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14 years old, Underdeveloped, Empathic, skip the 1 as it was for corruption, Ranged, Skimpy, Focused Assault. +1 Wep Stat Enhanced Wep, +1 Outfit Stat Enhanced Outfit, Eternal Style, Money.

Spend a gold to switch power to Darkness, a silver to change Eternal Style to Absolute direction, then spend the rest on stats.

AGI 12
MAG 10

There's evil creatures out there, in the night. They prey on humans, hunt them for food or just for sport. But now, "the hunters will face the hunt." This little girl is short for her age, dark-haired, pale-skinned, dull-eyed, scrawny, weak. Human. But with those magic words, the darkness becomes her ally, and the creatures that prey upon humans, her prey. Her weapon of choice is a long-barreled bolt action rifle, neatly engraved on the barrel and the stock, dark silver and brown. While the breach must be cleared between each firing, no ordinary bullet has the malicious power of the magical bullets this gun fires. As the girl stalks her prey the shadows aid her, wrapping themselves tightly around her as her armor, hiding her from sight, silencing her movements, while she stalks, and lines up her shot. Those she helps never see her, but they don't need to. Her targets don't understand the crippling pain that the bullets spread. Sometimes she just maims instead of killing. Lets them run. For a more sporting hunt. They would tear her apart if they could find her. But they can't. And they can't escape her once she's found them. They die helpless. Scared. Alone. The way they should.

There's not much else to her life. The money, untraceable cash, is enough to eat and keep a roof over her head. For her, the hunt is everything. Another day, another notch on the belt. Her only fear is that she may someday kill them all. Then what would she do? Her old life was snatched away long ago. And even if it wasn't...

The sun sets, and another hunt begins.

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