsters and just put them in his parking lot."

Kaori runs her finger along the exterior of one of the stone behemoths. She turns to me and snaps her fingers.
"Maybe." Kaori clicks her tongue, "Maybe Asai's power is over stone? That would explain how he controlled the building. It would also mean that if he wanted to make a hundred statues, he could have just pulled them up from the ground."
"Woh! Hold on Kaori." I stop her, feeling a sense of panic. "I don't want to think about if Asai could control stone. I mean, the ground we're standing on is made of stone, the Earth is made of stone, that would be very bad and scary if he had control over the Earth!"

That's how it works, right? It must be.
"Well, I-, Um." she tries to find her words.

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"Hmph!" Kaori huffs.

"I'll just find someone who will!"

I scan the room, considering the possible candidates.

Emillion and his 'sister' are looking lethargic on the couch. I open my mouth, and immediately the small blond girl speaks.
"I'm not in either." Emillion answers before I can even ask.

Okay! Those two are no-gos. But what about everyone else?
My eyes scan over toward the other side of the room. Where Julie and Haruko are arguing. They're too entranced in whatever little squabble they're in to bother looking in my direction.

Maybe they're not the best candidates for a stealth mission.
Okay! Okay! Stealth! That means Mir! That means-
"EEK!" The secretary dives under the dinner table, "MOM! HELP! The predator is after me again!"

Mom sighs and walks off to help the terrified blue girl. Mir goes back in her room and slams the door behind her.

I'm starting to realize that I may not have a very functional family. Let's try looking outside my family, then.

The friendly monster looks absolutely depressed, I'm not sure what to make of it. He swings his metallic legs slowly on the back porch.

My eyes slowly scan to where Aiko and her sister are sitting, they're playing video games on their phone while chatting. They don't have a single care in the world.

I look back toward Kaori, she has this snide grin on her face.

>Go get Emillion and his sister, anyway.
>Haruko! Julie! Stop squabbling and come help!
>Miiir! She didn't really mean it that way! It's fine!
>Aiko! Come help me scout fortune!
>Mom, can you come help?

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"That was WEIRD!" I shout.
"But you looked really good!"

"It felt really weird, and I don't like the mask."

"But you did feel it, right?" The monster inquires. "That strength is relative to anyone who is magically sensitive. They could go toe-to-toe with even the strongest monsters from Fortune with that."

"Can I see yours, Maeda?"
Maeda takes her bracelet out of her pocket. She puts it on her wrist and pumps it twice.

With a flash of light, she's covered in a brilliant blue costume. It almost shimmers in the light.

"Kaori! You try!"
"I-" Kaori shudders. "I'll pass."

"..How many can we make?"
"Erm, I have the parts for a few, but-"

"Listen. Asai is planning something big for today. Can you make as many as you possibly can? We'll be needing a few."
"How many? Six? Eight?"
"No, no, just three or four."

"Ryouta has his, Maeda's is almost done. Will that be enough?"
"I'll need one for Aiko, and Kaori too. Can you do that by today?"
"I can get it done in a few hours."

"Please do it!" I grab his metallic hands. "I need all the help I can get and I'm too stubborn to ask for it!"

It's hard to admit it, but it's true!
"Fine, I can get this done for you. It's just-"

Phone vibrates.
"MOM!" I yelp as I clumsily grab it from my pockets.

I tap the tile on the face and take a look at the latest message.
"Cirrus is with me, everything is okay. Do not go to Fortune today."

Uh oh.

>Reply back with "You know I can't do that!"
>Ask friends what to do
>Worry about getting bracelets made first
>But mooooooooooooom
>Show Kaori and gripe about it together.

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Quietly taking out my phone, I tap the tile on the front for Maeda's number.
At the same time, I try to pre-occupy him so he doesn't run off again.

"Okay, feeling better?"

"That's good!" I interrupt him before he starts on the scaredy-cat bit again. "So, can you tell me something?"

"H-hold on. I want to ask something first."

"Um, okay?"

"Why did you kill Emillion!?"

"I didn't kill Emillion!"
"He's not home anymore, he disappeared after you left."

Wait, he thinks Emillion-

"Um, Tenuro?"
"Emillion isn't dead! He's living at my house now!"

"I heard the whole story. He cracked into pieces and you took the largest piece away, like a trophy."

The 'largest piece'?
"Jurou has been sulking ever since then, so I went out to find it so we could give it a proper burial."
"Woh! Hold on! That 'largest piece' IS Emillion! That's him! He's a human now!"

"He's not a human, though."
"He became one!"
"That's impossible."

This is the monster that supposidly knows the most about magic? This is the one that made the bracelets? I'm really skeptical now.
"Can we talk about something else real fast. I promise to show you Emillion later."

"How are you able to use magic without the cards? Kaori, erm, Magician said that something was being worked on that could?"

"Do you want the specifics of it, or-" He seems more calm, now.
"Make it as simple as possible!"

"It's magic."

"No, no I mean a little more complicated than that."

"It uses a time-space distortion created by the cards to-"
"Less complicated, please?"

"It's magic."

I'm skeptical.

>Ask him HOW it works, like, is it like the bracelet before?
>Ask him what it does instead
>Just wait for someone else to get here that can explain it
>I don't know anymore.
>Insist Emillion is fine!

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I pout, crossing my arms.
"Okay. Call me the moment anything goes wrong."

"I will sweetie, thank you."
She leans down, kissing me on my forehead. She spins around and walks through the front door.

I hear the car start as Julie nudges me.
"Hey, you're going to follow her still, right? You better hurry or she'll drive off."
"Of course I'm going to follow her." I sigh, "I just. I need another plan, that's all."

"Maybe you can hide in the back of her car!"
"No, she might look back there. Plus I'm pretty sure Asai is going to check her car when she goes over there."

So that means, I'm almost completely stumped, I'm not sure what I should be doing in order to help Mom.
Or if I should even be helping her. She may just go there, get Cirrus, and everything is fine. What if I try to 'help' and I end up making everything worse?

Oh, this is too confusing. I want my answers to be easy!
"Masami." The principal stands up, flicking his car keys in his hand. "I know that you probably don't want to make things worse, but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't be doing anything."
"Then what can I do!?"

Eep, I almost yelped that a little too loud. I didn't realize it, but I can feel the faintest hint of tears forming at the edges of my eyes.

"I was thinking of following her."
"But what if-"
"Sorry Masami, but I don't think about the consequences."

"He really doesn't." Ken'ichi yawns, apparently he fell asleep on the porch when everyone was talking.
"You can help me, if you'd like. Ask the student council to form up at the school. I'll meet them there."

>"I'll go do that."
>"No, I want to follow Mom."
>"I'll follow her my own way."
>Grumble grumble.
>Julie, Haruko, What do I do!??

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"Let's just go pick up Cirrus." I pat Mom on the back. "It's not like we have to keep our promise."

"I don't like lying to people, Masami." She has her head in her hands.
"I don't like it either, but think of it this way: Asai isn't people yet!"

"Masami, that's not what I meant."
"Then it's settled!" I help Mom up. "Go pick up Cirrus, and I'll think of a plan while you're gone!"

She grumbles, before heading back to her bedroom.
"Let me get changed. I'm too tempted to try something if I'm dressed in my battle outfit."

Even the air around her has a kind of depressing feel about it. Now I feel bad.
Anyway! We need to start planning the REAL plan now!

"Julie! Haruko! We're gonna think of a real plan, now!"
"I don't know."
"I think we should wait for Mom before we do."

No, don't do this now! You wanted to run off on your own less than a few minutes ago!

"Masami, I have a plan, if you want to hear me out. It involves going behind your mother's back." The principal sighs, I can tell he's not too happy about this.

>Okay, I'm listening
>No! I only want myself to get in trouble! Not you!
>W-well, now I'm not so sure.
>Let me hear it first.
>Hang on, listen to my plan first! (Write one in?)

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"Darn you..." I clench my fist.
"You're going to punish her, right!?"

I look over toward Mom,
"I need to help her get dressed, the principal is here to see you. Can you have a calm talk with him before you run off and hurt things?"
"I suppose I can.."

She seems almost saddened by that.

I push Julie's back until she's at the doorway. I swing the door open and push her inside. Then I slam it behind me and lock it.

Inside, Haruko is looking extremely guilty. Like she knows that Julie has tattled on her.

"You TWOOO-"
"She started it!"
"No! She started it!"

"I don't care who started it! Both you are getting dressed, and I'm going to watch just to make sure you do it right this time!"

I grab Julie's undershirt, and with a quick motion I fit it over her head. Haruko starts lazily slipping her own clothes on.
Meanwhile, I can hear talking coming from the living room.

"..Izumi, you're panicking."
"I'm acting! Isn't that what you always preach-"

She cuts off as they cross to the other side of the room.
I check back to see Haruko putting on her skirt, and her overshirt. I help Julie slip on her skirt just as she finishes buttoning her overshirt.

There, everyone is dressed, except-

"Yeah, you are kind of wearing your bedclothes."

"Umm! Umm! What do I wear!?"
"Something stealthy!"
"No! Something fierce!"
"Why do I ask you two anything!?"


I walk out into the living room just as they've sat down to talk to Mom.

"I know you're upset, we would all be upset. But we need to handle this calmly and with a purpose"
"I have a purpose, I'm going to kill Asai, and-"

"No, no killing. Please Izumi. Please."

>Try to say something.
>Nope! Principal has this!
>This is bad. Mom may be as angry as ever.
>Ask Julie and Haruko for a tag-team hug!

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My little foot slams against the floor. This gesture may have produced something a little more than a thump if I was a bit taller.

My arms tightly wrap around my elbows, and my face turns to a scowl.
I have never pouted harder before than I am right now.

How? Why didn't it work? It worked over there, and everything! Isn't that enough!?
Now I feel extra bad. I told him that I was going to make him into a human, I promised him even!

How awful must he feel right now? Being a human for just a minute, before all of it was taken away from him?

I feel my frown almost burning into my face.

"Then how DOES it work!?" I shout to no one. Mom is still busy looking the monster over, and Kaori is chattering with the secretary about something. I don't know what.

I walk up to Mom and tug on her sleeve.
"Why didn't that work!? What happened?"
"I'm not sure, but-" Mom sighs and stands up straight. "For whatever reason, it released his human form in that world, but not this world."

"So all of this was a waste!"
"N-not quite, calm down. Please." She waves me off. "It seems like the card is working half-way. It can turn monsters human in that world, just not in the real world."

She pats me on the head, my frown calms down a little.
"When I first started out, my biggest problem were cards that worked in that world, but not the real world. It was a huge problem that existed before drafting came along. Your card might work in due time, let's give it another try after lunch."

After lunch?
Oh, I hadn't realized it, but we spent almost another hour in there. I wish the day was longer.

>Go talk with the monster again and apologize for messing up.
>Talk to Kaori, I want that talk right now!
>Spy on Kaori and the secretary. I want to know what was so sensitive!
>OH NO! I left Cirrus asleep in the garden! I hope she hasn't thrown a fit!

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"No." I cross my arms. "In fact, never suggest that again."
"Hmph." He turns back around to face me, "I should have expected that. You really are Izumi's daughter."

Something seems odd about this.
"I want to know right now, Do you know anything about how monsters become people? The last few times hasn't surprised you in the least."

He shuffles his foot, sighing.

"Masami, come with me. I want to talk."
"Okay." I hop up and follow him into the garden.

We walk along the small pond as I check on the plants.
Then I catch a glance of that Oak tree, Cirrus is still sleeping under it. A part of me wants to go sleep right next to her.

"Masami, I've been keeping something from Izumi." He states rather plainly, he seems to be looking toward Fortune HQ.
"Hm? What is it?"

He's silent for a second,
"I know how monsters are made into people."

There's a moment of silence, before I voice my shock.
"You KNEW!? Why didn't you tell us!?"

He turns away, in a way he almost seems sad.
"I found out when the Chairman lost his sigil. He was using that to prevent monsters from becoming human, it's a common occurrence when monsters interact with humans."

"T-then, shouldn't you become human?"

I hear a sound, followed by another. It almost sounds like he's.. laughing?
It's followed by a groan, and then a gasp, and then-
"Oh my god ARE YOU CRYING!?"

I jump forward and wrap my arms around him, "I didn't know you COULD cry! I've never seen a monster do that before, or have an expression, or-"
"Enough, Please."

Even his tone of voice has changed. What is going on!?
"Why are you crying!? You have to tell me what's wrong right now!"

"The secret I learned, is that monsters are made of emotions. Some good, some bad. They're incomplete people. When I learned that, I searched high and low for the one feeling, that one experience that would make me into a person. I never found it, I don't think I ever will, either."

>Write in!

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"Yeah, it's missing something."
"It is? What?"

"People." I look around the desolate living room. "Our home is home, because it has people in it. But no one lives here."

Mom seems confused, she crosses her arms.
"What do we do about that?"
"Well, um, we can't force people to live here."

"No, we can't. I don't think we should force anyone to live somewhere they don't want to be."

"Well, Mom! It's not real. It's not like we're actually forcing people to live here."
"I know, but-"

"Then. What we need are people, right?"

Mom nods.
"We could ask someone in the real world to try it. Maybe someone would like to try coming home."

"This isn't home though."
"Shh, it's fine!"

Mom sits back on the couch, thinking out loud.
"I wonder, if one of the monsters were to come home, would that mean they would become people? Only humans can have a home."

"So does that mean-"
I jump onto the couch next to her. "We can try testing on that friendly monster?"

"No! No testing on people!" She pouts.
"But Mooom!"

I frown. Sitting back with my head in her lap.
"How are we going to test if this can make monsters into people, then?"

She thinks about that question for a minute, before sighing.
"I don't know."

>Let's just ask that monster-guy, he won't say no!
>Hey, I know of a monster living in an abandoned mansion who probably misses his siblings.
>Let's try one of my cards again!

>Thread End

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"Well it's complicated, Cirrus."

I lead her over to the shade and sit down. From here, you can almost see the edge of the Fortune HQ building in the distance. Just the very edge of it.

"You can't really see it from here, but there's Fortune HQ."

"See, there's a bad man that lives in that building. He wants to do lots of terrible things, and my family are really the only ones who can stop him. So that's what we're planning on doing. We're going to make cards to stop that bad man from using cards for evil."

"I don't really get it, but okay." She leans back, "Is that the only reason though? That seems hard just to stop someone who is mean."

"Of course it's hard, it's hard work." I lean back with her. "But if I don't do it, Mom might go try to do it herself because she's like that. I want to help Mom, and I don't want to see her overwork herself."
"Then why don't you just do all of it?"
"Because people are stubborn." I cross my arms, "People are stubborn and they don't want me doing all of it. It's like Marie."

"My best friend's mother. She tried conscripting my best friend to fight this mean man. If this doesn't work, she might do that anyway."

"Because she's stubborn. That's why. She doesn't know when to quit."

"Everyone in this place seems stubborn, is that something I should do, too?"
"No. Not everyone is stubborn around here."

"Can you name someone who isn't? I'd like to talk to them." She slumps backwards.

"Well there's-"


"There's someone who isn't stubborn around here, I promise! Just give me a minute with this one."

>Thread End

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