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You nod. “So, SONICS can do deterrent, stun, and lethal levels of output?” She nods. “And ELECTROS can do stun, lethal, and overcharge levels?”

She nods again. “Exactly! The Blue level of an ELECTRO is pretty dangerous, so it's about as lethal as a JACK'S Orange level, but it can be under or overcharged at Yellow or Red level outputs, respectively! Same thing goes for SONICS, except their Purple level is less-than-lethal, and therefore takes the place of what would be Yellow on a JACK; likewise, they can be undercharged or overcharged to Green or Orange level outputs! Got it?”

You bob your head up and down. “Yeah, I think so.”

“Good,” she says, rubbing her hands together, “Now there's just one more thing left to do!”

You tilt your head, curious.

“You need to come up with a name for it!”

Oh boy.

Let's try to keep the names appropriate, by the way, and preferably one or two words at most.

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You make up 6 BLUES and 6 PURPLES and wipe a bit of sweat off of your brow.

It's a good thing you're entitled to that. In Moscow, that would have belonged to everyone!

Anyways, there's only one more thing to do...

You fireproof the EVERYTHING, especially the wooden grip, and give the cylinder a quick spin.

“Now you just need a name,” you mutter.

You could probably name it something cool-sounding and justice related, like... Judicator or something.

Or you could give it a 'normal' name, like... Vera?

Maybe just let Akari name it? Is that bad luck? You're not sure.

>You'll call it... (Write-in!)
>You'll let Akari name it!

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“Which one of you is my mother?”

Akane points at you.

Damn it all.

The girl twirls her staff once, collapses it into itself to make it easier to carry, and walks up to you.

She spreads her arms and stares blankly at you.

“I love you, mother.”

You gape at her. She puffs out her cheeks. “You are expected to embrace me and tearfully give me a name, mother.”

Huh? Oh, right.

You laugh awkwardly and pull the girl into a hug, ruffling her long red-as-in-orange-this-time hair.

Wait, shit, you still don't know what to name her!
Or... do you?
>I DUB THEE (Write-in)
>Other? (Write-in)

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