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>A: Both systems will be offered with different focuses, the Fantasy version will support a roleplaying focus and the Age of Signmar system will be different (but similar) so that it can support a combat focus.

Devs tacitly admitting Smeg has no setting to roleplay in, holy shit.

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>Facing Daemons as Kronos

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>Playing Kronos vs. Daemons

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>Russ crushes Magnus and his little posse on the first go
>Magnus can't do the same against a SINGLE COMPANY of Space Wolves despite having 2,000 years to prepare
>TS fags call Russ weak

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Why are demons so fun to bully?

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Remember you clicked on the spoiler yourselves.

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>locked character is in jail

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>Im currently fighting the bugster virus
You did well with making your last and greatest work Digger, rest well knowing we will carry on your legacy....by utterly demolishing the setting.

My evil is law.

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Thanks for the update.

Now we just need you to jump into the future to get a head start on T3 update.

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>Abaddon thinks Horus failed everyone by being too weak to resist the Chaos Gods making him their puppet also for letting his pride get to him in the end.

>His ranks are crammed to the brim with men owned by daemons, men possessed by daemons, and men who *are* daemons
>Tears open the Rift that lets the Chaos Gods pour into reality more freely than ever before while doing nothing to help his pitiful warband get out of the exact same system it started in
>"I-I'm not a puppet of Chaos, honest!"

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>"And then mai waifu reset my history and I beat up Nazi One Punch Man"

I find this funny.

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Foolish Cat, you think you have won? NO! I Aku shall have you perish with my secret weapon, MEOW MIX! Go on take a bite, you cannot resist the temptation.

Little does the cat know but it is poisoned, they will be dead before they finish eating it.

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So how do I go back in time and change some things while going back to my time and having the changes stick but not cause a parallel timeline to happen?

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Aku approves of this.

You must be an inferior copy of I Aku.

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>Can't touch this.

>Beaten up by literally everyone he's ever fought.

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>All of them are voiced by Greg Baldwin/Mako, even the women.

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I have both Devil Survivor Protagonist, Naoya and now the protagonist from Persona 5. How much crying will reality do when I let them loose?

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>"Seriously weaker" is a nice way to describe "can't defend himself, at all".
He can actually still use his perfect defenses, as long as the attack isn't also Holy. It's just more expensive for him to do so.

And also channelling a virtue to defend against any physical or social attack he makes causes the defense to perfectly succeed. Which... really sucks for Ebby, considering it's also always allowed to channel any virtue against him.

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>and that's 140 months for every day

Wow now I can go rub this in Kami's face about how my room is better now. Now I have to math it...

>So, eleven years and eight months for every >day.

Oh thank you

>Killer Instinct has a perk called Dojo Mode I always pick up.

Why have I never seen this before? This could have helped so much! Thank you.

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Might need to make a part 2 jump soon then.

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I would set up a Saber only party and have Archer(FSN) cook up a feast but only the winner would be able to eat it while the rest it cup noodles.

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He will be...Aghosted.

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