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>Third Ward Walking Stick

>An apparently "ordinary" baseball bat wrapped in barbed chains, the Walking Stick hits with surprising punch and is apparently unbreakable. In addition to damaging the target, it also has a knack for knocking valuables and other items from the target and sending them scattering from their persons, up to and including money, gems, gold or silver jewelry, weapons, and anything else that might be considered valuable to the player.

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>Note that he said this in a group which contained three women, one of whom had been gang-raped so badly a few years back that she now literally cannot have kids

Jesus fucking Christ

This is what pic related is for.

Give him an afternoon with this and if he doesn't straighten out by then, well, he's got bigger problems.

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The Umpires' Bat

A bat often seen in the hands of a shadowy, black-and-white individual, who keeps his face concealed. His identity is unknown, but he is believed to be between 6'1"-6'5", of above-average size, and of considerable strength.

Rightly feared in inner city, outer country, and suburbs alike, the Umpires' Bat has the curious property of not only being able to consistently and cleanly decapitate a foe in a single, powerful swing, but send their heads flying over 50 meters, sometimes even up to 150 meters. In addition to its primary effect, the Umpires Bat also exudes an "aura of judgement," which makes all who stand within its presence feel the weight of all their past decisions and actions being "judged" by the wielder (or even possibly the bat itself). Those who "pass" this judegment will almost always black out, only to wake up roughly ten minutes later with no adverse side effects or memory of what happened to them. Those who "fail" this judgement will be overcome by an overwhelming burden of guilt, dread, and terror, and will find themselves rooted to the spot and unable to move or so completely uncoordinated that they cannot do anything but helplessly flail on the ground, before judgement is delivered.

The "umpire," as the wielder of this item is always known, is also commonly cited as only saying a few phrases while hunting malcontents and the unjust: when confronting an individual judged who has "passed," he simply says "Safe," before moving on to the next person. When confronting a "fail," he says, "Fair ball," and proceeds to attack them until they are killed. When attacking and he lands a non-lethal blow (a rarity, according to eyewitnesses), he says, "Foul ball," before continuing the assault. Once a target has been eliminated, he says, "Out," before moving on. When all targets have been eliminated, he utters the phrase, "Ball Game," before disappearing into the night.

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A Western adaptation.

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How far future are we talking here

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That's a little darker then the scale goes. You could say it's darker than black

It was the second time I rolled an illusionist off the bat and I wanted something fun. Thus Beate Slammette the magical girl. If anyone asks its a foreign name. I think I hit the character building out of the park if I do say .so myself. I think I need to add some extra fluff for her weapon, something like my pic

I think next thread needs to be the musical edition. Make people post their Magical girls theme music. I'm thinking this might be good for beate but I'm still looking around.


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Whack each player in the back of the head with pic related. Chances are, their vision and decision making skills will be foggy, just like in a dream-like state.

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Title says all. Post what weapons you like or feel are the best. No exclusions: sci-fi, modern weapons, ancient weapons; all are fair game.

Mine is maces in general (Pic related. While it's not a very good mace, it's definitely one of the best ways to fuck a dude up for cheap), as well as any type of flamethrower weapon. Maces can pretty much kill anything, are great anti-armor weapons, and a solid hit can't realistically be blocked by a shield or body armor without shattering the shield, breaking the arm, or crumpling armor inwards and tearing into the skin as well as breaking bones. Only downside is that they're heavier, so economy of motion is critical to successfully use one on a battlefield without tiring yourself out to quickly.

Flamethrowers, while not the most practical weapons for an everyday war, are hugely effective as psychological weapons and as area-denial weapons, as well as clearing fortified structures. There's also no better way to kill an enemy that to render his remains to unidentifiable charred bones in the process of killing him.

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A warhammer isn't really all that different from a mace at the practical level, as they are solid weapons that use their weight to drive their damage as opposed to a blade, but it would suffer much more from being used one-handed. Warhammers and axes both require linear motion to achieve maximum impact and penetration on their targets, meaning that they need to move in a straight arc, limiting their mobility and possible swing-zones. Maces and swords can be used in a linear and parabolic arc, meaning you can "curve" their arc from say, horizontal to vertical, allowing them a much greater range of motion when used one-handedly.

Two handed weapons generally don't do very well on horseback, because the horse tends to get in the way of the swings.

Also, another way that >>37937635 this dudes warhammer is effective is in removing horsemen from their saddle. That spike puts a whole lot of impact in a very small point, punching through all but the thickest plate mail, and can easily dismount a man from his saddle if the wielder is properly braced.

Also gonna go into another benefit of maces: Maces are surprisingly good anti-cavalry weapons, if you can get close enough to use it. Maces don't chop off limbs like axes and swords can, but they DO break bones like a crackhead steals from Wal-Mart. A well placed mace strike will crumple a horses armor (if it has any), and break the bones underneath, almost always knocking the horse (and its now trapped or thrown rider) to the ground in a tumble of pain and fear. The horse will panic, thrash around, and quite possibly roll over on and kill its rider (Horses weigh a lot and can thrash about pretty damned hard when they want. People die in rodeos for a reason). At the bare minimum, you've just turned a haughty nobleman into a common footsoldier, and destroyed an extremely valuable part of his arsenal. Also, you can break legs of the riders while they're still mounted, causing any sort of movement to be excruciating

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>Worse than a normal baseball bat
>It gets caught on everything


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