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Being fatties with thick long slut ears. Which is hawt.

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You mean under the assumption that the human-like fantasy races, like elves and dwarves, etc., are human subspecies/closely related species, like humans and Neanderthals, which interbred with humans on numerous occasions?

Assuming that the humanoid races like elves, dwarves, orcs, goblins, etc., are indeed related to humans, how would their evolution have differed to begin with? Also, what could result in most being able to interbreed and produce fertile offspring with humanity while many cannot do it with the other purebreed races?

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How physiologically divergent could a human offshoot get from us before we can no longer produce fertile offspring together? I know humans and Neanderthals interbred, but how much further could it go?

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>Given necessary evolutionary pressures, how long would it take for a 6 foot tall on average race to become an on average 3 foot tall race?
Well, how much has the average human height gone up over the last few centuries, again?

Also, how physiologically divergent could a human offshoot get from us before we can no longer produce fertile offspring together, anyway?

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>elf ears
I prefer to believe that elf ears are a natural biological evolution.
They originally developed and grew up in a place where, say, the air is thin, and so sound doesn't easily travel well, so they evolved larger ears to compensate.
As they outgrew their starting environment and descended to areas with richer atmosphere, their ears regressed somewhat.

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>How were humans made in your setting?
Birthed from a goddess who sort of said, "okay, great, that's done, gonna go and do something else." and nobody actually knows she exists because she fucked off to let the world live and die on its own.
>How does that explain different human subraces?
Elves, humans, orcs, and dwarves are all just humans with different ethnic differences based on geographic adaptation.

For example, elves are slim, petite and lithe because of their diet. Their larger, pointed ears comes from an adaptation from living in an atmosphere-thin region, which necessitated larger ears with which to capture sound.

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lel, everybody gives me different tags. I am the patriarchy incarnate, or a faggot depending on who I'm dealing with. Or perhaps others don't quite know what I am.

I see it (female form regardless of genitalia) as personal empowerment. I'm just not liking the whole 'be an ugly and expendable drone who is proud of its slavery' scenario that much.
Besides, in practically all of my fantasies the entire gender/species gets altered to meet my fetishes, so I'm a /d/eviant who actually goes soul searching.
>What do I actually want
>What is ethical? What is gross that I want, what is gross that I do not want, conditions?
etc. etc.
Political implications of a global feminization would be: end of twitch thottery, as male slaves would find themselves in a world where their sexual needs are satisfied. Hypergamy would be a thing of the past. No ugly men would be around, no conscription would be possible, no circumcision, work weeks would be shorter... We could keep masculine virtues, though, like courage, knowledge, wisdom, mastery... And women would be forced to learn those as well, as they can't outsource everything to the slave gender anymore.

You may not like it, but this is what peak masculinity looks like.

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That's starting to be the case with certain populations of elves, they favor humans so much, pure blooded elves are now considered a distinct sub race called "high elves" with the majority of their population being various degrees of mixed, and being called just "elves."

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>Elves: do you prefer the slightly shorter than humans (D&D) or slightly taller (Tolkien, Warhammer)?

I like it when Elves become shorter and mundane the farther they genetically drift from "High Elf" or whatever supernatural/paranormal precursor race you decide to give um'.

So the original stock High Elf would be closer to 7ft tall or maybe even 8ft tall, but extremely elongated and unnatural looking.. While your garden variety Wood Elf would be around 5ft3 or 5ft6 just a bit shorter than a Human, but nothing too extravagant like you see in Dwarves.

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You would have posted it anyway, right?


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There's at least one anon who really dislikes the very concept of giant elves, something about no real world cultural context so it confuses him worse than sparkle vampires. Spent an entire thread freaking out over the idea of high elves, higher elves, highest elves, even highest elves, oh fuck that elf sat on my house, ginormous elves, and of course the fabled Elves of Unusual Size. It was truly a thing to behold.

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How do tell the difference between a half-elf that takes after their elf-side in terms of looks and a full elf?

Same for humans and human-looking half-elves?

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It is all in the size of the ears man

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>Does your setting have extraterrestrials?

Yes, actually; Elves are from the moon.

Elves even go so far as to have a caste system based on how close you -as an elf- live or were otherwise born to the moon since Elves tend to become taller, lither, more stretched out and more "aayyy lmao" the closer they are to their home planet.

High Elves as you can imagine get their name from their otherworldly appearance: large eyes, long ears, long necks, long fingers, tall, skinny, etc- Everything about them is stretched out.

Conversely a "Wood Elf" is a derogatory term other Elves use for terrestrial Elves who "live in the dirt, grime, plants, and famine on the surface world."

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Sure, why the fuck not.

Are blue, immortal, obligate carnivorous, hermaphrodites, that originally came from the moon, live in hyper-magi-tech-advanced utopian jetson-esque floating citadels, and spend the vast majority of their time living as asexual do nothings.
Elves possess a four-tier caste system based on their proximity to the moon: ground elves, sky elves, orbital elves, & moon elves. Elves become progressively taller, longer-eared, lithe, and more ayyylmao as they ascend the caste.

Their society has reached a state of stagnation due to post-scarcity success and the only joys they get out of the world is hedonism in the form of: eating lots of sweets, learning how other sapient races do the sex, & tourism. Elves lust for cookies (actual cookies) has fueled countless communities and is entirely responsible for the trope that all gnomes live in trees and bake cookies for elves.

Elves are also mildly to wildly psychic and grow a cute little bright blue/teal "pearl" on their foreheads. The older an Elf becomes the larger and more developed their pearl becomes- potentially taking up their entire forehead and becoming more like a crystal ball than a pearl.
The pearl allows them to do telepathy, telekinesis, and they can shoot cute little fairie fire pew, pew, laser beams out of it. Elven pearls can also make amazing jewelery and magical-focuses, but to harvest one will kill the elf- naturally, elven pearls are a gruesome gem only very rarely seen or accessorized with.

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Do elves store nutrients for the winter inside their ears?

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Easy way to make elves more interesting is to make elves more fey
Picture not related

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Kaljani are the 'far' nomads, though I'm not sure quite how to distinguish them from the Rruvasa just yet. Perhaps the Kaljani are less pastoral horse nomads and more marsh/foodland Slavs. I'm not sure I really dig the aesthetic of centaurs so I couldn't see them being another 'beastfolk' like the Hwagari. Could be satyrfolk that weren't pushed/migrated to that NW forested highlands.

Arazala paradoxically is also rather "oriental european" or Greco-Persian in the sense of having the Byzantine/Late Roman theme. May recast the Lahiyya region as something else to preserve that vibe for Arazala, but not sure what could dwell in the interior lands sandwhiched between "persia" and "greeks". Every one of their neighbors to the North-east are 'germanic'. Initially the collective demonym is Drytha but I like Drausja as an option, hitherto used for a kingdom. The bordered Drythan states are all reasonably civilized squatters that took over Arazalid territory and are useful as buffers against the restive and uncivilized Drythan peoples.

I could also switch Arazala's theme. Only real reason I went with them is I love the late roman aesthetic. Idea pops in mind of Arazala, nixed down to that center river area, being a kind of Spanish Carthage or sort of Andalusian Spain: Ikkani traders arrive and set up colonies, the locals are small agile and hot-blooded fiercely independent Iberians or small agile and hot-blooded fiercely independent Italians(samnites), expand the Mahazgan horn until it's not quite as close as Gibraltar but maybe Sicily to North-Africa close. Ikkani are mercantile folk that don't like to fight so they hire locals, Drythans from the north and Mahazgani to do it for them.

Means the not-carthage lacks a rome to oppose it, but that's not the end of the world. Pardon my brainstorming.

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Hi, /tg/. I was looking for some interesting bestiary pdfs, and was wondering if any of you had any you thought were particularly good. Also interested in ideas for interesting races, races that could be functionally playable, so if you're interested please post some.

Thank you.

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>Which size do you think suits elves the most?

Almost as short as Dwarves- perhaps only being marginally taller than them if at all.

Elves get taller the closer they get to the sky:
-Elves that live on the moon (high elves) are the lankiest, longest, tallest and most terrifying. They have transcended the sky.
-Elves that live in the woods and jungles are the in-between shortest, brownest, and not quite tallest.
-Elves that live underground with the dwarves are the shortest, thick-thighiest, purplest and red-eyeist. They have abandoned the sky.

All Elves are cute.
All Elves are very difficult to discern which is male or female- even if they are naked.
All Elves bake cookies because they love sweets.

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It can be.
It's been how I've been handling my Elves:

Elves are hermaphroditic and spend the vast majority of their lives as asexual, androgynous, beings completely uninterested in sex or reproduction save for a few months every year or so. Elves will go through a kind of puberty and develop tertiary and mild secondary sexual characteristics when they feel it's a good time to look for a partner- This usually triggers and syncs up with other Elves around them and sooner than later the whole community has started dating.
The Elves that get impregnated stay "matured" through gestation and up until the point where the little Elf babies are weaned and grown into adolescents- which usually takes 20 years.
Impregnated Elves can't do much since they're bloated and lactating, so they often take a judicial/federal role over society, which is also why Elven society -although hermaphroditic- is often matriarchal by nature.

Elves outside of Elven Society though often spend long times in a sort of "impartial maturity" when exposed or living with other Sapient species whom have binary genders. This isn't out of a desire to cross-breed, but an act of solidarity in an effort to better assimilate and so forth.
If an Elf DOES fancy someone though, this can produce horrible, frightening and awkward situations for both parties.

Say the Elven priest in your party has fallen for the rustic, stoic charms of the Human, Male, Druid. The Elve's body does not take into consideration social etiquette and will begin doing what is natural to it's species: Filling out the Elven priest as a Female over the course of a month in an effort to ready them for reproduction and to capture the attention of a potential mate.

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Which races do you like added to the classical, generic fantasy scheme of "human, dwarf, elf, orc"?

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