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[x] Not really, I guess. Just pointing it out.

You shrug. "Not really, I guess, just pointing it out. But," You add, before anyone can say anything else. "If I do have a son, I'd like to name him after my grandfather. I'd have never been a pilot if not for him."

"I don't have a problem with that." Slider says. "But don't get your hopes up, the odds aren't in your favor there."

"So what you're saying is we'll have to try a lot?" You ask, grinning at her.

"I'm saying-" She pauses, realizing what you said. "Ha-ha, Frank."

"I mean, if you're volunteering....." You continue, grin still plastered to your face.

"I am thinking it is perhaps someone else's turn to try." Katya says, breaking into the conversation. "Or perhaps someone's turn to celebrate?" She turns and looks at Ice, who blushes.

"I-I-I- I mean, i-it's fine if Y-you want to stay with him tonight K-katya." She stammers. "O-or maybe we could let Rachel have another night with him? I-I don't mind."

"Oh no." Slider says. "I had him all week. someone else can deal with his snoring ass."

She pokes you in the ribs as she talks, looking over at you. "You, sir, snore."

"Sorry." You offer sheepishly.

"A-anyway, back to the s-subject." Ice says, recovering her composure a bit. "H-how should we do this?"

"Well, way I see it, there's not too much choice." Slider says. "The coven's gonna want to know, and I get the feeling Matron Dowding's gonna be interested, too. And she knows about your family, so..." She trails off.


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[x] You know, I kinda spoil you.

"You know, I kinda spoil you." You say, smiling.

"Mmm. kinda." she says through a yawn, rolling away from you enough to gather the blankets around her in a sort of cocoon. "I'll pay you back sooner or later."

"I'm sure." You say, climbing out of the bed and heading out of the bedroom and into the kitchen.

Wendy's cooking, though by the looks of it she's not alone. Your suspicions of that are confirmed when a pair of slender arms wrap themselves around your midsection. "Hey there, Pilot." Ice's voice says from behind you.

"Hey there, witch." You respond, turning around to return her hug. "How's things?"

"Mmm. Good." She says, smiling up at you. "Better, now. Breakfast?"

"Yeah, lemme get a plate for Rachel, then I'll come out and eat. Are the girls up yet?"

"Not yet." She says "But I'll get them up here pretty soon."

You nod- you'd planned to if she wasn't going to. "So what's the word?" You ask, getting a plate down and pantomiming to Wendy to load it up with some bacon and a couple pieces of toast.

"Well, they're starting to demobilize units." Ice responds. "They're focusing on guard and reservists first. VF-5 is already headed home too."

"So we're the only mixed squadron in Europe?" you ask, looking over at her.

"From the pacific fleet." She corrects. "I talked to Admiral Nixon last night, before you got back. He wants us to remain in theater until we've got a better grip on what's going on in the USSR. Probably a couple of months."

"Here in London, or here in Europe?" You ask, taking the loaded plate from Wendy. "Thanks Wendy."

"Europe, probably here in London." She says. "Torun is going to the air force, and they need to process out everyone before we can go back to the sara."

She looks over at Wendy. "And we need to get Wendy squared away, I'll be doing that with her today."

[] Need help?
[] Sounds like fun. anything I need to do?

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[x] Go get the door.

You sigh, standing up and walking over to the door. You wish it had a peep hole in it, but without one, you have to settle for just opening it.

You weren't ready for the hug waiting on the other end. "H-hi Rachel." You wheeze, hoping she didn't crack a rib. She lets you go and strolls into the apartments, while Ice, elects to stand up on her tiptoes to plant a kiss on you.

"What brings you two here?" You ask as they head over to the table, where they hug Katya and Ice gets a hug from Lilya.

"Stopped over on the way to London to collect you." Ice says. "We figured we'd spend the night here, then leave in the morning."

"Oh?" You ask. "You're just going to collect us?"

She nods, taking a seat at the table after dropping her bag near the couches. "Mhmm." She says. "Ooh. Pie. Mind if we have a peice?"

"Ask the girls." You say, looking down the hallway. Not seeing anyone else, you shut the door behind you and turn around. "It's theirs."

"Oh, well, in that case, don't worry about it." Ice says. "I'll just have some ice cream."

"It's ok, you can have my piece." Lilya says quietly.

"That's ok, Lil." Ice says, smiling at the girl. "You can have it, it's yours."

"So why are you already headed out?" You ask. "And what about our fighters?"

"Flown out on transports." Ice says. "They're headed to Wattisham, there's a depot there being run by the airforce. our ground crews are headed there too."

"A depot? We're being pulled out?" You ask.

Ice shakes her head. "This is R&R, not demobilization." She says. "But all four fighters were pretty close to ground zero when the bombs hit, and yours has radioactive particles all over the rear skin. They're going to do a full overhaul there too and see if they can't clean it all out."


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[x] “That's something for you to ask Tabby or Rachel, I think.”

“I think that's a subject for your moms.” You say, smiling down at them. “you should ask them.”

Both the girls look at you, suspicion clear on their faces, but then Lilya nods. “Ok papa.” She says. “We'll ask Tabitha.” Stasya looks over at her sharply, and Lilya hesitates. “Um. I-if that's ok with you.” She says. “We know she was in trouble with you.”

“She what?” You ask. “Trouble?”

Lilya doesn't look at you, instead looking down at her feet. “W-well we heard her last night, and we thought she must have done something to be punished like that.”

Stasya elbows her sister gently. “We didn't mean anything by it papa. It's not our business. We're sorry.”

[] Girls she wasn't in trouble, and wasn't being punished. That was... something else.
[] I think maybe we ought to go find her and talk. She wasn't in trouble, but she'll need to help me explain what was going on.

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[x] “I was just wondering when you planned to join us.”

You crack an eye open and grin. “I was just wondering when you planned to join us.” You say, moving to carefully get yourself in a seated position without disturbing the girls- or Tabby.

“Join you?” Slider asks, then shakes her head. “Oh no, that wasn't our agreement at all. We all get you at least once alone.”

“At least for a little while.” She amends, looking at the girls. “Nightmares again?”

You nod, looking down at the stirring girls. “Yeah. If I was the type to hold grudges....”

She shakes her head. “New spin on old shit. Breakfast is ready, if you want to come on out.”

You nod again. “Yeah, I'll be out in a second.”

You manage- barely, and through more luck than anything else- to get up without waking anyone else up. You decide to let them sleep for another couple minutes, especially when you watch Lilya frown a bit at the sudden empty space where you were- then roll over and cozy up to Tabby. Stasya, for her part, seems pretty happy to just occupy the recently vacated area where you were.


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[x] Knock on Ice's office door anyway. Just to be sure.

You take a second to look around the darkened outer office- there's no signs of anything being amiss, no obvious tripwires or anything, everything looks to be in order, really. You nod lightly to yourself before knocking on Ice's door, kind of from the side, hopeful that if it's going to set anything off, you'll be out of the immediate blast.

Nothing happens, but you hear Ice's voice filter through it. “Come in.” She says, after a pause.

You do, noting that she, Katya, and Slider are all in here, and all of them look at you when you walk through the door- it's kind of unnerving.

Katya nods at you, while Ice and Slider don't really seem to know what to do. “Heya, boss, Katya.” You say. “Slider. What's up?”

“I believe I will attempt to be explaining.” Katya says. “Would you like a drink?”

You shake your head, and scowl at her. “Aren't we supposed to stay dry, just in case?”

She shrugs. “A little vodka will not hurt. Do you think I am such a lightweight as to need to worry?” She asks- though the last is said with a smile.

“Nah. I was worried for myself.” You say. “I know how strong Russians brew that stuff.”

She nods. “I would ask how, but it is no matter. So.” She says, taking a shot of the vodka. “You are wondering why we wanted to talk, the four of us?”

[] I had a pretty good idea, actually.
[] I'm slightly curious, yes.

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[x] Honestly? They're too reliant on the edge VDNI gives them, and they don't have the practice as a pair like you and Slider do. Maybe you could help me teach them?

"Honestly?" You ask, grimacing as you look at the lunchmeat on your tray. "They're too reliant on the edge they've got with VDNI, and they don't have the same kind of practice you and Slider have as a pair." You say. "They make basic mistakes that'd get them in trouble otherwise."

She nods, taking a bite of her own sandwich.

"If we get the time, maybe you could help me teach them?" you ask. "I mean, they're good, but if we improved their basic skills, they'd be scary."

Ice looks like she wants to say something, then shakes her head. "If we get the time, sure. I'd be glad to help, and I'm sure Slider or Katya wouldn't mind either."

"If they'll listen to Katya." You say. "They don't like her much."

"Why? " Ice asks. You shrug.

"Probably because she's Russian." You say. "They tolerate her when I'm around, but that's some bad blood that could take a while to go away."

Ice nods. "I guess I can understand that. Have they-" She pauses. "Have they talked about their past at all?"

You shake your head. "Not to me."

"I'd wondered." She says. "Maybe-" She pauses again. "Maybe we should ask. You should ask, I mean. It's not really my business."

You shrug. It's not that you haven't given that thought before- you do kind of want to know, but at the same time, you figure they'll tell you in their own time, if they ever tell you, and what's it matter anyway? It's not going to change how you act, since you were going to do your dead level best for them anyway.

[] You've got a point. I'll talk to them about it next chance I get.
[] I don't know, I don't think digging that up is going to help them at all, you know?

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[x] Ice's office, We'll go check in with the boss then head back to the house.

You consider sending her back to the house for a minute, then change your mind- just as well Ice sees you're both ok and back. Plus, you think, she needs to meet Stasya and Lilya. That should prove interesting.

“Well, you can catch a nap after we go see Ice, ok?” You say, and she nods. “Girls, you ready to meet my commander?”

They both nod after a second. You kneel down and Stasya crawls up on your back, while Lilya takes your hand as you walk out of the support building, Merlin walking on your other side.

It's a nice day out as you head across the tarmac, Stasya's heels drumming lightly on your chest as you walk. You have to duck going into the admin building, though no one really looks up. Not that you expected them to, given how many witches there are on post. The lone navy secretary in the outer office greets you, barely looking up from the paperwork on his desk.

“Go on in, sir.” He says as you pass by. “The commander is in there with the exec, they're waiting for you.”

You nod, opening the door after a single knock- you had to get Lilya to let go of your hand, but she follows you in.

Ice and Slider both look up from her desk- Slider's standing next to the boss behind the desk from you, with the TV in the corner on CNN and turned down low. The news is more of the usual.

“Frank, Samantha.” Ice says. “How're you two feeling?”

You can feel Stasya stiffen up when she sees Ice and Slider. Lilya, you suspect, is feeling about the same, given how she grabs your hand again. If they notice, Ice and Slider don't react to it.

[] We're both good. The admiral told me I've got you to thank for that.
[] No complaints here. Some stuff to talk about with the support team, but we're good to go.

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[] No idea Nicole. Let's go find out.

You shake your head, watching the starlifter taxi to the navy side of the ramp- meaning your side of the ramp- before parking and shutting down, it's big turbofan's winding down audible even from across the runway. “No idea, Nicole. Let's go find out.” you say, slinging your rifle and pocketing the mags again. She nods, slinging her LMG across her chest and grabbing her other ammo can.

The two of you walk across the end of the runway- it's active, but with no flights inbound, there's really no issue in doing so, though the security crew may complain. To be fair to them, they're used to a conventional base, and aren't used to dealing with witches- so you can see why they might be a bit more anal about things.

The cargo hold of the starlifter is mostly empty, it looks like- Ice and Slider both exit, their Strikers on mobile racks being pulled off a minute later by ground crew. There's no one else aboard, and they both look exhausted- Ice, in particular, looks about dead on her feet. And the look in their eyes-

Something bad has happened.

Nicole looks up at you as you approach them, whatever she was about to say dies when how exhausted they are becomes clear. They're plodding along under their weapons, and neither of them look like they've slept, with red rings around both their eyes.

Something real bad.

You try not to panic, though you're strongly tempted to. Neither of them should look like that if everything had gone fine. And they came home alone which means-

Well, it could mean a lot of things, but the loud part of your brain is yelling that Frank, Merlin, and the twins are all gone.

“Patty-” Ice starts, her voice carrying the same level of bone-weariness that her face displays.

[] “What happened? Where's Frank? Where's the twins?”
[] “I guess things- didn't go so well.”

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Ice from Strikers 89 in a maid outfit.

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[x] Yes, I think we're going to need it.

You nod, slowly. “Yes, sir. I think we're going to need it.”

He leans back, looking over at Longstreet, who gives an almost imperceptible shrug of her shoulders.

'Glad to hear it, son. Mind if I ask what changed your mind?” He says. “Tea?”

“No sir, I'll go catch chow in a second.” You respond. “And two things. You said we'd have the best medical support available?”

He nods. “Damn straight, son. Ester here agreed to release one of their best girls from teaching duty just to work with the medical team.”

You nod, looking over at her. “Thanks.”

“So what was the other thing?” Nixon prompts.

“You said they did kill me?”

He looks distinctly uncomfortable, but nods. “Eventually, yes.” He says. “You got your aircraft down, but your CO said you started fading pretty quickly. Probably wouldn't have made it if you'd had far to go on recovery.”

“So what happened?” You ask. He shifts around. “Maybe Ester should explain-”

“Have any of them ever talked about a... recharge, mister bishop?” She asks. “Or anything like that, a mana transfer.”

“Once, a while ago, at Barin.” You say. “But they said-”


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[x] Done deal, doc.

You sigh internally. Externally you can't- you're inhaling against a ribcage that feels way, way too tight against your lungs. “Done deal, doc.” You say. “Sixty seconds.”

“Get in close, Frank.” Merlin directs. “They've got a tightbeam communications link, the closer you can get, the faster I can do this.”

You slot in on Jackal, closing to well inside gun range, trusting that an unskilled kid isn't going to buy into the concept of a warrior's death and pop her speedbrakes in your face, causing a collision.

Her control over the aircraft is damned impressive- You're struggling, even now, to match her turn for turn. You're keeping an eye out for Raven, too, who you expect to attempt another of her slashing, hit-and-run attacks.

You're hoping she does.

Merlin's head is under the hood- she's struggling to get your radio, ECM suite, and her talent to let her do what she wants. You'd have missed the Raven had it not been for the colision alarm screaming in your ears. You react by instinct, rolling the wyvern inverted and slewing onto a new heading.


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[x] Fly as-is.

You shake your head. “We'll fly as-is.” You say, starting to walk around your fighter. It's not a 'real' walkaround, you don't pay the same level of attention to everything, but it's still nice to see no visible issues as you do so.

The chief nods. “Roger that, sir. We'll get the strikers over and uploaded here in a second.” He looks over as the ammunition and ordinance crew rolls up with two of the ammunition canisters for your guns and opens up the access hatch.

The chief jerks his head to the side and you both head away, giving them room to work. You both end up watching a crew pull the pods back out- you're not sure why they were staged already- to load the strikers in with the help of a forklift and the short crane used in here.

“They're not light, eh?” You say, helping guide one unit down into the pod and watching with interest as a member of the ground crew hooks up a pair of umbilical lines to it and sets one of the clamps.

The chief shakes his head. “Well, kinda, but not really. Bout a hundred, hundred fifty pounds. These are a bit heavier, but there's a limit. They're just damn awkward to have to move around with just manpower, ya know?”

You nod, catching Ice heading in out of the corner of your eye.

You nod at her and the chief salutes. She returns the salute, then looks at the pod. “So that's it, huh?” She asks.

“Yes ma'am, that's it. Once we get your strikers loaded up, it's ready to go. You've been briefed on it?”
The chief responds, and she nods.

“Yeah, but let's go over everything one more time, just to refresh my memory.” She says.


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“This shit is common?” You ask, irritation growing. You keep it out of your voice, managing to just sound curious.

She nods. “Sure. Has been forever.” She says, reaching the back of the indicated C-5 and looking inside. You follow suit and see rows of striker racks down the center of the aircraft, with additional crates stowed to either side. “It's the same shit it's always been, people thinking other people have it better or something. Just like how cavalry and infantry didn't get along, or how pilots get seen as prettyboy gloryhounds.”

“About that-”

“Present company excepted.” She says, shooting a glance back at you. “I don't think you're a pretty boy glory hound anyway.”

She pauses, halfway up the ramp. “Want to go see about scaring up some crew to get these moving? I'd like to start getting the rest of them acclimated as quick as we can.”

“That won't be necessary Commander Kazinski.” You hear admiral Nixon's voice say. You both stiffen and turn to salute him as he walks across the tarmac, his BDUs looking clean and freshly pressed compared to yours. “I've already got some boys getting flatbeds and forklifts. We'll get it all moved.”

He returns the salute, then grins. “Good to be back out on a flight line. You know they took my 'cat away from me when I got transferred?”

“No!” You say, shocked.

He nods, sadly. “She's still waiting for me at Halsey field, but they said I can't bring her here. Too much risk I’d try to fly a CAP or two.” He shrugs and chuckles. “Ah well. How are you kids doing?”

[] Good, sir. No complaints.
[] It's been better, sir.

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[x] Not really, Colonel. You only did what was right by you.

You shake your head. “Not really, Colonel. You only did what was right by you.” You say.

She mirrors the gesture. “No, I was wrong. I shouldn't have come at you like I did when Spellcaster first arrived, and even if I was right, I missed a lot of the other reasons to have a composite unit.”

She pauses. “Or implied the wrong reasons when I talked to Kazinski.”

You think you get what she's driving at. “I take it that conversation didn't go well?”

“She's got a hell of a right hook.”

That gives you pause. Ice? Hauling off and hitting someone? Damn.

“And I wasn't as right as you'd think. They weren't combat ineffective that long. Your commander pulled them back together after-”

“Tanana. Sure.” You say- you haven't asked, but you've pieced enough together to know it wasn't real pretty.

She nods. “Hell of a piece of flying there, by the way.”

You shrug. “I did what I had to.”

She shakes her head. “It was still impressive. Either way, I'm sorry for coming off like a cast iron bitch, Bishop. Hopefully we can work together here without my behavior being a problem.”

[] Sounds like we'll get along fine, Colonel.
[] Guess we'll see, won't we?

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[x] Has Brigitte come through for us yet?

“Has Brigitte come through for us yet?” You ask.

She looks around. “Yeah, kinda. C'mon, let's go somewhere a little quieter.”

She turns and leads you out of the hangar, heading towards the base chow hall- it's open all hours, staffed by civilian contractors. “So, it's not something that blocks the orders per se.” She says, as you walk. “But they've been withdrawn.”

“How the hell did she do that?” You ask. “I mean-”

Ice shrugs. “I don't know, and she wouldn't tell. We're still stuck with Davis for the time being, but worst case, I can farm her out to the 3rd and let Colonel Wilkins get her some flight time.” She says.

“It still leaves us overstrength.” You point out.

“Yeah, but if it's Longstreet driving this kind of shit, that doesn't matter.” Ice says. “She's got the ear of a lot of people with pull, but she doesn't have too much herself where the active duty force is concerned, status at Annapolis or not.”

“Why's that?” You ask.


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Ice and Frank from Strike Witches 89

Ice being flustered to the infer-red degree as Frank has a smug look on his face while holding a ammo pouch.

Frank kind of looks like Jack Harkness from Doctor Who.

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File: 181 KB, 338x800, MY PILOT WAS ALMOST DEEEAAAAAAAAAAD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Actually, I think this is what Ice looks like, could be mistaken though

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[x] Ice will just have to deal. See how the matrons like this one!

This- well, it's both interesting and challenging, and you've never been one to walk away from a challenge. Even newer model Mig-29s shouldn't be able to match you, not even strikers, which tells you either they're heavily modified, or that Natalya is, to paraphrase more than one witch 'highly unnatural'.

Still, she uses magic and that means you'll always have the advantage of knowing where she is, now.

You go arrowing in at her, plowing through a pillar of cloud. She doesn't know you're there- even the roar of your jets being miles behind you- yet, she still manages to jerk completely out of your gun sight when you close to within gun range, dropping almost vertically to below you, her weapon coming around.

You roll away, fouling her shot, though she instantly shifts from her lazy fall to latching onto your tail- accelerating in an eyeblink to start closing into gun range.

There's no way she should have been able to do that- acceleration like that should have pulped her, you were better than the speed of sound and she was near-motionless. She didn't make any effort to convert her fall into forward momentum, either, not that you saw.

[] Is this girl breaking physics? Well, fine. I guess I owe it to sir Issac to put her in her place.
[] Is this girl breaking physics? Oh no, I want no part of this.

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[x] Yeah, probably, but you're right.

You nod. “Yeah, probably, but you're right.”

“Of course I am. Grab a couple cokes. I'll take the chicken.”

“I bet you will. Will there be any left?”

“You callin me fat, frank?”

“Nah. Curvy, maybe, not fat. I can still make out your hips.”

“Pff. Be hard not to.” She says, running one hand down her side. “I mean, damn, yeah I got curves.”

“I just said that.” You respond, following behind her.

You arrive up at Ice's office as Powers leaves- She shoots a look at you, but doesn't say anything, instead heading off towards the hangars.

“What's up tabs?” Rachel asks, walking in and sitting down on one of the chairs, propping her boots up on the desktop with a thunk. “We already panicking? We've got a full ten days!”

“Frank's got three.” Ice says. “And one of those is going to be against Natalya.”

“Unless the matrons kill it.” Slider says. “It's possible.”

Ice snorts, reaching over for a piece of chicken herself. “But unlikely, especially now.”

“So did you call me just to commiserate, or...?”

Ice shakes her head. “I want you to start getting the stuff sorted for the move. We'll see if we can get a transport lift out of Wattisham, maybe, for the heavier stuff and the spare strikers we're being allowed to keep.”

“And” You note, causing both of them to look over at you. “Our flying arrangements are screwy, with Wendy.”

“I'd forgotten about that.” Ice says. “Well, either we look for one more or we just use her as an alternate.”

Slider shakes her head. “It'd be nice to have an alternate, but I don't think it'll work. We'd be better off looking for one more. It'd make us round, anyway, because then we'd have four pairs of witches plus the Fighters.”

“Four pairs is a lot more than a lot of other squadrons have right now.” Ice says. “I'm surprised they haven't come to us to fill out the ones that need it.”


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[x] Yes sir, maybe we should use the commander's office? It's more secure.

You nod. “Yes, sir. Let's head up to the boss' office, she's out right now, but it's more secure.”

The admiral follows you up, talking with Brigitte- the two of them seem to know each other and it seems like she's about on the same terms with him you are, so you take that as a good sign.

You naturally take the futon, sitting in the center and leaning back- though you have to check your motion to stretch out when Merlin sits to one side of you and Slider to the other. Brigitte, thankfully, shakes her head, laughs, and sits in one of the chairs in front of the desk, leaving Ice's nice chair for Admiral Nixon.

“So, son. Lot of stories we've been hearing. Can you fill me in on some of them?” He says.

“Where do you want me to start, sir?” You ask.

“How about with Matron Longstreet. She's been raising cain about how you sold secrets that rightfully belonged to America to foreign powers and worked to undermine her efforts to create a unified American tradition.” He says. “It's pretty serious, even if we're getting alternate stories about this from the Matrons of a lot of allied nations.”


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[x] Next room on the right, then the hallway

You nod. “Yeah, let's check out the next room, then we'll head down the hallway.”

“Ya know, this place is pretty big.” Mav points out. “I wonder if it was designed to house everyone assigned to the castle in it's heyday?”

“Could have been.” You say, opening the door to another classroom- well, the castle was an academy, apparently, for a couple years, post war, so that makes sense. Mav makes stright for the bookshelf.

“Anything neat?” You ask.

She shrugs. “More textbooks, more advanced stuff, some nonfiction, bit of fiction.”

“What kind?” You ask.

“Romance novels, couple of the early witchcomix.” She says, sounding bored.

“Early witchcomix?” You ask. “Here, lemme see.”

“Suit yourself.” She says, moving out of the way. “Why do they matter?”

“If they're still in good condition- like this-” You say, pulling one out carefully and opening it up, “Collectors will lose their shit for them. Couple grand at auction, I bet.”

“So we found something?” Mav asks, excited.

You nod, pulling down one of the text books and using it to protect the witchcomix as you put them in your pack. “Yeah, yeah definitely.” you say. “Let's see those nonfiction books.”

1/3 (probably 4)

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[x] Yeah, let's go check them out.

“Yeah,” you say, nodding. “Let's go check them out.”

“T-this way!” Merlin says, running off ahead of you. You elect to walk- you can see where she's going easily enough, and you know where the weapons magazine is anyway, so it's not a problem when you lose sight of her.

Ice follows you, still looking pensive.

“So, boss, what's on your mind?” You ask, fully aware you're probably not doing yourself any favors.

“I-” She pauses. “Frank, have you thought about all this?”

“All what?” you ask, confused.

“Merlin. All... this. All the things vought's giving her, the machine shop, everything. Have you thought about it?”

“Sure.” You say, wondering why she's worried. “They're trying to ingratiate themselves with her, so when she gets out she runs straight to them. It's recruiting.”

Ice nods. “and the things she builds, now?” She asks. “She's basically doing work for free for them. And-”

She stops, and shakes her head. “And I'm not sure she realizes what she's doing.”

“In what way?” You ask, looking over.


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