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oh, well, you trolled us shivam. congratulations. now fuck off back to your designated shitting street and stop trying to ruin the format with your shitty hot takes on the rules

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Fuck off retard

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Literally nobody said combat.
Its about exploration.
Nice tautological strawmanning though.

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Samefagging AND going for the "Durr hurr, I was only pretending"?

Fuck man, you're really not just pretending, are you?

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>act like retard
>get called a retard
Many such cases!

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Holds up after all these years.

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>an off-colour joke

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>and it's him just joking around.

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>You never heard of banter or roasting before?

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I take stuff that happens in video games I play and put them into my setting, just changing the names. For example, I already adapted some of the plot points from Oblivion, Diablo 2, Skyrim and Etrian Odyssey 5. How retarded is this, /tg/?

>This post is intended for comedic purposes only. If you take it seriously enough to get upset you only have yourself to blame.
Pic related.

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I think the only place that would be happening would be inside of your own head

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>Not only could we get another kick ass story like the Horus Heresy, but we'd also gain a massive amount of new female players
You can stop now. Your baiting went too far. Nobody with a brain would call the HH series good.

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I was more upset about you thinking that writing lore (and therefore /yourdude/ism) is a bad thing, the fact you pulled ponies into the conversation was just a good example of how you were sperging, while claiming that you were, in fact, not sperging.

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