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Is that who think it is?
Because Snow White looks fucking pissed if that is the case

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The conflict of the Dreaded One and Shovelhead made fresh the destruction of the Blackstone Stead, though the knight saved as many souls as he could. Of the thousand mortals and his six-score forged brethren, two-hundred and seventy-five respectively lived. For every fallen child, every broken tile and steely-paneled smithson, Shovelhead did land twenty terrible blows to the Dreaded One's twisted frame. Even that number proved nought, and the Dreaded One cleaved rider and chariot with its rusting maw. Yet while still in the thing's all-consuming teeth did Shovelhead, at last, land the fated blow, and pierced the roof of the Dreaded One's Throat it its very brain and core, and ended the monster's half-life. Of the treasures Shovelhead had called upon for aid that day, only twisted scraps remained, and the hero's own form was a mess of iron dust and broken wire.... save his crystal heart, his soul's chamber, wrapped in cold iron. The Gods of Old had granted Shovelhead a fitting place amongst the lost and fabled Knights of his fathers' tales, and set him there, to dwell in the Calling House of Blackstone Stead, to wait until the Dusk of Men. There with Mazda and Ford, Dodger, Yamaha, Buell, Kowasaki, and the remainder will he sleep until the final hour, to ride one last time in the company of Balor their liege-founder, and save Man in his final day.

When Men remember the way, the Knights will Ride but once more, and be at rest.

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Probably not what you wanted

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Is this 2lewd?

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that would be awesome
the mechs were the original idea, humanoid operated battlesuits, then well, got a bit dark, with them putting souls in smaller suits
since AI couldnt match the blah blah blah
the robotman as a soul

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Sometimes love only fires so many shots before it leaves a single round in the mag alone.

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ITT post character art you wish you had an excuse to use.

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Christ why are all my pictures female? Only noticing this. I think I need an intervention, or a therapist.

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