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Kicks aspected conjurers in the teeth, for one thing. "Hey, here's this awesome quality that makes you more awesome! Adepts can take it to do basically everything you do, plus be adepts!"

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What would be your Must-Haves cyberware in an Inspector Gadget themed character? There is so much, that I can't decide.

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I always wanted to try to built some version of Inspector Gadget, but picking the Cyberware with a start character makes it such a hassle.

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Mimic just copies the body types of enemies and/or allies. Every other body size is perfect for Mimic, tfw Medium and Mimic and barely fight Medium sized enemies in games...but yeah Mimic isn't like Bio or Sexy or Mount.

Also I forgot if you were in War & Peace or if using Bouncer or not but you get one of the bonus equipment. Or if just using Vinny I guess that's cool.

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"I don't think we'll learn any more until we take the guy's clothes off, and none of us are MEs, so one of us might have to wait until the body is transported and talk to the Medical Examiner when he or she or who am I kidding, He looks at the body."

"Might talk to the Head of Security, the Mr. Copalla guy about who uses the security cameras, who's with me?"

Leave to interview Mr. Copalla-Head of security, suit is Collapsed into a wrist mounted device. Stalker Drone is still with the body until the EMTs get there.

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I'm up for it for fun if there is little combat.

Build found here for future reference>>http://the-power-armor-cyoa.wikia.com/wiki/Turtle?cb=5459&title=Turtle

>yes I may switch out one of my drones for a Medium Robo Great Dane

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