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just imagine being able to give 8 hand jobs at once

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>Playing a lust Wizard in a small-party campaign

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Can I play the buff bodyguard of your Idol pair?

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>Make a character for an Eyes of the Lich Queen campaign
>Cyran veteran of the Last War, vicious son of a bitch devoted to terror campaigns and war crimes galore until his face got melted off by the Day of Mourning
>Picked up by a Friar (are those the traveling ones?) of the Silver Flame, redeemed in the light, and became a Paladin
>Wears a silver mask because damn he's ugly
>Everyone assumes it can't be that bad
>No, seriously Harald, why don't you take off the mask?
>Character takes off his mask to quaff a health potion
>To call the thing underneath the mask a face would be an insult to faces everywhere. His "skin" was a mass of raw red flesh, crisscrossed with milky white webs of what was either scar or connective tissue. His nose, if you could call it that, was a fleshy half-stump, more a hole yawning into the depths of his skull than a thing for sniffing. Narrowing his fern green eyes, Harald brought the vial to his lip-less mouth and quaffed the concoction down before using the back of a gauntlet to reflexively wipe any errant droplets off his teeth


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>Tough tsundere tomboy huntress with a talking stoat familiar and serious weakness for children

Word of advice, I'd look into pairing Chosen One with Slayer, Ranger or a Ranged Initiator so you can be a bow-user. This isn't just a recommendation given her backstory and the current roster of characters, but because you get a longbow in Book 4 that is godly. Have this woman worship Pulura for added theme.

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Guys stop, please. Bioluminescent vaginas/nipples are my fetish. As is glowing semen.

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>Implying Viviana isn't saving all those doses to make a jug of the stuff she shares with all the girls every Friday night

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>mfw playing Pathfinder
>mfw campaign literally has you traveling to Russia in 1917
>mfw I convinced the DM to let me play a Russian conscript with a moist nugget for our next campaign

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This is what I do, anon. My setting's only got three races on the main continent, the second continent has two.

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>mfw spinal mounts are a thing

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>This entire conversation

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>tfw I submitted a "pfg standard" app for a campaign and the DM freaked the fuck out at how good it was

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Friendly reminder that the nature of Kingmaker and the lack of actual NPCs for the campaign means Wubu would have to craft and play custom NPCs designed to marry and smooch your PC!

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A-And this one's got big fat fruit and large, round succulents!

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>mfw all the male characters will need wives
>mfw all those husbandos

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>mfw I completely forgot the Harbinger existed until >>52324567 mentioned it.

Replace all instances of Warlord with Harbinger.

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>I want Galt to be absorbed into Nirmathas, in order to turn the whole place into a huge French countriside filled with disparate confederates barely united under one banner in an attempt to keep back the Francs-I mean, Molthune, and maintain a measure of control through the shadowy council of the Grey Gardeners who act as the secret police silencing any sedition, or pro-molthuni sentiment and repressing any rumors of the demonic menace currently brewing in the blight wood

>You will never own a pleasant chateau in the Galtian countryside overlooking your sleepy peasant village
>You will never dine on fine meats and locally produced wine before going to bed to fuck your busty, curly-haired mistress
>You will never groan out, "Fuck the Thunes" while finishing inside her

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>Is there a place in the party for a high-con Nightwalker woman who's sole purpose in the party is to act as the group cum dump, filling her with corruption and letting the girl sleep it off?

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C-Can I bone a goddess?

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>mfw Not!Kingmaker in Space, with the Space Polish ordering you to colonize the Frontier while Imperialist Extradimensional Space Elves wreck havoc on your colonies.

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Poor little Unicorn boy.

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Now you can play "fill in the blank" all over again!

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