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High Elves = Taller
> 5'5"-6'5"
Dark Elves = Equal height
Wood Elves = Shorter
> 4'5"-5'5"

-in the context of Medieval height averages

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Anon, don't lie. We both know WHY you saved it.

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Aleria takes that as her cue and steps forward. Her appearance begins to shift, until she looks just like she did when she was at the White Watchtower. "Like he said, I-"

A knife goes spinning past Aleria's face, missing it's mark just barely. It buries itself into the door behind her with a loud thud. A thin trace of blood can be seen on Aleria's cheek where the knife grazed here, causing her skin to slightly steam. The blade must have been holy. Aleria stands frozen, her face a mixture of surprise and fear, while the Grey Watchtower's captain Aleksandr starts to reach for another. His hand, however, comes to a stop just as it reaches the line of knives on his belt, frozen by some invisible force.

"What in the Void?!" Aleksandr demands, trying but failing to move.

'That's my line.' Leviathan responds, voice dripping with anger. 'I would appreciate it if you didn't try to kill my subordinates, captain.'

"Release me you demon!"

'Both of you, calm down!' Galadriel shouts angrily, causing you and the two unfrozen captains to slightly flinch.

'He started it.' Leviathan says dejectedly, releasing her hold on Aleksandr, who does not reach for a second knife.

'I don't care. Now, without any more interruptions, Siegfried, please continue.'

"Right..."You trail off, caught off-guard by Galadriel's sudden burst of anger. You proceed to explain to the watchtower captains what happened after the traitors were defeated, including Leviathan's story on how she really met her demise, and how part of her was able to return as she is now.

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One bump; for the morning.

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Outside is Aleria, who slips past you and into your room without invitation again. You roll your eyes, and close the door behind them.

"What do you need this time?"

The belt Aleria's wearing changes to look like the scaly belt you found in the archives back at the Red Watchtower.

'Aleria has informed me that you will be fighting in a tournament tomorrow, where House Lione will be watching you closely.' You hear Leviathan say within your mind.

"That's not exactly a secret. Why do you care?"

'You need to impress them if you're to earn Galloway's support in the Crusade. However, Aleria tells me that the youngest child of the Lione family will be competing as well, and that she is undefeated.'

"Yes, and?"

'Perhaps you should bring me with you to the tournament then.'

"Are you nuts? I told you, we can't afford to let them know about you until we speak to the watchtower captains."

'Have you forgotten that I can disguise myself? None of them will know, and it will help even the odds between you and Celia. From what we've gathered, both her and her brother are stronger than the average man thanks to a certain six-winged pigeon's taint.'

'Better a pigeon than an overgrown lizard.' Galadriel spits back.

"You have to admit, you're at a disadvantage here." Aleria chips in. "Celia is stronger than you, and more experienced than you. This little test of theirs is tipped in their favor, there's nothing wrong in evening the odds."

>"Absolutely not, I don't need to cheat to win."
>"You might have a point."
>"I'll consider it, but for now the answer is no."

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>Enchantment Improved!
>Ward Enchantment - Further increases protection from physical damage.

You are just finishing up the chapter on Ward enchantment when you hear a knock on your door. Setting your notes aside, you get up and open the door.

Outside, you find Aleria, still wearing the belt you saw Leviathan's belt change into back in the archives.

"We need to talk." Aleria says, pushing past you and into your room without asking.

"What about?" You ask, closing the door behind you. You keep a hand on Galadriel just to be safe though.

'Your trip to the palace.' Leviathan says, sounding very displeased.

"What about it?"

"The Knight-Captain here just selected the squad that's going to accompany you and the others to the palace. Unfortunately, he ended up choosing my squad."

"What?! No, you can't come with us, if House Lione finds out-"

"They won't find out." Aleria says adamantly. "It would look suspicious if we tried to change his mind, and even worse if we just didn't go. Our hands our tied."

"Leviathan, can't you use some sort of mind-control magic? Why not use that to make him change the assignment or something?"

'Unfortunately, I cannot control people for extended periods of time. He has already selected Aleria's squad, so if I were to make him change it suddenly then he would notice and we would raise suspicions.'

"Well we have to do something, this meeting is going to decide whether Galloway gives us their support in the crusade or not, we can't risk bringing you two along."

"Like I said, we don't have a choice. We're just escorts anyways, so all we have to do is show up, not draw attention to ourselves, and everything will be fine. We just have to play it safe."

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Your first instinct is to get out right now, before they notice you. However, you have to admit you are a little interested to hear what your honor guard has been saying.

'Eavesdropping is quite rude you know.' Galadriel teases you over your mental link.

'I'm just curious is all.'

'Why not go over and talk to your fan directly then?'

'I said I'm curious, not suicidal.'

'You're exaggerating, she's perfectly harmless.'

'Maybe, but if I have to listen to her drone on again, I'm gonna throw myself out the nearest window.'

'You've already done that, haven't you?'


"Avaline, I told you, I'm trying to rea-"

"Nathan said one of the guys in his honor guard is actually from the Defontaine family. I think his name was Roland. Lauretta and the others have been trying to get close to him ever since they found out. I almost feel bad for the poor guy, those three are absolutely obsessive."

"This coming from the on who followed the Champion to find out which room he's staying in."

"...I was only curious, that's all."

Well, that's suitably creepy. You make a mental note to start locking your door from now on.

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Somebody say Elves?

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Awwwww yisssss, tiem for queens blade quest

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