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The best way to paint Cadian soldiers in the FW way would be to airbrush Castellan Green, paint on the fatigue colour, pick out details, paint faces, and then do a burnt umber oil wash, right?

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Are, forgive me manlets, Repulsors and the like better scaled? As in, they don't look tiny like Predators or have ridiculous barrel proportions like Leman Russes? They look somewhat okay from photos having never seen one.

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Guys talking about FW, thanks for reminding me that I wanted to paint some Cadians in this way and may end up ordering the upgrade set because I think it looks cool.

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You are a typical citizen of the Imperium in the 40k universe.

You are married and have raised a son.

That son comes of age, and is being drafted into the Astra Militarum.

How do you react?

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What I really want to know is if I can ignore it.

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>I just agreed with the opinion of a filthy Heretic
Welp, time to go tell the Commissar I'm a lost cause and get him to shoot me. It's been fun everyone.

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Do Guard suck at 500 points?

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Hey /tg/ I'm working on a Cadian/Kasrkin cosplay as my big project for the year and I realised past the actual kit of armour and guns I've got nothing.

What do you think a trooper would be carrying that's not as standard? Iho sticks? Canteens? Tarot (Emperor's Tarot I believe?)? Munitorium manual and Primer?

Thanks in advance!

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also any idea on how to get/ convert all those melta/ plasma guns? i had a look around and most options were either expensive or looked like shit

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