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The daemon prince periled and summoned a daemon prince.

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fuck why didn't I remember phosphex never burns out

now we have a problem

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It actually happened.

The Deathwatch apparently use Xenos weapons and technology willy-nilly. One guy even has a Necron sword. Blows the FFG fluff out.

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This post is everything wrong with modern /tg/. Half the people on this board don't even know how babby's first RPG works because they come from other boards to wank over anime fanfiction. Traditional games have become an afterthought.

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You pick up her flask before casting around for something to cover her sleeping form up with. There's... really not much in the way of blankets, so you pile a few couch cushions on her. That'll tide her over 'til she's awake.


... right.

You have no fucking clue how to explain this to IF without incurring her wrath. You're not even going to try.

[ ] [NEPGEAR] Go check up on your surrogate little sister. You can be quiet when you damn well want to, so it should be fine.
[ ] [BASILICOM] Poke around the Basilicom a little more- maybe you can find Neptune and/or IF, and tell them that Compa needs picking up.
[ ] [PLANEPTUNE] Explore the city a little bit, since no one needs you right now- hit up the Guild, or do a little sightseeing.
[ ] [STAY PUT] ... ugh. Well, you put Compa under, so you might as well stick around and wait 'til she's up.

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So basically your argument for why the lightsaber is a good melee weapon is because the person wielding it can defeat you with space magic that has nothing to do with melee combat?

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Trust me, half of /tg/ doesn't want the anime crowd here either.

Otherwise, blame it on the lack of good western media. TV and Vidya Games tend to be generic as mud nowadays and nobody reads books anymore, so anime fills the void of "new and creative" that people are looking for... also we're the autism generation that's perfectly fine with letting our kids live in the basement at age 18 and fap to waifus because real women are too intimidating.

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The last character I played grew up as an orphan street-urchin. As far as she's concerned, kids are the most violent, backstabbing, cruel, heartless little shits in existence. She doesn't believe people have a conscious or are mature enough to understand morality until they're adults (which in this setting is about age 15).

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>Plays Chaotic Evil Game Company
>Ends up recreating EA accidently

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Well 90% of /tg/ doesn't actually play games, so they try to mentally justify it by saying any popular system is garbage and everyone who plays those systems are retarded. This allows them to keep on not playing games and feel good about it, because they're obviously above using such lowly pleb systems and they'd play games ALL THE TIME if only they could find people into the "better" systems they like (which they never name).

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The first thing you all see when you break through the soil is that big honking halo in the evening sky- it's MORE noticeable now, since the sun's setting and the halo is emitting some sort of light. It honestly doesn't look much better when you're closer; it's just a glowing metal circlet that happens to be turning somewhat red. About an eighth of the halo looks like it's covered in luminescent blood, and as you stare, the red's spreading imperceptibly.

The second thing you notice is the big honking shimmering barrier that's engulfed the whole of Leanbox; from inside, it's like someone's upended a bowl over a bread roll. And you're, uh, standing on that bread roll. You're not that far from the shoreline, and even from here, you can see the cluster of boats floating on the ocean, blocked from entry by the barrier. Estelle's rainbow road is nowhere to be seen, probably having dissolved sometime while you were causing untold amounts of death and suffering.

Shovel Knight's staring up at the sky, her shovel forgotten by her side. "Now that's a bad omen if I've ever seen one," she mutters, her usual boisterous cheer muted. "The red ring. CPU Green Heart must truly be desperate to cleanse her nation if she's willing to resort to that."

First time you've heard of it, you mutter, helping Rokko out of the hole in the dirt. What's it do, again?

"R-Rid the land of, harmful influences," the Blue Bomber interjects. "Supposedly a, way to guard against t-the return of the d-dark goddess Arfoire."

... 'supposedly.'

Rokko shrugs. "B-Built years ago. We only, have the word of CPU Green Heart that it d-does what it's supposed to d-do, roughly twenty-two hours from n-now."

... nngh. That's not ominous or anything.


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Sounds like special snowflake bullshit to be brutally honest. Instead of having to grow up and find their way in the world and learn skills like how to properly control and handle emotions, the system allows the characters to basically be unstable children and be validated for it.

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That sounds pretty cool actually, provided they had a reason to do it and wern't just doing it to shit on your game.

I'm not even sure how to respond to you anymore. You're either deliberately trolling or completely missing the point. It's not about telling the players what to do, it's about wanting to play with players who are interested in the world you created and aren't just going to turn it into some kind of joke. Hunting a dragon can be interesting if that's the point of the RP, when the players have a reason and motivation to do it besides "Hurr we wana fight a dragon even though it has nothing to do with our end goal of finding our missing family members. But hey, it has stats, so lets go fucking kill it!"

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>At work at 3 in the morning
>Come on /tg/ to pass some time and forget about idiot customers that make me wana go on racist rants
>See topics about cartoons worse than what you see on /a/
>See people defending such schlock as "good"

I'm done, faith in humanity is gone, has the sun exploded yet?

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Good GMs, if we're talking about the Roleplaying aspect. Otherwise it's just a bunch of geeks sitting around talking about their SUPER AWSM CHARACTERS without actually doing anything (my high school had a RPG game club that was basically that).

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I RP on a hentai website I'm ashamed to post.

Honestly, they write better and do alot less injecting of their fetishes into the games than people I have met on "normal" RPing websites.
When "normal" people write a sex scene, you can tell they're just tying to get their dick hard.
When my hentai-forum friends write a sex scene it's usually a serious affair full of plot-relevance and meaning like it's from Game of Thrones or something.

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That only works if you're the GMs girlfriend, and generally whatever you get in return will ruin the game for everyone else.

Don't play with GMs that let their girlfriends play.

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