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Alright. For expedency's sake, we're skipping all the ones that involve very specific infrastructure or primordial transcendence.

1. Super Spin (JoJo) a projectile right in her snozz. Bear in mind at the maximum demonstrated potential it tore through a barrier of infinite alternate worlds AND a perfect probability distortion effect that left only good possibilities with the user. And given Ihiko almost killed her several times, it can be inferred she cannot resist absolute effects.

2. The Black Barrel from Type-Moon is specifically designed to impose a concept of death on things that normally lack one. You can acquire a replica. Spend like, a hundred jumps buffing it-with EX Rank Item Creation for best results.

3. Stack Untouchable from Sailor Moon, Get Real! from Johnny Test, Q This from Star Trek TNG/DS9, Reality Check from Cho Aniki, Stacked from Lone Wolf and The Noble Eightfold Path from Lord of Light. If you can survive all that pain you'll have multiple means of reality enforcement in case she can cheat around reality enforcement. Don't just rush in like Touma though; think like Batman.

4. Mordite from Dresden Files, Miss Fortune from Sailor Moon and a good vantage point.

5. Stack The Noble Eightfold Path, whichever appropriate Mantra-related perks in Asura's Wrath catch your eye, Temple of Thought from Binbougami-ga. You'll also need A Song For The Hopeless and Learn To Fly High from the same jump. If you're doing everything right, you should have a means of generating projectiles from a distance which are capable of causing power incontinence.

6. Take Path to Victory from Worm, Folded 1000 Times from Obsidian Trilogy or Softcap from Elona, It's Not A Glitch It's A Feature from Super Smash Bros and You...Blocked? from 8-Bit Theater. This is definitely the riskiest, because it's contingent on you being clever enough to figure out which of her powers are up at any given time.

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Oh. Good catch. Alright, dropping the FIRST journal so's we have just a little bit of legwork to do before our dark work commences.

Also to have an excuse to show up at the Mystery Shack to hang out with/existentially terrify Dipper & Mabel

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...well then.

International Anti-Spiral of Mystery, Age 28

Mojo (Free). We have it? Somehow?
Judo Chop! (850). Fingerpokes, fingerpokes everywhere
The Big Book of One-Liners (Free). "My hovercraft is full of eels)
Charm of the Shaguar (Free). Oh dear. What exactly does this do to the Light of Terra?
Sharks (800). Time to break out the ol' Geneforge
I Do Hope You'll Enjoy Yourself (500). It stands to reason that with the power of Real Eater, we may induce absolute with a nasty comment about someone's fashion sense
Show Some Leg (200). Hey, it's useful-a second is all we need to slit every throat in the room I am so going to regret this aren't I
Prophet's Profits (0). It's all going into the predictive model we constructed from the Betting Man

Having been recently defrosted (presumably in a vast extrauniversal freezer Jump-Chan herself helpfully supplied), we have a personal mission of our own to investigate while trying to make sense of this odd little world:

How the BLOODY FUCK did we ever become "the world's most swinging, shag-tacular Agent"? We're not entirely sure if we want to know the answers but it would go a long way to making sense of anything going on. In the meantime, any and all conflicts we face en route to discovering our past will be resolved with Disney song and dance, because clearly the only way to defeat this ridiculousness is with even more ridiculousness.

And also flying artificial causality weapon-mounted sharks, because why not.

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busy IRL at the moment, gotta get back to stuff after this post

Well, first off we should point out the following is by no means the whole picture and it'll take loads and loads of other stuff to work up to going full cosmos but the basic keystones are:

Dead Apostlehood+A lot of time: Dead Apostles (type moon vampires) grow more powerful over time, to the point where at least one integrated its reality marble straight into its physiology
Reality Marble: Self explanatory, conceptual projection of your inner universe
Sufficiently Advanced Science: Here's the catch: Reality Marbles aren't magic PER SE technically, being something more like AoE Stands. So you'll want to use this trick to investigate the mana/prana/od reaction used to generate one in order to develop a paramagic derived from the energy reaction used to create a Reality Marble; obviously the perk alone won't do and you'll in all likelihood need A LOT of magic/science/magiscience/science magic/spiritualism research stuff to be able to start work on this
Demiplane Creation: 3.5 epic spell, creates demiplane
Conjoined Conjures: Here's the clincher. You have to conjoin conjure Demiplane Creation with the Reality Marble-based paramagic. This is, in all likelihood, much easier said than done.

In a nutshell: The caveats are a) the process will probably burn through ALL your magic reserves at full to work because well. Universefication. And b) you'll probably want a LOT of preptime to check what you're doing works to do this; since you're essentially tampering with the boundary between who you are and how you view the world using magic a ritual of this scale going wrong would do terrible, terrible things to your very identity and soul, let alone your body and mind.

So. Do not do this in a conflict-heavy jump, is what we're saying.

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Drawbacks: The Sequel, Rushes By The Water, The Walrus and the Carpenter (1600)

Rolled Looking-Glass House

Looking-Glass Man. We are an Anti-Spiral, nothing more and nothing less.

One Kind of All (Free). Statistically an Anti-Spiral is no more out of place than anything else in this nonsensical madhouse of a world
Tweedlified (1500). This is perfectly explainable through quantum mechanics, damn you. In fact, using Zoids technology we may be able to replicate it in others
Humpty Dumptied (1300). Okay so now we're paying others with the concept of words, not so far a stretch when what we learned how to bend reality with words. Another aspect of ourself taken a little too literally
Dreams of the Red King (900). Any sufficiently validated dream is indistinguishable from reality
The End of a Dream (300). Any sufficiently incoherent reality is indistinguishable from dream. Actually, what does this do? The description is kinda unclear
Collection of Poems (Free). Well, if nothing else they'll make for easy listening
Vorpal Blade (0). We'll cut some sense into this madness if it's the last thing we do here.


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Needless to say, while she's doing this with our partner's help we'll be covertly siphoning off lots of her fortune energy into-er, cross that bridge when we come to it.

And so our stay becomes an uncanny parody of Persona, going from person to person to forge SOCIAL LINKS while dodging attempts at assassination as Ikari becomes increasingly confused at trying to figure out our endgame-all the while having to freak out over how he's supposed to deal with a multiversal entity. Whether by waking up Keita to Ranmaru's affections, or encouraging Bobby to tone down the creepy old man thing or just crapping sunshine and lollipops while interacting with the deity community to improve human-deity relations in general with the power of every charisma perk we have stocked, we're basically the creepiest goody two-shoes to walk this reality...until our plans come to fruition.

Specifically, we intend to conjoin conjure the power of Balefire with the authority over resurrection granted by the Double Deity-now new and improved a thousand times over at our hands, a Mystic Code, Beyblade-esque construct and part of ourself. We know what-or rather, who-Ikari seeks, and while the nature of reincarnation means her soul might not automatically be found in Bradeline's Well, the dimension's magical resonance with death will make for the PERFECT location for a massive sympathetic magic ritual to resurrect Kanna with the power of Tear-based paramagic and necromancy.

The timing of the ritual will be crucial; we want to give Ikari as little time as possible to figure out how to breach the Well. When we step out though-we will have sealed her soul into a capsule as per the Outsider's designs. Holding his waifu hostage, we will demand his unconditional submission by magical geas to us and cessation of all hostilities.

After that, we may begin more focused research on fortune energy. Or just relax at all the slice of life going on, depending on how much time we've left

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We didn't ask for this. Also,

>implying being spiral nemesis can out-anti-spiral the anti-spiral

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>The Lake of the Moon

We can't believe this is what everybody's been fighting over. All this fuss over something we grabbed in Harry Potter like, a bazillion jumps ago. That said, fuck breaking something just for for funsies-we're going to convince our captain to a) acquire samples and b) temporal lock the edifice instead of destroying it outright. Might as well do science with the waters.

...again, not entirely sure where all the wealth went when the final battle was decided with raining down meteorites on the other factions, so-we guess the crew got REALLY drunk? The point is-the crew and captain can have their cashmoney, we want an undiluted sample of the Fountain of Youth, and to preserve the source. Which is totally what we're doing. Because really, now that the Lazer Bear has finally been defeated in battle nobody is in a position to argue with us.

>Rolled a tiny scrap of a copper scroll

...whelp. Is this supposed to mean something? We. We guess this is our treasure.


...we're going turn this island into a floating island, just for funsies! It'll be this world's first floating pilot harbour, and through our magitech we can begin a new age of airborne piracy.

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Oh, isn't it obvious?

Jump-Chan is our friend and we want to make the most of our time together.

Drawbacks: Military Inferiority, Famine, Bad Impression (1600)

Rolled Aurora Island

Demon King, Age 22 (1400)

Outer Library (1000). Huh...that's a thing. Which is going to be awfully useful whenever Discworld jump gets finished
Crimson Saint (700). And this has frankly rather frightening implications for DC-brand magick
Hard Work and Study (600). Eh, can't hurt
Loophole Abuse (0). Faust ain't shit

I Don't Want No Trouble: The jump. Two sides locked into some kind of awkward cold war that heats up wherever we go, while we're just trying to figure out what's going on in. Only to be attacked by angry humans/demons and have to defend ourself with a stepladder

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Aight, revising

Drop-In, Age 21

Adrenaline (Free). Welp, looks like we got an injection of useless hormone. Good thing we've lots of practice at suppressing that shit at this point.
Such a Nice Man (Free). Just a mundane bystander, nothing special!
Killer Beast (900). Well, this has interesting implications about what Vehi's affect on us will be...
In the Zone (700). Don't let us into our-NEVERMIND, TOO LATE
Expansionist (500). Seen one boardwalk empire, seen 'em all
Safehouse (Free)
Mask (Free). All part of our master plan
Cellphone (400). Can't hurt to have our ear to the ground
Drugs (0). Less recreation, more psychotropic weapon judging by those side effects.

So everyone's killing everyone in this setting. This is boring, so-we're gonna do how we do in a Dishonored low chaos run: Nonlethally break into and disable people, before stacking their unconscious bodies into random locations, sometimes on top of each other.

Also, draw cat whiskers on 'em before they wake up. Magical bad luck cat whiskers.

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Oi, ain't nothing wrong with the aesthetic. Also people wouldn't stop posting someone so no, we have NOT actually deleted our conscience, sadly enough

And while we're still ruthless and inhuman, taking over the world and eliminating free wil/siphoning away all the souls ever is no longer our go-to solution or overarching motivation. Consider that we acted to STOP the cycles in FFT=0 when prior to LoT we'd be totally okay with them and in Codex Alera we spent our time making a documentary on Vord instead of mentally dominating the populace.

...baby steps, dammit

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Point of order-once we cripple him, we ain't laying another finger on the guy. We'd just dump him in whatever passes for an asylum ward there.

>>37459455 has it right. We aren't wasting time and energy on cutting apart a little boy when there's only 10 years to actually explore and have adventures the reality we're visiting; gotta keep the benefactress entertained after all. All we want is for him is to come to the epiphany that he was wrong about the world being a dream, and that his actions would have ended millions of lives-however long it takes for it to get through his thick skull. That's punishment enough for us.

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We're okay with the short duration, actually. It's a last resort attack of sorts.

>want to take type-moon really early for some reason

Yep, wanted to kickstart the whole reality warper thing we had going on. Couple of questions about them: Exactly /how/ do you learn to use them better, and has anyone, in the past, ever tried modifying their own to make them work better? It's recently come to our attention that our default idea of stacking all the reality altering perks together and trying to multi-wield them along with the marble might not work without significant alteration.

Oh hush

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As someone who's never played Inquisition, I'm getting real tired of this shit too. I mean, there's such a thing as fanwanking y'know? You don't have to take the jump if you don't want to. Kinda ambivalent on the prospect of a jump for it being made at all tbh, never played any of the Dragon Age games.

But WE digress. Soul Hackers build!

Hacker, Age 23

Strong Soul (900). Our soul is...even more impossible to possess? All good preparation for the Warp
Hard Core Hacker, Hack You!! (Free). Over a thousand years' experience in this, but why not?
App Master (600). Alright, does anyone know where we can find a computer system that can alter space and time? Because we'd really like to get in on that. Maybe Tenchi jump?
COMP (Free). We guess that's a good start?
Paradigm X Beta (Free). Ditto
Decoder (450). We get the impression this will be useful here
Computer (Free) Huh, apparently you can lose your soul over the internet here. Go figure
MAG Compressor (150). We're not really sure what possible applications MAG has beyond
MAGX3 (0). But we're still keeping a whole bunch in case we figure out something cool to make out of it

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That is unlikely, because I'll protect him. His weapon system designs will be vital to securing Earth's point defences against the Ominous Threat From Space in exchange for a few concessions to be clarified at a later date, of course

I'm surprised you didn't go with Vanity.

As for myself-all these mantra affinities kinda suck, being overly emotional and all. Not actually sure what I should pick.

Sounds about right. After all, we'll need a big budget to portray the coming of the Great Old Ones

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Drawbacks: No Portals, Lateral Thinking, Stanley the Fool (1500). We hardmode now

Caster (1400).

Rolled Charlescomm.

Turnamancy (Free)
Luckamancy (1300)
Carnymancy (1100)
Weirdomancy (900)

The following will be my cornerstones while I explore other avenues of magic-but these schools will be my cornerstones. I'm not quite sure exactly /what/ these do outside the jump, but they seem to warp the very fabric of reality itself to impose arbitrary RPG concepts on the world.

I'll also take Water Capable (600) because that is some excellant mobility right there. And if my enemies in this world someone bypass all my advantages (which isn't wholly impossible given those drawbacks) then their efforts will have been for naught cause every day I'm shufflin'

Dance Fighting (600)

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I'll...have to think about that. See-I /also/ wanted that sweet, sweet city on offer and some of those drawbacks are pretty damn hardcore considering that I'm stuck as a mere mortal for a couple of years, surrounded by sadistic energy monsters and cthulhu nymphs.

>unleashing Satan
>not destroying him for the greater good

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Well-that's disappointing. I noticed one of the Forsaken was basically fantasy magical Mao Zedong with shadow powers so I was considering acquiring a lieutenant.

I've also put serious consideration to killing Rand, his "harem" and slaying the Dark One myself. This is a very late game jump for me. Before you ask-yes, I am aware of the consequences of the latter. I am MORE THAN OKAY with them.

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-Commence Operation Neo Raid: A seek-and-destroy campaign involving psionic attacks targetting via Those Who Came Before-based technology, sonic weaponry running on conventional DC tech principles, high energy weapons based off Dalek energ weapons and "roach motels": Thermal detonators hidden in piles of scrap metal disguised as Chinese tech drop-offs, positioned based on interception of China-johj communications for maximum killcount/distrust between johjs and their would-be benefactors
-Use various ice spells to render known Johj territory inhospitably dry and cold. Due to directive to ensure the planet remains habitable, this is only to be deployed in high-priority targets or as a feint to engage Johj "commanders"
-Commence magical assassination of on-planet Chinese personnell

Annex I to-do list
-Expediate Plan Delta by providing capture Johj specimans
-Continue the assassination of key Chinese personnell
-Prime massive ritual based off the interplanetary Ar Tonelico tower network, Red Stone ritual and insight into the nature of individuals souls gained from Dark Souls/Geneforge necromancy studies. Purpose is to generate massive magical fields to absorb johj souls
-Prime various chakra seals all over the planet to store and generate massive interplanetary storms to physically annihilate johj specimans without resulting in significant ecological damage
-Prime sympathetic magick ritual based off Dresden Files bloodline curses and DC ritualism targetting the most significant related to "Rahab" on Mars OR a newborn Johj grub, destroying johjs and/or mutant silkworms via sympathetic magical blacklash

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>Not taking Apostate AND Exemplar
>Not transcending some pathetic binary morality system's possibilities

It's like you don't want to have every option available at your disposal, and be at liberty to pick the ones that best advance what you stand for

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Alright, let's try out a tentative build

>Compulsory complication: Hashut, Father of Darkness

When all's said and done, I started on this whole transhumanism business to /stop/ the destructive impulses of supernatural emotion from spiralling out of control, as I learned the hard way in Ravenloft. It seems fitting that my task should be to stop one such monster from escaping its bonds-and perhaps, to cripple and lobotomise the beast so it will never contemplate escape again.

I step into this world a humble Brettonian battle pilgrim (900). For once, the fact that my endurance, being a Man-at-Arms and fanaticism (Free) are unremarkable in the grand scale of things is an advantage if I am to bring into the god's prison unnoticed.

To aid my endeavors, I take on the Blessing of the Lady (750). Alas, this is one quest I probably won't have time to finish, unless I am truly fortunate. I'll need to battle the Blood God's legions for resources; I claim a Titan's Strength (250) though I will largely delegate the task for greater efficiency. I seek to grow strong on Warpstone Exposure (50) given how much warp I'll be dealing with.

Shame I got 50 spare CP, but oh well-easy come, easy go. Errbody under my command's getting a sword and board to start with-and MUCH better weapons once I get the Covenant tech fabricators up and running.

We will need some time to build up our forces to the point I'm satisfied we can take on that fortress; I'm talking 6 years minimum to get air support, magitech bombs and LOTS of poison gas ready to search and destroy resistance. Meanwhile, I'll be scrying for the last dragons in existence. My draconic forms may or may not help diplomacy here. But soon enough: The soul-alloy I forge with hellbrass containing geneforge necromancy souls, inscribed with Odin's runes and imbued with Minecraft's Unbreakable enchantment will first be cast in a mould upon the bound god before another layer of chains.

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Google "redhead french", wonderful things are in your future

Man, it's been a while since I've had a look at Magical Realm CYOA. Let's go for something...clinical. Efficient. Other.

[140] Rolled: Trapped!
[130] Divine Spark
[120] Guidance 2
[115] Dominion
[112] Nullification
[109] Time Manipulation
[106] Energy Manipulation
[103] Elementalism 3
[101] Conjuration
[99] Machina Mind
[97] Geas
[96] Teleportation
[93] Scrying
[90] Familiar
[88] Immortality
[85] Superhuman Body
[84] Tongues
[78] Influence 3
[73] Automatons 2
[70] Fate
[67] Afterlife
[65] Spirits
[63] Cosmic Adjustment
[60] Landscape Adjustment
[57] Magical Phenomena
[51] Technology Upgrade 6
[36] Area Increase 8
[30] Protection 2
[26] Portals
[23] Assimilation
[17] Population Increase 3
[16] Healthy
[15] Secure
[14] Sanitation
[12] Infrastructure
[10] Alchemy
[2] Magical Upgrade 4
[0] Diplomatic

What is time to the Overseer? I shall need the aeons to fully come into my own powers, and lead my inhabitants into true ascension from the human condition. In the meantime, this cosmic experiment will benefit greatly from a finer degree of control as I create something truly eternal from disparate elements.

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