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>[ ] [SUMMON] Say hello to your little friends, because you've got better things to do than run after this trio of plastic assholes.
Let's do this.

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Rolled 49 (1d100)


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>[ ] [ENOUGH OF THIS] Channel your inner motherly figure and interrupt their game-playing. Shame on Neptune, you all have important things to do! Nepgear needs to be properly attuned to her nation's sharicite, they need the third Key Fragment, and time's a wasting.
We have to be the responsible big sis for Nepgear. Cause Neptune sure as hell will never be.

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>[ ] [PLANEPTUNE TRIP] No more putting it off: Histoire needs that third Key Fragment, Nepgear needs to be synced to her nation's sharicite lode, you need to test out your dimensional portal, and you're curious how Gamindustri's been doing since the Red Ring of Death went off. To adventure!

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Blorp mostly, though now because of this quest I have re;birth 1-3 on my computer.

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