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Bros I'm thinking of changing death saves while downed to make it less brutal, but also so that most monsters don't either have to be retarded in order not to murk the unconscious players
Instead of an auto crit from melee attacks on an unconscious person resulting in 2 death saves, I thought I'd drop it to 1. This means most melee creatures with multiattack are less likely to just obliterate an unconscious player in a single turn, but now as a DM I don't have to feel as shitty when I do it. I want the players to feel nervous when someone goes unconscious, knowing that more ravenous monsters (like ghouls) and smarter, more clever enemies are likely to keep swinging until their 100% dead, without it being an automatic death sentence.

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Crusher/Piercer/Slasher feats were all a good start, but if they're going all in on the optional variant do-what-you-want bullshit, some high end martial powers that aren't just weak 'power' use abilities of spells would be nice
If a level 20 wizard can rewrite reality with a spell slot, Barbarians should be able to withstand entire castles falling on them, Rogues should be able to vanish in plain sight in the middle of a bright field, Monks should be fast and nimble enough to hit a small platoon in a round without being struck back at once, etc
You can call me a martialcuck now

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How bad is sunlight sensitivity as a curse, /5eg/? I know it's pretty bad, but tell me if this is something your character would ever wear. Not getting into the lore related stuff, but it's all connected to the current campaign.

Bracers of Lolth
>+2 to your primary stat
>gain positive Drow racial traits - Immunity to magical sleep, advantage against charm, 120 ft darkvision
>gain Drow innate spellcasting, keying off your casting stat instead of a DC 11
>if you were already an elf, instead gain immunity to charm and the ability to see color in darkness (negating -5 to PP or disadvantage on checks)
>Sunlight Sensitivity (the big one)
>Death will result in instantly turning into a Drider under Lolth's control as a thrall, can still be slain and revived, but with magic no less powerful than Raise Dead
>a connection to the goddess Lolth who will occasionally tempt the PC with more power in exchange for heinous acts

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>That's why I play several decks so at least one of them will always be relevant.
This is why complaining about Bushiroad's practice is stupid. Do you seriously think Bushi, the business, did not plan that its playerbase would most likely be tempted to buy multiple decks just to stay relevant or not be bored of playing the same shit for a whole year? Even the game being braindead super easy is part of that plan. It's not a coincidence that the majority of Vanguard players have more than 2 decks in their library. Remember that Bushiroad is a business and wants your money. They couldn't care less about how you feel about the balance of their casual "best out of 1" game.

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You can have your DM run it however he likes, but few things kill a party or enjoyment faster than the group all finding they have shitty-to-zero reasons to want to work together, and especially none to stay long term. It's probably more hackneyed that a group of random adventurers would have any reason to stay together after whatever forced thing the DM throws at them to band together in the first place.
Half the time that reason ends up being "money" or alliance of circumstance, and that's not anymore compelling than being childhood friends or giving the players a reason why they know each other (and they'll often come up with things that are much more interesting than whatever the DM by himself throws at them).

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Fairies are magic, their bodies are magic, they can do all sorts of drugs and don't get cancer or anything.

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30 dark reapers and maugan ra

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>French maid princess

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That would be 4 times yes and lengthy philosophical debate on nature of man and whether he REALLY even needs entertainment to live and thrive.

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you need Profession (Siege Engineer) not Craft (Balista)

and I believe Professtion includes light repairs and maintenance so Craft isn't needed so much

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Maro can talk out his ass all he wants. He fucked up.


We do know from Hasbro's annual report from 2012 that the number of ACTIVE players was 12 million back in 2012. And there have been another two years of strong growth after that.

While we can't say for sure how high the actual number of active players was in 2015 was, we do know that we had 12 million active players in 2012 and 2017. So either the number stagnated (unlikely, due to growth numbers in 2013 and 2014) or we're looking at a massive loss of players in the last few years, even if might be not as dramatic as 8 million/40%.

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>start dieting and becoming /fit/ so I can have a trap tier figure (no bully)
>go to the gym at my university after work then get home in time to do an hour or two of painting before headed to bed
>do this all semester
>loose substantial weight, look better, gain self confidence, both armies are almost fully painted for multiple builds at 2000 pts
Being /fit/ and 40k go so well together and will remove any guilt of spending all days at tournaments or dedicating saturdays to painting

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post pics now, get wasted later
then post more pics

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Alternatively, God might not be dead as we understand death, merely asleep / hibernating / "dead to the people". That doesn't contradict the idea of Him being supreme being that can't be overcome, yet still justifies the need to "revive" or "awaken" Him.

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> Sirens ruse is the only new card.

Incorrect. Huang confirmed on Twitter that the maindeck is UB and a red splash in the sideboard (which also makes the lists posted so far not THE LIST):


That strongly hints at Hostage Taker shenanigans, which makes sense, given that there talks about some kind of combo in the deck. What kind of combo, we'll have to wait and see, but consider that two Hostage Takers can still go infinite after the errata.

But even without a combo, Hostage Taker might have potential, given how dirt-cheap threats in Legacy are. It's basically removal AND a threat with a potential +2 CA.

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Rasputin as Berserker

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>Catchers have AG4
There, I just made humans not shit

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Big throbbing futacock

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5 > 4 > 3 > 6 > R1 > 1 > 7 > 2

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use new minis with old rules

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>In the meantime you can have arguments about scalpers.

If you could have collection of short (3-5 pages) doujin about KD:M monsters, who should draw what?

I would nominate Z-ton for Nightmare Ram

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>Award 2a: HG's license to make derivative works expires 14MAR2021. All rights and sublicenses revert to the company that bought the company that bought Tatsunoko at that time.
>2c: HG does not have all rights in perpetuity throughout the universe (the listed terminology).
>2d: They can negotiate for a new license, of course.

And since there's approximately zero fucking chance Big West/Tatsunoko will renew any agreement with HG after their decades of fuckery....

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LG: Fragile and Tough
NG: Barrier Free
CG: Single Nabe Double Nabe
LN: Cultural Anthropology
TN: Derenai Family
CN: Flower on the Battlefield
LE: Dairy Cow's Life
NE: Pig
CE: Four-Leaf Lover

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