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>Who the fuck is Roger de Cormier?
>>The Inquisitor dude, boss. The Scorched earth one
>[whispering] Fuck, THAT Roger?

I'll even give you my bed

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Is that the one where the scribe dies trying to deliver a message that hundreds of other people also failed to deliver?
I haven't read it but I like the idea

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i just started my first print it was scarier than i thought it would be but i am just glad i finally started.

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>supposed to have pick up game with someone from my local facebook group today
>guy never responded to my comments or messages about a time or points
>decide to not drive 30 minutes to the store if he's probably not even going to be there
>it's 8:30
>he starts ranting on the facebook group about how he was tired of flakes and that he wasted his time
>tried to get my booted
>no one's wanted to even interact with his post
how's everyone else doing

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question from a newbie i am struggling to find a good place to print, and was thinking about just putting the printers in a outside garage, and putting a heater in there with it so it does not get to cold. would this work also are resin fumes at all flammable

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>How's your recent adventures going /tg/?
We have about 18 ingame hours left until a cataclysmic event fucks the realm sideways, and since the party spent the last two weeks in a dungeon, we'd have pretty much no hope of stopping it if we even knew how go about doing so. We're hoping to get ourselves and about six NPCs (including the king's daughter) as far from the epicenter as fucking possible and then try to control the damage in the aftermath.

Also, we've basically spent the entire campaign up to this point playing directly into the various schemes that precipitated this event.

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Which features of the Hexblade would you guys take out to make it less loaded? The Cha modifer? The medium armor + shield + martial weapons?

I personally feel like moving removing martial weapon proficiency altogether, medium armor and shield come in to play at level 3 just like a Valor Bard would. Maybe give longsword proficiency at least.

I would remove that SAD shitty Cha modifier altogether.

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You're basically doing what every DM does when creating a first homebrew. You obviously need to essential things like a plot hook and adventures that feel epic as levels go up (i.e, party isn't fighting shit tier goblins and kobolds the entire time).

Things that will make your setting stand out however:

>interesting NPCs. Not random generic bar wench, random generic guard, random generic farmer. NPCs with backstories, their own core character, fleshed out. The kind of characters that your players will be like, "shit, I want to hang out with him" or "I want to marry that girl."
>villains that are nuanced. Not generic necromancer dude hiding in a cave or bandit leader that likes killing his own men. Villains that are sympathetic, or at the very least invoke rage/emotion from your players
>maps, detailed settings, the desire for your players to explore.

Your benefits are that it is YOUR world. Your rules, your setting. And if you do it right players will get invested more than you following a book.

Your problems are the hours of work you're going to need to put in to this thing. The lore, characters, building a balanced way of leveling and item giving, and the worst part: making maps and shit.

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In a superhero game, we were stuck in what we could only guess was a dream, illusion or something like that that largely resembled our world but had many clear differences. At first we didn't have our powers but at least we somehow stumbled upon a TARDIS and a a cryptic list of items that was the only clue given to us. We found one of the items, but in trying to destroy it the thing that finally worked was throwing it into the Sun. In doing so, we also regained part of our powers.

So half a dozen sessions later, we've managed to deal with a few more items and run into more than a few dead ends. I suggest that since there's a good chance all the items we're looking for are probably on Earth and throwing them into the Sun seems to work why not just plunge the whole planet into the star. So we do that, doesn't work. We go back in time and resume the inefficient search.

When we finally break the illusion it turns out that everyone who died in there also died in reality.

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>No subject

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So what's the ultimate feminine benis Commander? Alesha or Olivia?

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She is too pure for this fallen world. The trials of her clan are going to eat her up

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I guess I'm playing Phoenix until the Mantis come back. I think I'm going to regret it in the long run, but I love their general gameplay and overall aesthetic. Also sounds like the best way to get used to the game's new mechanics, even if they are very likely to be less effective than the other clans.

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I'm at Nightstone at the beginning of Storm King's Thunder, standard Faerun setting.

I'm still new to D&D, how lethal is Faerun for just the average person if I just try to make a living in Waterdeep?

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You guys lost the game so hard you had to kick the player out and pretend it didn't happened.
That's the most humiliating defeat I ever heard in MtG.

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Work continues on things other than the Ogre Legion.

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This could have been a cool campaign...Why ruin it with an Deus Ex Machina instead of a Cliffhanger?

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> fix

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What kind of shit stats are those, holy damn.

Regardless. I kill frogs and other sort of small shit like It's my religion. Live in the wilderness because I actually can survive in temperate climate forests, hope not to trigger some bullshit random encounter.
Start killing bigger animals.
Dunno what class would that set me as. Ranger? Barbarian? I'm pretty confident in my constitution.
Anyway, advance to another CR. You know the drill.
If I can live my current life doing the same shit over and over, I sure as hell can turn my new life into irl mmo grindan.

And then I don't know, I'd like to fuck a monstergirl, now that I actually can.
How the fuck do I that?

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Being alone.
Or more precisely, being such a failure that everyone leaves them.

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What's better, 2 shot strength D or 2 shot STR 10 AP1 twin linked tank hunter?

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Guys, I need some support. I tricked my players into playing a one-shot Mouse Guard game.
I wanted to make a comfy story in vein of Hakumei to Mikochi but I fucked up.
I went overboard in describing a misty forest and put on Fordom as an ambient music and It became way creepier than It was intended.

I know I fucked up, I might've been slightly drunk but I went with It and put some overly ambitious noble, murder and and boars destroying a fort and eating Its citizens.

Guys, I somehow turned Mouse Guard into a creepy horror survival game and my players loved It.

But I have no idea what the fuck do I do.
What the fuck was I thinking.

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>shadow run campaign is the only hobby and distraction from everyday grind I have left
>players keep on bitching and moaning at each other over the dumbest shit
>games constantly get canceled because people can't manage to show up for various reasons
>I'm busting my ass off preparing games for nothing

I have nothing left but work, bills and being shat on

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So I did a thing
>PCs using ancient sealed evil to learn about things
>mention last session that It was sealed by 9 paladin orders
>mention last session that It still might be able to use minor spells
>the evil is kept in place by swords stabbing through Its flesh
>there's 12 of them
>the evil proposes that for every question asked, the PCs have to pull out one sword
>the game is on
>they release the evil after the ninth question
>last three swords were an illusion
And now the players are batshit angry at me, calling me names and all that and don't feel that good.
Was that a dick move? Am I "that" GM?

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