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>Are there any settings where a single knight can reasonably stand a chance against a Dragon? Either on horseback or foot.

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>mfw someone has kept my low quality paint shoop from a few years ago
gee, is this what OP feels like?

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Fucking beautiful.

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thanks lads! I'll look into it!

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Imperial knights
IQ: Room temperature
Fun: Yes

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Looking good.
I like you.

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Jeremy in Olympia,WA your package has been sent. should arrive on Tuesday of this week.

hope it gets to you fast!

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9 months for one model is very long anon. You'll never get an army at this rate!

Congrats you slow bastard.

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Guard player here, they look way cooler from the previews I've seen. I can't wait to fight them personally, it'll be nice going up against an army that feels on our level. I tone my list down a lot for local play and nids in particular would still have a hard time. It'll be cool facing nids and actually being afraid of them again.

Plus having the bugs actually have some variety in playstyle and builds will be nice. If your codex is half as well laid out as ours was I can't wait to see all the crazy ass builds you bugs come up with.

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Me too anon

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All factions are Evil, some factions are just more Evil than others.

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If they do, I really wonder what approach they will take. Since Imperial Knights fall into a category where the rules used for "infantry" needs to apply to them because of how weapons work in the current ruleset and that they need to be in a separate kind of sub-rules like voidships because the "infantry" scale rules break down and become somewhat untenable on their scale.

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>Do you not understand that comedy can be created WITHOUT making everything look clean and soft and nice?
Yes, I just don't find the niceness enough to turn me down on it.

Pic related would be better, I think we can agree.

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Could work. I'd go with a different translation of 'fall' that has more to do with an actual physical plummet or descent, but 'ruina' adds in the nifty implication that the Knight has previously destroyed an enemy Titan, which is damned impressive even for a Knight.

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knock 'em dead, robuddy

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Knight sized

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I'm okay with this, the game desperately needs some slimming.

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Is this a good near 1500 point addition to most Legion forces? I'm trying to have something very versatile that works with everyone.

Questoris Knight

Seneschal: Knight Warden w/ Avenger Gatling, Thunderstrike Gauntlet, Ironstorm Missile Pod, and Meltagun 470pt

Scion Martial: Knight Paladin w/ Rapid Fire Battle Cannon, Reaper Chainsword, Twin Icarus Autocannon, Occular Augmentics, and BioCorrosive Rounds 425pt

Scion Arbalester: Knight Crusader w/ Thermal Cannon, Avenger Gatling, Stormspear Rocketpod, and Meltagun 505pt

Total is 1400.

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How fun is it to run Knights on their own? I really wanna run the following.

Datasheet: Baronial Court

Knight Crusader w/ Thermal Cannon, Avenger Gatling, Stormspear Rocketpod, Meltagun, and Mark Of The Omnissiah 500pt

Knight Warden w/ Avenger Gatling, Reaper Chainsword, Ironstorm Missile Pod, and Meltagun 410pt

Knight Paladin w/ Rapid-Fire Battlecannon, Thunderstrike Gauntlet, Twin-Icarus Autocannon, and Meltagun 425pt

Total is 1335

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>FW event only Ixion Hale
>Selling for $120
>Literally just now find a Chinacast one for $30 that looks amazing

Ok serious question. Why do some people not like Chinacast for some stuff?

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>Fit girl
>Not normie

You're asking for a lot here anon. Every single girl that I know that is actually into fitness is quite the normie and wouldn't tolerate a neckbeard.

Hell, I wouldn't tolerate a fat fuck either. If I can get fit and grow some muscles, why can't she?
I deserve better, and you can too if you improve yourself.

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Well unless you've got crazy good tech to the point of weaboo fightan magic robots like the animes, tank is probably going to win.
>lower profile makes tank harder to hit and allows "hull down" fire from much flatter terrain. A tank will need just a railway line or something, whereas a mech would need something like a 2 story housem
>lower profile allows more armor per square inch toward the front of the enemy, as well as the armor being solid, unlike the mech, which will have lots of exposed weak points and joints that the armor cannot cover as well
>simpler operation increases reliability
>Can more easily accommodate a crew, increasing efficiency as you don't have one man trying to drive, shoot, scan for targets, manage power, etc .
>more than likely faster in all but the most difficult terrain.

and most importantly, a factor that Trump's most else.
>More stable gun platform, allowing for increased accuracy and a heavier weapon to be mounted than a similar tonnage mech, increasing the chance of a kill on the first shot.

The only place a mech would have an advantage would be extremely rough terrain that a tank normally wouldn't enter anyways, and fording rivers. Even in urban combat, the tanks ability to use cover, hide, and faster speed would likely allow it to triumph over an equally classed mech. In close range its top armor could be vulnerable though. In addition, most tanks don't have a lot of elevation/depression to their guns, so perhaps in a knife fight style urban fight, all tanks would be able to do is go for the kneecaps and then go for a kill shot when the mech is down.

Yeah I would go with the tank in most situations.

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