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I've got an idea for a Warlord (Steelfist Commando) that I just can't get out of my head considering he's pretty much the charming, devilish rogue so many in the thread want, but the fly in this concept's poultice is one of time.

You see, I want to give this character younger brothers and sisters he's looking out for - something to make his mission a bit more than just personal profit - but I'm getting tangled in the web that is figuring out their ages and when mom and dad left the picture. If I make my character 20 and the second oldest sibling 18, it doesn't make sense for him to be a provider since they should be out on their own, and yet if I make the second oldest sibling 14 than you're left asking why there's a 6 year skip between children.

I'm considering an out that might work, however! He's an only child, and his "brothers and sisters" are actually other orphans from Restov he's keeping fed and under his roof lest they fall prey to all the nasty stuff that comes with being a "throwaway."

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I prefer dashing men! Dashing, not feminine!

Tiefling shota learning how to please a woman with his lusty Human mistress is top shelf, though.

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How handsome do you want them, senpai?

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