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wait here's a better version

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Orks are good in melee but the best in melee are the three melee Space marine factions. Blood Angels, Space Wolves, and White Scars. Worst is Tau by a huge margin. The missions of the current edition favor and rewards melee armies, so you're in luck.

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40k models have ALWAYS had cartoony paintjobs and the art isn't cartoony at all.

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That's not bad, it just doesn't really have the 40k artstyle.

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Seeing the new changes, I actually think primaris will be soft squatted rather soon. GW can keep Cawl having a legion worth of marines in reserve, they can keep them being from the days of the great crusade, they can keep the new armour, guns, vehicles and weapons, the indomitus crusade and all the stories they've made for them until now and they can keep the dynamic between primaris and firstborn while making primaris be normal marines without any extra organs bullshit. Their dynamic would be much closer to the one terran marines had with the new recruits drafted from the primarch homeworlds once they were discovered, which is actually a lot more interesting because it's only a cultural and ideological divide, not an unsurmountable phisiological divide that can't coexist because one is just better than the other. They just need to fix that and make their new wargear be rare and not able to be mass produced, like the deathwatch special gear, or else it will just replace the classic stuff instead of coexisting.

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With that being said, for 9th edition GW seems to realise their mistake and is hopefully steering back into what defines 40k. An example is this newly released art piece for 9th.

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It gives me a Kill Six Billion Demons vibe, and I don't entirely hate it. But yeah, the artwork they posted a while back looks way better and has stylized ugliness.

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Fuck Off Omegon where’s Dorn

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>god I hate nuart
Fuck off

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If it is Cassius hes gonna be like Lazurus

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I fucking love the use of the old 2nd ed. Blood Angels banners in this.

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What are they talking about?

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How is this art you are responding to sanitized?

How is this art sanitized? It's okay for OOC stuff to be fun and lighthearted, as the players of the game and the community should be.

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>tranny chaplain
This hobby is not for me anymore.

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Anyway what do you guys think of the art they were showing off?

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Awesome artwork that doesnt depict models is back on the menu!

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