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And, yes, this will influence your powers.

And perhaps the way Akari looks at the world around her, too.

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Welp, that looks an awful lot like consensus to me.


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You know Mato well enough to know that just calling her name isn't going to rouse her... but she does have sensitive ears.

An idea forms in your mind.

A cheeky idea.

A (maybe) lewd idea.

You bring your lips to Mato's ear and, pursing them gently, slowly exhale.

You've no doubt your breath is warm- it may even be warmer than your touch, given that your lungs are surrounded by the veritable heating elements that are your organs- and Mato reddens even further in response.

She mutters something too quietly for you to hear, and you lean in and gently nibble on her earlobe.

“A-Akari,” she gasps, her eyes snapping open and fixing themselves on you.

The resultant streams of gibberish emanating from both parties are absolutely unintelligible, and could be compared to spaghetti cascading out of, say, pockets.

Speaking of spaghetti, you're interrupted when your stomach growls.

You seize the opportunity. “I'll make breakfast,” you declare, and Mato nods, just as eager to stop spouting gibberish as you are. She quickly passes you a green Judgment arm-band. “We'reinthesamebranch.”


She's cute when she's flusthered.

Do you prepare anything in particular? You're not late yet, but you can't go TOO over-the-top, and it never hurts to be early...

Well, Akari-chan?
>What do you do?

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